Tarot nick can I have a reading please?

  • Hi Nick,

    I have been looking at some of your readings. very interesting. Would you mind doing a reading for me? Perhaps around my love life which seems to be in transition right now My birthday is 12/1/58 in case you need it.



  • Hi sadsag,

    Let's see what you are feeling,

    You seem to be worried about a change... i get the feeling "I don't want to change you can't make me do it"...

    Ok so you are going thru change...things are blowing up and your not happy...(strong feelings, the trick will be understanding what you are going thru and how to plan forward)

    your fighting with your friend...conflict...frustration...

    Who is the woman being dishonest..she is smart but I am getting a vindictive feeling

    This separation just happened

    not sure if it is money ...more of abundance... projection that things are well

    you going to uncover an imposter...so someone is lying

    I get the feeling you know you can get what you want...you can make things happen by putting your mind to work.

    Your going to be battling with a friend...have courage and you will be strong

    at the end of all that don't get selfish and also don't go into a shell (take it as a learning experience, figure out what happened...learn from it)

    at the end of all this you are going to come up with a plan... i think someone suggests it to you and you run with it...Just remember you get what you give out... if you don't put much out you won't get much in return... also if you want to get back at someone remember you are only hurting yourself.... negative brings back negative....

    The last part is my feelings, I get the feeling of hurt and sometimes people want to take the low road but learn and free yourself and take the high road. I also feel happier that way, sometimes it's the tougher road but in the long run you will feel better.

    Hope that helped,


  • Hi Nick,

    Thank you. I will keep this in mind and see if I can uncover some dishonesty. I will take the high road. Being vindictive is not at all my style. In the meantime I will continue to try to deal with the changes that I am not too happy about. One step at at time...


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