It's the end of the world as we know it 21-12-12

  • Does anyone actually believe this is going to happen ? I personally couldnt care less if it does as long as we all go together and no one gets left behind. What would you do if tomorrow was your last day on earth ? What would you choose to have for your last meal ?I would spend the day with my family outside in the fresh air and take in the sweet smell of summer and flower s that are blooming in my garden .I would want my last meal to be chinese food , fried rice beef and black bean , lemon on chicken and prawn crackers yum .

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  • hey D ,

    I think it is a load of old hogwash the world will never end in our lifetime .

  • it is the end of the old and the start of the new how we choose to grow is up to each of us as an individul If it did end today I would want my family with me and have a big cook out with smoked turkey, burgers and steak with lovely side dishes of mac n cheese, potato salad with all sorts of grilled veggies some wine and a big bon fire

    i would invite friends & thier families to share the last day

  • I am a proud Aunty again my sisterinlaw just gave birth to a baby girl on this special day 21-12-12 at 408 pm .It is the end of the world for some the start for others .

  • I asked this same question of a workmate the other day. Her response was to say she hadn't the slightest idea what she'd do if it was the last day on earth. She then countered by asking ME what I'd do. I couldn't answer her ... SHAME!!!

    But thinking about it now, I would've gathered my two kids around me, my very best friends as well, and my absolute best friend and her kids in Tasmania, and spent the last day with them. Prior to the big bang going off (in a manner of speaking) I also would've walked up to a particular male person, told him that I know we were/are meant to be together, and under normal circumstances let's not rush these things, but hang it, let's just DO IT considering it's the last day on earth hahahahaha.

    My last meal would be lotsa salad, garlic bread, creamy garlic chicken and big, fat chips. Followed by my very own chocolate mousse as well as a flambe alaska - the best dessert I've ever eaten in my life (the flambe that is)!! And lots of wine 🙂

    So long as I and those I was with, spent the last day on earth laughing and joking, that's the best way to go out I reckon.

    But here we are today, reading this thread and in my case, smiling at the irony of all the hype leading up to the (supposed) end of the world.

    It is the end of the old world, and the beginning of the new. It is the end of an Age (the Age of Pisces) the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

    Shifts in consciousness will continue to happen, gradually with some, in a rush with others. Some of us will experience "wake-up calls", while others will slowly come to the realisation that none of the battles, material influences or power struggles of the past Age matter now. What matters from this day forward is that we improve our way of thinking and being. Where one does this, another will. Where evil and bad stuff can be very easily spread around like a virus, so can good.





  • Moon I like your thoughts on this new time. As always,free will effects us all but lets hope good vs evil is the stronger theme in this new world.

    As for spending a last day, I'd want to be with my 3 sons, & closest friends sharing a meal, lots of beer & wine & plenty of laughs. Not sure about foods but would definitely include onion rings& chips so perhaps a BBQ!

    Wishing lots of love, laughter & good health during this Festive Season & for New Year 2013


  • CONGRATULATIONS AUNTIE MARG!! And it is a new start for many of us. After a huge downpour of rain last night - we were thinking it was drought time again - I felt that this brought a fresh, clean start to not just today, but hereonin. Let's keep hoping!


    Thank you! I wish you the very same, although of course with the food you actually want!! Let's dive into this new year and new Age with new ambitions, new attitudes and new situations! Out with the old, in with the new. I'm tired of the old and worn out and want a fresh start myself. This next phase of our lives will be a whole lot easier; we need to believe that.

    Have a joyful Season, and look forward to a bright New Year/Age 🙂



  • Moon thanks & I second the motion for a fresh start for the new year/ age



  • Hey Chris .

    Thanks I am so excited to be an Auntie again i love holding them and giving them back now .

    2013 is a number 6 this should be a wonderful year for us all . out with the old and in with the new i say !!! Hey have you tried this wine it is called Gossips mascato? a freind gave me a bottle of it omg it is the best to die for and i cannot believe how cheap it is it is not even 5 dollars a bottle and it is not 2 buck chuck lol .I wish you all a Merry Christmas .

    Love Mags xx

  • lol guess what as i was typing my last post the wine was advertised on this site by Dan murphys it is called gossips sweet lips moscato .

  • Thanks for the tip Marg! Although I'm a bit more into less sweet wines these days! I love Sauvignon Blanc, and buy bottles of it at our local IGA for about $6 (Somerton is the brand - and it's similar to the one you're describing: cheap, but not nasty). I've tried more expensive bottles of this wine, and always go back to Somerton.

    Well, am feeling a bit down in the dumps today after a long, very hot and sweaty day at work, and finding out that my last partner (Rodney) IS with the one he shares the house with, and have found myself wondering how long that's gone on for, and even if he was "with" her before he even left me. I feel so betrayed, and like a pimple on the face of society at the moment. Like someone nobody else will ever touch. I'm so bloody hurt, I can't describe the feeling! On top of the other stuff I had to deal with last week with my mother, and my ex husband the week before, and I'm wondering when this tough stuff is going to go away??

    Having said all that negative stuff, I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year. God knows, I'd like to know SOMEONE is having a good one, because I don't think my trials are anywhere near over yet. Or ever will be.

    So, drink up, eat well, be merry and may God bless you all! I think He's forgotten me ...

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