Judi Satori: Emotional Clearing Technique

  • Judi Satori explains her emotional clearing technique in the following video.

    Judi will be appearing with Maarten Horst on ET/First Contact Radio, Thursday, December 20 at 1 pm Pacific time, 4 pm Eastern time, 9 pm GMT and 22:00 Central European Time. To listen, click on this link:


    The write-up accompanying the video is:

    Emotional Clearing Technique, recommended by the Star Nations in Preparation for Dec. 21, 2012 and Beyond

    (Please forward to as many as possible to assist them.)

    When we came to Earth, our Light Bodies were PURE, free of Energy Distortion or Emotional Parasites, just like our physical body is free from bacteria, virus and parasites when we are born. But as our physical bodies can be vulnerable to Virus, Bacteria and Parasites, our Light Body can also be vulnerable to Energy Distortion or Emotional Parasites, which drains us. Emotional Parasites are Fears and Haunting Thoughts, projected on us or experienced through many life times. You could call this Karmic Energy Distortion, which affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.

    While conducting our retreat in Sydney, Australia, Thoth taught a very simple technique to remove all Emotional Parasites from our Light Body. These Emotional Parasites show up in our lives as FEARS, such as fear of water, fear of airplane flying, fear of heights, fear of people, places or things and any fearful thought, which drains our energy from our Light Body.

    In the video above, Judi Satori will demonstrate how easy it is to use this technique.

    The Star Nations now want us to use this technique to remove as many of these Emotional Parasites or Karmic Energy Distortion from our Light Body prior to 21 December 2012. By removing these Emotional Parasites or Energy Distortions from our Light Body prior to 21 December, it will allow our Light Body to absorb more Energy during the SHIFT.

    VIEW VIDEO: Emotional Clearing Technique

    1. Place the left hand on the Core Star (above the navel and below the diaphragm).

    2. Place the right hand on the Soul Seat (above the heart but below the throat.

    3. Activate the Fear or hauting thought by feeling the Fear, intensify the feeling instead of running from it.

    4. Then say these words:

    This Feeling of (name the Fear), does not belong to me. I dissolve it with Love, Now and Forever. AMEN


    This Thought of (name the haunting thought), does not belong to me. I dissolve it with love, Now and Forever. AMEN

    We are not these fears or thoughts. We have never been taught how to rid our light body of these parasites until now. Share this technique with all our sisters and brothers, freeing them from the bondage of these controlling forces.

    Judi was born in New Zealand and has two adult sons and two grandchildren. She began to work with higher-dimensional beings in 1997 and to spontaneously speak the Language of Light in 2002. In her earlier years, she was a marketing and public relations consultant. In mid-life, after her connection with Spirit, she retrained in energy healing.

    She holds a NZ Diploma in Physiotherapy and a Diploma of Natural Healing Sciences in Auric Healing. In 2009, she was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Religious Studies. Judy travels and works internationally. She now resides in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York with her husband Tim.

  • P.S. You can goggle her, she has great healing techniques and Free Activations.

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