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  • Hello Captain! I hope you have had a blessed holiday so far, you certainly deserve it! I am wondering if you could give me some clarity on a situation in my life. I have a grown daughter...Jennifer (2-3-76) who for whatever reason has decided to hate me and blame me for everything wrong in her life. I have 3 other children....they all say their childhoods were idyllic and I have a wonderful relationship with all of them. Jennifer and I have had our problems on and off since she was a child, but nothing serious has ever happened between us. I have been there to help her through all her lifes trials, helped when she was struggling, helped with her children when needed and have had a very close relationship with her two children. Now, out of the blue, she is raging at me, blaming me, banned me from the family Christmas (I live out of state now and have been back visiting.) She is keeping her kids from me and all without any logical explanation. I have tried to talk to her, but to no avail....the kinder I am, the angrier she gets. Can you see anything about what is going on here? I am afraid all this negative energy is harming me at this point, I have been so stressed the last couple of weeks and don't know how much more I can really take. YOu just did a Dark Energy removal for me too and I am afraid it has all reversed now!! I am a Reiki practitioner and have been trying to stay centered, but it just doesn't seem to be working. What can I do about all of this....I am so upset and worried about what my 11 and 6 year old grandchildren must be thinking about why I haven't seen them. Please help. My birthdate is 10-16-56....thank you so much.


  • This is one of the toughest combinations for family, astrologically. Your daughter is highly unpredictable and very demanding. She wants more from you than you should be prepared to give. She blames you for not being wealthier or more advanced in a career. Her bottom line and greatest goal is to have money, lots of it - and it's your fault somehow if she hasn't got it. She doesn't even appreciate that you have helped her out - in fact, it just reminds her of how she has failed to do well herself. She has this illusion of poverty and abandonment fixed in her mind so that she can blame everyone else for her own failures. Almost everything she does is motivated by an irrational need to make sure she has a place to live - not only a home but a showcase, a house full of items she's afraid will someday have to be autctioned off on the lawn to pay her debts - and a houseful of happy people. The fact is she is only playing at being happy to impress others, she so wants that rose-coloured life. And if her life is not as perfect as she wants it, she looks around for someone else to heap blame on, instead of doing something about it herself. She has to learn that a modest apartment filled with love and family is better than a castle filled with servants but no real people, no real love. Fantasies will not fill the hole that was dug years ago in her childhood and has eroded her sense of wellbeing and safety. Feelings of emptiness may have grown in her early from separation or a tragedy in the family. No matter how idyllic her childhood may have actually seemed, she has been scarred by some situation that made her feel afraid and insecure, something she feels you should have 'saved' her from. She must learn to turn her gaze inwards and not keep blaming other people and outside circumstances. She must bear the responsibility for her own life and mistakes. You cannot do this for her and should not try. It's only when she grows up and develops a more mature viewpoint that she will begin to take charge of her life and create happiness and financial security for herself.

  • Thank you described her perfectly. She feels I loved her sister more than her when the truth is her sister was just so much more pleasant and I didn't have to beg her to talk to me! She won't take responsibility for anything and is constantly looking for things to condemn me on. She remarried in June....a very wealthy man and now has all she needs, however, amazingly, she still doesn't seem happy!! Her childhood, except for the feelings about her "favored" sister, was pretty good. She does have feelings of abandonment from her bio father (my 2nd husband adopted her at age 3), but he is dead now and refused to meet her when she tried. She actually is now looking for things about me to condemn me for and try to get the family to turn on me. They haven't of course, but this is very painful for me....I have always been a very involved parent and grandparent. I know there is nothing I can do...she has to take responsibility for her own decisions, but do you see if she is ever going to come around or is she headed for another catrastophe in her life. She married a virgo, which scares me also. thanks again for your help....trying to keep the negativity from affecting me but it is so hard.


  • I am afraid your daughter is headed for a 'rude' but necessary awakening. She is still a child in many ways and has to learn to put people before money and possessions. Stay strong, knowing it is her who is at fault, not you.

  • Thank you have been so helpful and also very reassuring and understanding, which is what I need right now!

    Many, many blessings to you

  • Captain,

    Is there some sort of stone to arouse love in a once very happy couple.

    I am doing all I can but I think he is anoid with the atition. How do I get

    The love and passion. Is there a stone I can ware.

  • Communication and honesty is what is needed to maintain a relationship, not a stone. You have to sit down and ask your partner to tell you truthfully how he feels about the relationship and its future.

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