Tarot nick could i please have your help thank you! :)

  • Hi.

    i would like to know will i ever meet my future partner and if so what will he be like?

    I had someone i was seeing on and off for the past 2 yrs who i really connected with. he had his heart broken badly and is just scared or not ready to commit yet but he does really like me so were just friends for now. but have not been talking to him in a while. will we ever have that commitment or will i meet someone else or just remain single?

    thank you!

  • Hi rebeccaf,

    I'll try to do a reading tonight, but when I do a reading it's what you are feeling not what he is feeling. Hopefully it will help you look at yourself from a different perspective. Lets see what happens...


  • Hi rebeccaf

    Here you go,

    I get the feeling you haven't been very pleasant to be around lately

    but something just made you very happy

    seems money has been tight too

    You are going to be starting something new

    You had some set backs recently...but it made you stronger

    You are a good person and people like you... let your heart shine... let go of what ever was bothering you and just be yourself and you will be fine.

    caution on the new plans... I get the feeling the idea was not your but that you were going with it. Make sure you look at all the angles and plan things out...don't just jump in blind

    enjoy the peace you have worked hard for

    your going to have some obstacles with a friend...some fighting I think...almost like a battle of wills

    I'm getting a strong feeling on the new plan you have, if you are going to do it don't just fluff it, you need to put everything into it

    It is not going to pan out right away...i get the feeling of I put all this effort in and what do i have to show.... one thing is it will need a lot of hard work for it to pan out, two you will need patients and planning...

    I will never say to do something or not to do something...free will is yours... if you will do it then be yourself and put everything you have into it...that is the only way to make things work

    hope that helps,


  • thank you very much! very insightful. i have been unpleasent lately as a guy has been messing me around the past couple years he is scared of commitment and it made me frustrated the way he went on. just felt like my life has been wasted and freak out i will be alone the rest of my life. money has been tight! just trying to figure out what the new plan is ur talking about that i have. i did start a new course in october and struggling with the work but getting there. unless thats what your picking up.

    thanks again 🙂

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