Hi Captain! Can i request a Reading?

  • First and foremost i hope you're having a great holiday season. You've helped me out plenty in the past and i was wondering if we can make that happen again. See i've been having difficulty feeling like i belong in a certain place. I recently moved in with my mother and have gotten a job for the holiday season..but my main goal is to be a writer and am having difficulty deciding if i should move out to California or stay here in Pennsylvania. It's a struggle between what the heart wants and what my brain is telling me. Do you foresee me moving anytime soon?

    Is there any special happenings coming soon that i should prepare for? My name is Bryan Mora and my date of birth is May 13, 1988

    I appreciate any response you may give Captain. A VERY BIG thank you in advance!

  • A writer can write anywhere - moving your location will not change how you write. Write as much as you can to gain experience and credentials. Build up a portfolio of published work (short stories, magazine articles etc) so that if you do move to California, you will have something to prove you are a good writer and that people want to publish you. But then once you have a good reputation behind you, you will need to moveon. You really need to be in an environment in which contact with already wealthy and powerful people is possible. These are the people who can help open many doors of opportunity for you. The chances are, life will provide opportunities for you to meet and interact with such people. You have so much to learn from them, and they from you.

    You can't prepare for life's happenings - you can only trust in your own strength, rely on your intuition, and acquire wisdom through being aware of what is going on around you in order to deal with any situation in which you find yourself. For you, 2013 will be all about change and opportunity, so be alert.

    Your life's destiny means that you will spend this lifetime learning to empower yourself by overcoming the judgments which stand between you and your strong ambitions. You will constantly be expanding your belief in yourself. You will learn that others can only dominate you if you allow them to, and that all circumstances can be positively changed by taking the necessary action to change them.

    Inner gratification for you is not a matter of forcing yourself to be "content" with mediocrity and, thus, pretending you are satisfied with your life. Rather, it is a matter of going out into the world and manifesting what you truly desire on a material level, remembering that desire is another word for love. More than money, you want love. If you are not careful, you may spend an entire lifetime afraid of being hurt by the thing you desire most of all. It is your fear of emotional pain which makes you so extremely sensitive and vulnerable inwardly, no matter how you exude confidence and nonchalance outwardly.

    And, until you are comfortable with the fact that your very purpose for being here is to learn about, and master, life's material aspects, material satisfaction may continue to elude you. You do desire abundance. You want to make a lot of money. Money is just a tool, however, and it is important that you learn how it works: to accumulate it; "play" with it; and use it to get what you want, without allowing guilt to tell you that your focus on money, status, and power is wrong.

    You are ambitious, efficient, and energetic. You are also an excellent organizer, administrator, persuader, and manager, provided it is you who calls the shots. You are acutely aware of how others fit in with your own goals and ambitions. You have an impressive ability to take control and direct. You want the freedom and the status that comes with money, and it is unfair to deny yourself these natural desires. It is also unfair to deny yourself the education - the learning process - which will enable you to fulfill these needs. An understanding here helps dispense with any guilt and/or anger which may have followed you through from childhood.

    Your childhood environment may have had some oppressive elements such as financial or intellectual poverty. Perhaps your parents or other adult figures could not appreciate your enormous potential for success when your interests did not fit in with their expectations for you or with the reality of the world as it was then. There was either a strong emphasis on "making something of yourself", or it was assumed that you would amount to nothing. Your determination to be "somebody" and your dread of being "nobody", is actually a gift from life which now propels you to seek your own route to success.

    Playing it safe is the logical step to take in most circumstances, but issues will also arise which require leaps of faith into the darkness of uncertainty. You must learn to visualize the end result first. Then determine the steps you will need to take in order to reach your goal. You must treat each step as a goal in itself.

    Good luck to you, Bryanmora!

  • Ahh thank you so much Captain! Your words really hit home and I will take your advice to heart. Sometimes i wonder if i should just explore the land a bit to expand my mind before actually setting off to California. For some reason I've had this feeling of claustrophobia the past few months and I have wanted to break out of that feeling. Again, thank you so much and i'll take your advice with me as I consider what my next step will be in my life.

    Cheers to a great end to 2012 and to a new beginning in 2013!

    : )

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