Merry Christmas

  • I had to share this with you guys, so I already apologize for anything that is written bellow.

    So the world didnt end!!! All that they predicted will not come true yet, humanity is not ready for the change, only thru a catastrophe they will, to bad, but it’s the way it is.

    In my island winter is already here, I can feel and see that nature is mad at us, shes calling us for a change and we still don’t respect it, all that have been happening around the world its to show us that nothing should be taken for granted, today Im sad, I feel sad for all those persons that didn’t spent a minute looking at what is happening around them, Im sad cuz another Christmas is coming and people will only care about the presents they will receive, especially children, where is the love, the joy, the sharing?

    Christmas is not about the day that Jesus born and presents its about a season to be grateful, to spend it with our loved ones, to help others in need, to give without expecting nothing in return, to feel and give love, to worship God and all His glory and this glory is LOVE. It’s a season that we all should take a minute and think on what we can change in our lives to make it better, it’s the end of a year and the preparation for the beginning of another one.

    2013 will be a year of change, a year that some will wake up, when minds will change, a year that some will look and help others without expecting anything in return cuz they already have lost so many but don’t fool yourselves this year will also will bring misery, catastrophes and pain for the ones that don’t believe, for the ones that don’t have true love, for the ones that keep a closed mind.

    God is building His army, is choosing the ones that believe in greater love, the ones that are givers, humble, the ones that can spread his word of love, the world will change for a better one, but all of us have free will and God doesn’t interfere in that, He is just wishing that we will make the right choices, he show us His rays and its up to us to grab them or not, He only give us what we can handle, what will make us stronger so we can be better souls. All of us have chosen our path in this world, our lessons, but along the way we are faced with so many challenges, doubts, fears, the law of man is imposed to us and going against this law is a sin, so we make so many wrong choises. We forget that all the strength we need is inside us, but we succumb to our fears, its easiest to do it than pick up our tools and fight, then to have the courage to say enough, then to go against all the believes that were imposed to us and tell the world in what we believe.

    I believe in God and in His power and Love, I will keep following the decision I made in the beginning of this year and my decisions are:

    I will not judge anyone, cuz is not up to me to do so.

    I will no longer give to much importance to material things, they only serve a purpose and this purpose its to put shelter over my head and drive me to work, we cant take it with us when we die, so the best thing I can do is live my life in full.

    I will no longer hurt anyone on purpose

    I will continue to give without expecting anything in return

    I will fight for my believes, but I will do that respecting others opinion too

    But one thing I know and this will be a constant fight, that many times I will give strength to my own fears, after all Im human, I know that even trying I will make mistakes, I know I will fall again, I also know that I have a big battle to fight, But Im ready.

    So my friends believe that you are all capable of greater things and to change everything in your lives that you think is wrong, for you to become better souls. Learn to forgive others and especially yourselves, help others around you, the change begins in us. Lets start planting little seeds of hope and love and all we know will change as we know it now.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • beautifully said, maripisces,

    change does start with each and everyone of us, we all want a better world to live in, but never take a step towards working for it,

    for now i am grown, a woman of sixty four, i firmly believe that we have to take the children that are coming into the world and nuture them with love, so they can be very capable of giving it, for the word of god, says to teach the child since infancy, thats where everything begins, as a matter of fact a child learns since it is in his mothers womb, feels the music, feels the love, and also feels the hate, one thing that has to end, the ugly action and feeling of hate, thank you for your thoughts, i really enjoy your articule,

    i pray that many others will follow and read and comment,

    to all on this forum,

    merry christmas and happy new year,

    let the building begin and a end to destruction,

    love ramonita

  • Amen to that!!!

  • Agreed my friend. I was at a party last night, looking around at lots of people who I hadn't known before I turned up there, and managed to make some new friends, including a young lady of 24!

    I feel good for going on my own, even though I didn't want to, but mostly for talking to this 24 year old girl who had been mislead by her family as to her capabilities (not that it was deliberate). I could see the light go on inside her, and feel that I achieved great things talking to her and telling her to follow her passion. I knew before I went to this gathering that there was someone I needed to talk to, and it was her.

    Apart from that, it was good to share some cheer (and lotsa alcohol hahaha) with people. The material side of Christmas was not at this party; it was simply a bunch of folk who live in the same area, sharing food, sharing jokes, sharing friendship. This gives hope, and spreads it.

    I feel new hope today. Hope for me, hope for the world and the people in it.

    I appreciate your message maria, and hope that it gets to a great many more on here.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours! Thank you for sharing this.




  • Well said mariapisces I didnt get to spend christmas with all my family so we invited our neighbors to share our christmas feast. It was wonderful and fun!!! I love to feed people as food for me is comfort an creative. I spent 3 days cooking the holiday feast and I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I had the most wonderful Christmas, with less presents but the biggest one of all it was the love that was shown and shared between myself and my family.

    I also cooked and cleaned a lot, today I feel so tired but it was all worth it.

    To tell you the truth in so many years I havent a Christmas like the one I had this year, all my Christmas night started with a fight or ended it with one, but this one was perfect.

    I guess planting seeds of love around us really pays off, all starts with us and in us.

    God bless you all and a Happy New Year for all of you.

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