Angela Peregoff: Arriving Upon Ascension’s Doorway

  • Angela Peregoff: Arriving Upon Ascension’s Doorway

    By Angela Peregoff, December 17, 2012

    As part of the gathering that has anchored a New era of evolutionary proportions here on our beloved terra firma you should be feeling a bit nostalgic about the purpose of time past and a bit reflective about the tasks that lie ahead.

    We have finished the bridging of two worlds project, more commonly referred to in my writings as “the shift”. We currently stand in an interim space between what we have known and what will be. We have made quantum leaps in consciousness and ascended to the primary layers of our multi-dimensionality so the union with the next level has taken place.

    Diminishing limiting and inhibiting vibes has involved taking on many lower and densely configured vibrations in order that everyone could experience more of who they truly are, and to be able to move ever deeper into the Love/Light at the core of their Being.

    Yes, holding more light, vibrating higher, and balancing topsy-turvy energies as they landed on the planet was no ordinary walk in the park, but we accomplished it! The anchoring for the next era on earth is complete.

    As a collective consciousness we are deep in the practice of Christmas, a traditional time of rebirth and salvation. Our hearts are presently open to the Spirit in and of All. As a Lightworker of dedicated service, I invite you to enjoy your Inner Divinity this week. The days of the past year have re-made you and just like the Christ child, you are presently the perfect vision of the Soul’s emergence emanating the Soul Heart of the Universe. You have infused your Light into all aspects of yourself and you now hold within you the complete Dimensions of Being and the Consciousness of God.

    It won’t be long before the power of a positive New Year puts out your next assignment; so I would advise you to celebrate the magnetism and charisma of this season’s shift, my friend. Make a conscious effort to pursue some of your favorite activities. Celebrate the success of being done with the disruptions that block the journey into your own Being. This is the time to raise a glass and say goodbye to the old reality that is quickly fading with its patterns of fear and violence and lack! The cosmic door has officially closed on that reality.

    We are now poised in the tender times of ancient magic and retreat as each feels how to “get back” themselves; to align with a center of energy that flows with Divine Intelligence as it moves within. We are learning to experience the rising, exalted creative influence of the Soul and its heart-centered living.

    Now that the transformation of ages has “clicked” and we are complete with the first phase, we will be learning how to expand Love until each understands that all in their field, in their perception, their experience, is an aspect of God-in-Us, and that It is vibrating and pulsating with the passion and desire to be life on Earth. Like the babe in the manger, we will tap into the pure innocence of the Eternal and into a whole new us. We get to begin again. The heavens are ready to gift us with the curiosity, sense of wonder, and pristine devotion that draws us back into the Heart of God.

    So while the holidays bring their own demands and activities remember that you are gelling at a higher Light oscillation and that new energy structures are being constructed for implementation. A new state of affairs is being prepared and it won’t be long before we are given the high sign to completely cast off the beliefs and behaviors that keep us bridged to the old.

    You have a new role that is traversing the galaxies and descending upon you even as you read these words. In small, progressive and steady steps things are being set up for your new responsibilities and role. You will be drawn and directed to the people and places for expressing your Human Hybrid Essence so please don’t worry. If you could peer into the invisible and view the energetic engineering that is being done on your behalf, you would never doubt that progress is on its way.

    If you are felling out of sorts – not your usual self don’t fret, miracles are happening on the invisible planes of existence. Just go with what is for now. We have thus been removed from much of everything and are being divinely protected now. All is in order. We are being housed in a beautiful and loving womb until we can emerge in a very new reality of a very different order. Thus, it can be challenging and difficult to try and remain connected to the old when things are transforming before our eyes.

    Because of this we may grasp and look for something to grab onto, for a sense of familiarity, but be forewarned that there is nothing to anchor onto in that paradigm .Continuing to remain in old and familiar ways and surroundings will only serve to impede these great gifts we are receiving. Floating back into the old because it is familiar will only place you in a reality that is fraught with futility, stagnation, boredom, and even depression.

    If you are one who feels lost, no longer knowing what your role is and what you should be tapping into or holding onto to then consider yourself the most Beloved because it is a sign that you have crossed the threshold between worlds. Feeling like you are floating, hanging in a space of no space, feeling useless with nothing to offer and nowhere left to go is definitely the sign that you have left the old space and are now waiting in the forward progress of all this Ascension stuff!

    You may also feel that when you socialize with others there is a strong sense of dis-connect; an inability to move smoothly thru the encounter. Pay attention to the relationships and experiences that feel “flat” or stale. These are the signs that your Higher Consciousness and theirs are not matching up. Don’t remain in what is insufferable even if you don’t know where to head from here. Your new connections will begin arriving towards the end of January.

    So although it may appear that things are tough for some, I can promise you that we are simply at the very end of one reality and now poised within a very new reality. Take this week before the Winter Solstice and Christmas and celebrate the birthing of the Light of Consciousness. We are being attended by the Angelic dimensions this month. Dance in the joy they are sprinkling. Intend to change. Linger in the dreams of the Love that your soul wishes to express.

    Most of all though – Enjoy the adventure of change.

  • BRING IT ON, because I am so exhausted by this constant feeling of being disconnected, not belonging and being sort of loveless. I sit here on Christmas Eve alone again and wonder when this isolation will ever end. Five months of it, if I include the month before my last partner left.

    I'm tired of socialising and being exhausted by it. Of looking around and seeing other people comfortable with everything around them, having someone with them (and not necessarily a partner) and there's me, standing alone like I seem to always have.

    No, this hasn't been an easy road at all. And I'm too tired to bother anymore. May God and the angels lead me somewhere, because I don't know where to go anymore ...

    S'pose I'm not alone in this boat either!

  • I'm back, tired, sick but still here, Happy Holidays to all, be back soon! Hope you are feeling better!

  • Hope YOU'RE feeling better! And no, I'm not feeling much better myself. I am aware of more endings coming up for me, with the loss of both my kids to places far, far away early next year, I spent last night with them and enjoyed their company; it was grand! I laughed a lot, spent the day with them today, yet have ended it feeling a sense of bitter-sweet because soon enough, I'll be travelling miles to see them and won't be able to do that too often. It makes me sad, although I'm trying to look at the positives here - at least they're really spreading their wings and going out into the world.

    And I'll be here, in that empty nest, wondering what my next move'll be. Gee, I hope my mojo comes back soon, because I'm tired of bleating and feeling like this myself, let alone anyone else having to read it!!

    As I said above, may God and the angels light the way, because I feel like I missed the boat ...

    And again, I hope you're feeling better poetic! Though I think we're all pretty tired to say the least 🙂

    Cheers, though I don't much feel like any of that truth be told 😞

  • I felt that way too, I knew we were in three days of darkness after the shift, they say we went to the underworld to shine light unto the darkness within, more purging, I was in a funk I could not seem to shake off, Gaia has decided to shift slowly because if she went too fast, many species would die, I guess it is our ego self that wanted out of here now! Escapism, I still wanna go, they say we have to expand our perception to our multi dimensional self which is online NOW! Trust me we are not alone, the expectations were too high maybe...

    They say we have to rise from the ashes dear heart..... "Still I Rise."

  • Ah, is that what it is? I think expectations were too high really, but normal when you consider how long a lot of us have been building up to this. I've travelled this spiritual road since 2001 (at least being aware of doing that, although had dabbled in it earlier than that) and can't help but feel a bit ripped off!!

    My last partner appears to have moved on with someone else, my ex husband wants me out of town, my kids will take off for further shores soon (as said above) and my parents can't seem to see their part in anything that's gone on in our lives; they'd rather keep blaming me.

    I also am having trouble connecting with people at the moment. I feel depressed, lonely and just a wee bit hopeless.

    I sure hope this passes because all I can see is that tunnel thing, and right now, can't see even a prick of light at the end of it.

    But as you said "Still I Rise"


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