Divine Mother: You are in the Process of Ascension

  • Linda Dillon is currently channeling a webinar on preparing for Ascension. The Divine Mother has just channeled a message.

    This is not a word-for-word transcript although it’s very close. We may substitute a word-for-word version when available. But for now here is as accurate a version as we can produce.

    Greetings, I am the Mother.

    [On the Newtown tragedy] each of these angels – human, child, adult,- have been welcomed into my arms prior to them being injured in any form. (1) … [There was more that the Mother said but I did not catch it. I was setting up.]

    What I come to address to you is my plan of unfoldment, the unfoldment of One, or Terra Gaia, the restoration of Gaia as she ascends, interdimensionally, into her wholeness, in what you think of as a period of time.

    Child, you are extremely important to my heart. I have birthed each and every one of you and you carry the spark of divinity within you and it is beautiful.

    Part of the old conditioning of the old Third Dimension has been that you [see yourself as] the most important creation. It has never been hierarchy. This is not simply about your Ascension, your shift, your great awakening. It is about the awakening of all, of Gaia returning to her splendor, of the kingdoms, all the kingoms, returning to their splendor, of unity, trust, forgiveness, being reunited. So this is not simply your journey.

    You are accompanied by many including your star brothers and sisters, far beyond what even you can imagine. …

    I come to address your role, your purpose, your mission, your participation, because it is pivotal, because your participation, your joining cannot be extracted from this undertaking. It is of a whole.

    When we have spoken to you of partnership, it is not simply above and below. It is a partnership of the whole. You are not only welcome and embraced and loved. You are necessary. … it is why you have chosen as Starseed, Earthkeeper and hyrbrid to be on Earth at this time.

    So, yes, you may not be alone in this passage, but you are pivotal. Let me speak of divine convergence. On Earth you have this construct of time that we created and it is very handy is it not? …

    Now what I say to you is that there is a time of divine convergence that started with the harmonic convergence 25 years ago because we thought that was about the attention span of the human race. Some of you began yesterday. It matters not.

    When I speak to you now of the divine convergence, of what you speak of as your timeline and our timeline and, in the middle, the timeline of Gaia herself, there has been a speeding up and slowing down to bring all into alignment so they could converge.

    Sweet angel, you have been in this process of awakening for ages. And the human collective has been in the process of awakening for thousands of years.

    We shall return to that. What I say to thee is that whether you experience it as a day, a week, a year, dear heart, you are now in the process of Ascension. ….

    I came to share reassurance today, I came to share my heart and my love. I came to tell you that as you are taking the hand of your neighbor I am taking your hand. You do not walk alone. You never have.

    But now you are becoming consciously aware of this. I have always been with you. I am not going anywhere. I will hold each of you in reassurance, love and compassion until whatever it takes to say “Mother, I am ready. Mother I am home.”

    Go with my love, go with my joy and peace. That is all you need. And it has always been yours.


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