7 of swords

  • Ok i keep getting this card in my daily what influences are surrounding me readings, i know it means theft and deception , i wonder what others thoughts are on this card .?

  • LivingonaPrayer, i personally don't like the card. I expect there is something under the surface of things when it appears in a reading. it makes me think of plotting behind your back, melicious gossip, somebody's impure intentions, trust issues. That's how i see the card. Unfortunately I have drawn it a few times lately too. 😞 But we should remember that every card has its good and bad aspect so there IS probably something positive there. 🙂

    Have a good day!

  • Thanks for yourr thoughts Moonalisa i do have my suspisions that someone is being deceptive , i just cant prove it yet. In many books i have it also say it is a card for theft of ideas as well

  • Seven of swords is the man running away w/7 swords. There may be a need to depart from something to form your own opinions. A lot depends on cards surrounding this. If it is a relationship reading (or a reading that points to a relationship) it can mean deception esp if other cards are pointing to it. If other cards are negative then yes.

  • Dal ,

    sorry i have missed this thread thanks for the interpretation hey have you ever thought of taking tarot up proffessionally and i am seeing the big african american lady she is here with me she has a flower pinned to her lapel sorry Dal she want sme to let you know she is here she is wearing makeup and believe it or not she is saying to me Oprah and how she looks like her . I know this is not your sister . I hope you can relate .as she is being very pesistant in communicating with you .My husband it at me he wants to take me oracle card shopping sorry Dal i will reply when i get back

    Love and hugs to you Loap:)

    Love Mags xx

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