Visions, Delusions, or What???

  • I didn't know what section to put this under so I'm putting it here. I've had visions thinking that they were just daydreams and completely misinterpreted them. But I had an episode this past Sunday that has kind of shaken me and it's time to ask for help.

    I was driving to work at about 6:20 a.m. and was not in a good state of mind at all. Something told me to turn the radio on. I usually do not turn the radio on when I drive but I did it anyway. When this happens, I figure there's something in particular that I'm supposed to listen to so I started to push the scan button until my gut told me to stop. The station had just started the opening bars of the song Tiny Dancer by Elton Johh which holds some memories for me that keep me in my sad place.

    When I've previously had visions, they were similar to daydreams but this was a visceral experience. At the end of it, which ended with the song, my heart was racing and I felt grateful, appreciative & downright jubilant.

    How do I know if this was not my mind playing tricks on me?

    I also wonder how I managed not to drive into a guardrail but I'll dwell on that later.

    Thanks in advance.


  • The mind does not play tricks - we only doubt what we experience. I believe everything is real on some aspect and level of perception. I don't even believe in the imagination (as in making things up) anymore. There are so many layers to our lives here on earth. I just feel that no two people ever experience an event in the same way because we are all individuals, but that doesn't mean it isn't all real.

  • Thanks again Captain. I've just been unable to successfully interpret what I see and then after the event happens, I go "Oh, that's what that meant." Slightly frustrating. But I'll continue to work on it.

  • It just takes practice.

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