Looking for Relationship Clarification

  • watergirl18, your responsibility is to yourself. in a way, your faith is being tested here, so anything i could tell you would alter your decision and probably muck things up or worse. so i will pose some questions for you, and if you answer them from your true heart, then you will have answered yourself.

    1. what does he mean to you?

    2. what are the thoughts that are driving your current situation?

    3. what are your fears?

    4. what is it you obsess over?

    5. what do you want?

    6. what do you need?

    7. what is the difference between what you want and what is before you?

    my questions are leading. the truth is the difference between your true reflection and harry potters' mirror of erised. i am not suggesting, actually, that you make any particular choice, or even if there is a choice to be made at all, but your shadow self is involved here, which can either take you to your true happiness or take you away from it. recognizing it is the path to your truth.

    as far as your intuition in this case, i am going to say, well, duh. of course it's failing you here, it's an important decision. if you knew which way to turn, it's not a decision, or even a choice, is it? i saw on a post you left on another forum, that we are of an age, so understand i am not trying to insult you, or make any personal comments. i've made too many of my own mistakes along the lines of waiting for a sign, or often worse, of accepting the first sign i see without asking my truth first or often at all, to justify my judgementalism. with success, i may not be so much of an orifice, myself.

    hope you get your dog (like yourself, i am quadrupedless. i don't even remember how long ago my dog died. he visits from time to time, which is nice though not the same level of companionship.).

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