Sophia Love: WTF?

  • Sophia Love: WTF?

    By Sophia Love – December 23, 2012

    With 3D eyes, December 21, 2012 looked like this: from 4:45AM until well past midnight I sat, danced, walked or sang in meditation.

    There were hours of solitude, some spent in a darkened room, and others in a sunlit room. Tears were shed in deep grief. Anger and confusion emerged. Parts of it aren’t remembered. I slept on and off.

    With 5D awareness there was a corridor of golden light beams, sparkling showers of light, with wave after wave of pulsing energy moving through my body – sacred geometric forms swirled around me – still now the visual and sensation of it is instantly accessible. Joyous blasts of bliss enveloped me. Yet all around me looks the same.

    So what happened?

    First let me be absolutely clear – I am speaking to that which is not able to be defined. As these words leave this screen and begin to be processed by the left side of your brain, this becomes a fruitless enterprise. I cannot write here about ascension because ascension is not learned, it is done. I would not pretend to know what it is for your soul. Music, the language of the soul, comes closest to voicing the experience. Ascension is a release, a letting go.

    I write to you now from my ego self; a desire to reach out and connect, to share, to explain, to touch, to love – all motivate these words. How are you now? Disappointed? Blissful? Angry? Joyous? Doubtful? Confused? The number one 3D thing I am not – is changed.

    I don’t look any different. There isn’t any evidence in my bank account, on my street, in the age of my body or my health. Those hopes were dashed in my 3D brain, hence the emergence of anger and confusion. I will admit to being tired and to feeling blame; I want someone to fix this. I’ve waited many lifetimes and expected ecstasy, perfection and every dream fulfilled – I am due.

    The 21st of December, 2012, was heralded as the beginning of a New Age – a moment when we’d feel the force of God throughout our being. We’d then begin to live as we were meant to. Every perceived promise and description of this time beyond that one comes from ego. Reality is subjective and you and I cannot subjectively experience the same thing – ever.

    Those who channel and predict any event cannot tell you about your experience, as it is both created and lived by you alone. We’ve wanted them to. We’ve read and listened and asked for specifics. We’ve watched the skies expectantly and packed our physical and emotional bags, and waited.

    If this moment is about anything at all it is about transformation. I don’t know whether the descriptions and promises were deliberate manipulations or misinterpretations or misunderstandings; but I know this. For a year or so I’ve been saying “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” There is the answer we seek. It can not come from outside of us. Finally now we must believe this truth.

    In a population of 7 billion, light workers are not the majority. There are maybe a million of us. We’ve come to this planet at this time to hold the light. We have. On the 21st of December 2012 we shifted. A new age is upon us. It will not be an age described or defined into reality by anyone but you. You cannot look beyond your own heart for the answer you seek.

    December 21st, 2012 was a moment of choice. From that day forward we proceed in full consciousness; led by either our mind or our heart. Choose now and in each new instance. You are here because you love the physical, emotional being that is human. Make no mistake; this is a delicious life; addicting at every turn – high, low, joy, pain, anger, calm, laughter and passion.

    We are free. We emerge together from the weight/wait of expectation, disappointment and judgment of ego into the fullness of love, truth and autonomy of our divinity. No longer will we stand for domination, war, poverty, corruption, injustice, hunger or disease of any kind.

    We are One – a living, breathing, feeling, tasting, touching, brilliant being that is humanity. That is what happened on the 21st and the fullness of it cannot be told. It springs from within and erupts unbidden – an energetic orgasm of living, breathing love – agape. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and I can’t wait to see what we do with this!

    If there is one thing the entire Universe knows about humans it is that you don’t want to tick us off. Time to channel on our own – no more questions – only answers. Let’s do what we came to do. The waiting is over, it’s up to us. We are the One we’ve been waiting for!

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