Captain 2 things you have said that I have a question about!!

  • I hope you are enjoying the festivities of the season 🙂 I have read two different comments you've made in different threads that i have seemed to hit home for me.

    the first is what you said about Hurricane Sandy. My ex moved back to Jersey in March and then lost everything in Sandy and just recently moved back. He owes me some money and keeps saying i'll get it back blah blah blah. he even called me last week asking if I would want money for christmas and then tells me he doesn't have a ride over. I feel he was just seeing what was goign on with me that night or if i was out, or to make sure i knew he was out spending the money he could be paying me back on booze. Regardless, it's his karma and it's pretty obvious that there is unfinished business here he needs to take care of. I'm just wondering if he will ever grow up and do it or continuously get nailed in the face by karma. his bday is Dec 13.

    My other comment is regarding how love never leaves without being replaced. There is this man i've known for a long time. A few years ago shortly after my ex left, we got reaquainted on facebook. Since then he's kinda in and out as far as communicating. it just so happens usually when he sends me a random txt or whatever it's when things end with another guy. I'm not sure if he's interested in me and just shy or keeping me on the sidelines, or is just flirty. I'm not expecting anything, and i'd be fine with remaining just a friendship with him. I guess I don't want to overlook something that has been right in front of my face, if that is the case. His bday is Nov 18.

    As always, your guidance is much appreciated!!!

    happy new year 🙂

  • Oh and my bday is Sept 10

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  • You and your ex: as you may have guessed, this is not compatible for a long term relationship, such as marriage. Your interactions with this man often will degenerate into power struggles over the most mundane things. You see all the details and are fact-oriented while your ex sees the big picture and gets caught up with ideas. At your best, you would have had all the bases covered but if you two ever fought, your different orientations would have brought endless argument. You can feel neglected in a love relationship with this guy. Emotionally complex, you require a degree of effort, patience and understanding that he may have been unprepared to provide. He on the other hand may have felt ignored by your family and friends. Yet the love affair would have been thrilling at times with strong romantic and sexual feelings on both sides. Whether these feelings could have been maintained over the long haul of marriage is another story.

    You and the new guy: this is best for friendship and worst for the longterm/marriage. This combination's complex chemistry operates best in a more casual or working relationship. It would not be successful living together as lovers or spouses. In day-to-day emotional interactions where the two of you are the main focus, the difficulties will escalate. You prefer to work things out alone and are usually resistant to being pushed, manipulated or charmed. Your friend motivates or manipulates his partners seductively but quickly grows tired if he feels unappreciated. Also although you are quite independent, he may see you as having to be pushed or, worse, supported, something he would be loath to do. If the relationship lacks any external focus, it will tend to devour itself in dissension or fritter away its energies.

  • Yea you are right about,my ex. There was a feeling of fate in the beginning but it dwindled out fast for me. He msgd me earlier stating he had been thinking about me. I told him to pay me back and leave me alone. I feel like as though he will never let me,close this door as long as he owes,me money. Perhaps I should just suck it up as a loss and lesson!

    I like guy #2 but I can definitely see how it works better as a friendship.

    There is something else I would like to ask you about, if that is ok. I feel I may have been misguided by a phony psychic about someone. His bday is 11/11.

    I'm not sure why I am about other men, as I only really desire one person. Maybe just pit of curiosity.

    I read the 2013 forecast that u gave me as well, and thank you. Although I feel every year I keep to myself , take care of domestic affairs and feel left out: I need to be more comfortable with being alone. 😉

  • You and 11/11 guy: this is worst for a love relationship, best for working together. A romantic relationship here can have a certain objectivity and detachment about it that helps make understanding other people easy. You may both be fascinated by the study of emotions or psychology. At the same time, you two are not particularly prone to sensing emotions in their pure form in your relationship. Your relationship can be strangely unable to cope with its own problems or sometimes even to realize that they exist. Its detachment and lack of awareness can severely detract from its level of intimacy.

    SV, the fact that you tend to be attracted to incompatible men suggests you don't really know what you want in a partner yet. When you sort out what sort of person will make you happy, you will attract him.

  • Thank you for the reading. These are all men from the past 1-2 years. Is it me not knowing, or pushing what I do want on men who I am not compatible with or are emotionally detached? But then they always come back, after I've let go, forgiven, moved on. The sag man is telling me he is still in love w me and I guess trying to guilt trip me. I just try to be compassionate and remain humble.

    I think a lot of these feeling root from my relationship with my family and perhaps the deep need to feel accepted by others, as my ideas are typically been rejected or ignored. Sometimes I wonDer if there is anyone I'm compatible with......romantically or otherwise.

    I feel that I want the same thing in a partnership than anyone else, love and understanding, and trust. So the next man Im interested in, itd be best for me to take more time to develop feelings, rather than project any idealistic fantasies or expectations.......and also keep away from Scorpios?!

  • I feel you are looking for someone to 'fix' you when it is your own responsibility to fix yourself. Other people are not here to deal with our problems. When you face your issues and deal with them honestly, thereby making yourself whole and healthy, then you will attract a similarly whole and healthy partner instead of the needy insecure and unreliable ones you have drawn in the past. You can only heal by accepting and giving attention to yourself.

  • Am I looking of someone to fix me or am I tryin to fix them? Either way you are accurate about me needing to heal myself and raise my own vibrations, which I've been trying to do through meditation exercise, and of course believing in the universe.

    An update though. My ex finally did pay me. back though was too little too late in terms of mending what was broken. I feel like he just uses me for an ego boost and the way I was treated by him in the past made me question whether I should allow him in my future. Broke off communication with him in a way I'm not too proud of.

    Guy 2 and I were talking almost everyday sometimes deeply sometimes very flirtatious way. However, I guess he is dating someone now and I must be one of the girls he quickly got bored of. Or he is trying to make me jealous of new girl. Either way seems like it was all just a game to him, which I can't lie hurts me bc I did think he liked me and that we had a good friendship. Now I just feel led on and a little used. I gues if he really likes this girl I should be happy for him and move on, but its been a little hard. i always fall fast and crash hard for the wrong ones........I really just want someone I can share my feelings and ideas with and not get the typical blank stare or nervous laugh. I'm starting to wonder if I even belong on this planet half the time. There has to be someone out there who gets it, or at least gets me, right?

  • Well now that you have realized you have a pattern of being attracted to the wrong men, you can break the pattern. Next time you are attracted to someone, stop and ask yourself if this guy is like all the other guys in your past or could he perhaps be a bit different and therefore more compatible. Use your intuition to make romantic choices, not emotion, and you won't go wrong. You want someone you can really talk to so ask the universe to send you someone like that.

  • Yes I did very specifically ask for January 5th guy to be brought back in my life if there was any unfinished business between us. Got randomly asked to work last night and there he was, by his car as pulled in. There is another woman whob is a supervisor she a little older than he and i and I've akways felt a little threatened by her when it comes to her relationship with him. I think the three of us shared past lives together. Maybe he left me or had an affair with this woman or visa versa. That feeling is so strong, and when I saw them hug last night it wasnt jealously I was like de ja vu. There is some unresolved past karma between us. Any insight with that one?

  • The only unresolved issue is your ability to let go when a relationship is obviously not working. This is nothing to do with anyone else.

  • inability

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