• I know it may be alittle long but please read this post! and send some opinions... is a couple of months old but i have a update after it that i need some new help on to whom ever reads this.

    hey people.im gonna try to make this long story short as quick as i can..im a virgo male and there was this scorpio female that i really admire and liked.she was my hair stylist for 3 years.every time i always got my hair done by her we would all ways talk and make each other smile but nothing serious because she had a boyfriend at the time.taurus male by the way.making the long story short.she recently had broken up with her befriend.this was back in late september and then i decided to buy her a very nice gift for her birthday since it was near this was in october.she said she like it alot..but after that.4 weeks later when i tried to text her to have my hair done again i got no responce from her.then tried to call and she did not answer.witch she does not usually do.so i got my hair done by some one else and did not call or text her.but for some reason she started talking to my brother again witch she could not stand.another whole topic but he also used to get his hair done by her as well from me referring him.biggest mistake i ever did.he came off really aannoying to her and she always avoided him as much as she could and constantly complain to me about how annoying he was.so im very confused by her doing that..i decided to send a text to her on christmas day saying (hey marry christmas i hope all is well)and she replied 4 hours later and just said (marry Christmas and nothing else.i then sent another text telling her how i was enjoying the day and she did not respond.i checked my brothers cell when he was not around.to see if he sent her any texts and yes he did.he told her (marry Christmas and she said back to him (same to you)he then replied back to her and said i want to spend my day with you.she did not respond back to him.so i didn't sweat it.but i did not call or do anything after that..i checked his cell and i didn't see any text conversations or any thing besides what was said on Christmas it is now april and i want to try and contact her again.what is she doing or why did she do this and what are my chaces..thanks for any advice you all can give me.

    The new update - i recently contacted her again to see how she was doing.the phone conversation went well and then i had her do my hair again.i went over her house when she did it for me.i was over their for about 2 hours and then she took me back home after she was done doing my it.our comunication was pretty okay while i was over their and her driving me back home.this was november 30.now the day after i saw that she had a facebook and found out on it that she got into a new relationship with a new guy.. (Leo Man) by the way.they started dating JUST THE DAY AFTER I WAS WITH HER LOL.. december 1.he has a page to,and just from looking at his page you will instantly know hes no good,an all out (BADBOY)..but i have not spoke to her since by me trying to play it cool by restarting a frienship with her to a relationship.now just yesterday i sent her a text telling her merry christmas and i did not her from her at all.im worried again..

    So insted of just trying to play the cool game i feel i need to just confess to her how i feel and finally end this.becuase with her having a boyfriend like that. i dont know what can happen.i knew her for going on five years now but i cant take the emotional pain anymore... please ladies what do i do?

    Am i doing the right thing becuase this time my plan is to call her for another hair app and then tell her everything... any tips and adivce would really help.

  • Dear Loveandrelationships,

    First off..She knows and knew how you feel. Scorpion woman or all Scorpio's for that matter know when someone is interested if not right away..gradually we do. And when receiving gifts it's just makes it more obvious.

    As what your brother is concerned well he kinda messed things up because Scorpio's (well the decent ones) don't get into three-way relationships and especially if it all is coming out one nest.

    When a Scorpio shuts down ( and she did) the reason doesn't need to do with you directly it could be that she was going through some stuff or hoped that by putting distance the "overload" of attention would dye down and it did.

    Personally I am not fan of FB for the very reason you just stated namely people going through other persons "personal" information. Anyways if she chosen to have fun with this Leo who knows what she is really lacking that she thinks she can have with this guy. Scorpio's chooses carefully. Not every man or woman gets their chance to lay hand upon them because when they commit they commit seriously.

    You can be honest to her about your feelings. It's all about what you say and how you say it because there will not be much she doesn't know. IF you get a slight let down I hope you are able to continue being her customer because due to her "detachment" it is what she exactly preserved.

    Think about it and then take whatever action you feel it's needed. You know her better than any of us around here.

    Good luck,


  • Oh something else. Scorpio's like people with a backbone...in all layers of relationships we get into.

  • fuck you!... i dont think you know what you talking about about anyways.if you admire some one you would do the same thing.aint scorpios famous for spying? even still her page is open for public view.

  • and like i said.. the leo guy she's dating from my point of view after seeing his FB page is a thug... thugs are not family men their players.thats why i personally think it wont last long.you are right about her choosing to deal with him if she wants.but for you to say it all like that,came from you hating.so again f*ck you and have a good day!

  • loveandrelationships,

    Please go away.

    Flowsco was the only person that took her time out to help you, and you show nothing but ungratefulness by throwing a tantrum like a child. Since you clearly know everything, solve your own problem.

  • Oww wee...gosh talking about an open nerve been touched. Well you see I am a Scorpio woman as you requested and we have a tendency to be honest. And what do they say... the truth hurts? Well you sum it up for yourself.

    Hmm I wonder if she hasn't had a glimpse of this hidden side of you and chose the open and obvious one of the Leo. You know..heading into things with eyes wide open?

    Anyways I too wish you the very best in life and I hope whenever you speak to anyone in your life you can appreciate honesty.

    All the best.

  • EltheMoth..thanks. This is the very reason I stopped a while back at this forum people come and ask questions and they get answers yet when it doesn't fit in their imagination they get angry.

    What surprise me also is the fact they don't always fully realize on what kind of forum they are at. Anyways thanks.

  • i guess i hit a nerve to.. u coming back to reply and all.. and no,no nerves hit but you typed ur message to me like a personal insult so i insulted your a$$ back!

  • I think your Virgo attitude is why you don't hear from your stylist. Virgos are perfectionist and knit picky and perfectionist. Maybe you made it awkward because your a client and now you have made her uncomfortable because you want something more. I have some Virgo traits and some Scorp. I am a Libra and Virgo men I stay away from because they annoy me and because I don't want to be pushed to be mean I just stay away from them. You push a Scorp too hard and your going to get stung. Lick your wounds and move on. Your taste in bad boys may not be hers so go find someone who gets along with you.

  • I think the chase may be your turn on. Your wasting your own energy on someone who only wants you in a business relationship and if you come on to her she will not take you back as a client and especially when she is looking at someone else for a boyfriend.

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