Energy Report for December 2012

  • a message from Kate Spreckley

    The December of 2012 is the culmination of a very significant year that marks an important threshold in human consciousness. There is much speculation surrounding this month and we are certainly existing in some very interesting times. A new level of human consciousness has been birthed into our world. Our world has shifted and will continue to do so as all of Creation is being drawn into these powerful times of change and transformation. The energy and power held in the alignments of 2012 will continue to impact us over the next few years. As we open to the energy of this month we can be guaranteed of more personal transformation and collective reform as more and more Souls awaken to recover their light and activate their heart.

    This year the human collective has been gifted with an intense transformational process that has resulted in the choice of two very clear and distinct paths - the path of ego or the path of the Soul. The powerful energies we have encountered month after month during 2012 have initiated many opportunities for us to make this choice. The scale and scope of change has been vast and the resulting intensity and urgency has created challenge and difficulty in some form or another for almost everyone on the planet. There are those who have welcomed in these changes and the choices they have made as it is the culmination of years of work and effort. And yet there are others who have resisted their choices with the result that their changes have come as a sudden and swift shock.

    As we move towards the end of 2012 we enter into a space of pure potential and power where all inner and outer changes and choices are being deeply processed and integrated. This process will strengthen and expand your new state of consciousness and create a force field of light and power to surround each individual to bend all incoming and outgoing energies towards the qualities and virtues of a higher consciousness. Your physicality is being filled to overflowing with the abundant energy of Divine Love and Light and as you integrate this energy, all aspects of your duality are united in an alchemical union. This union reflects the mystery of creation and shifts you into another higher dimension of consciousness. Profound inner changes will occur to initiate new pathways of Divine connection, which will activate the essence of Christ / Unity Consciousness on all levels of your being.

    A cleansing and balancing of your vital energy will result to enable your energy field to expand to fully embody your Divine Essence within your physical form. Streams of Divine energy will deeply penetrate your heart to clearly expose the energetic blueprints you have been working with to manifest your life. These energetic blueprints are powerfully influenced by every word you speak, every thought you have, every idea and belief you hold and all the actions and choices that you make. Any outmoded beliefs, ideas, thoughts and feelings create blockages within your energetic blueprint, which create and manifest the experiences that generate feelings of being unfulfilled and unhappy. These feelings in turn cause more blockages and result in manifestations that do not serve the path of your Soul growth and development.

    Your original Soul Blueprint is the energetic framework that serves you best as it contains your pure potential for all lifetimes. When your blockages are cleared you are able to access this purity making it easier to manifest that which serves you more fully upon your path of growth and development. The process of clearing these blockages will vary for each individual within each situation and circumstance. The energy of December is supporting the release of any blockages within your blueprint and is thus asking that you surrender to the birth of a new awareness and the reconciliation of your duality. The reconciliation of your duality makes it possible for you to find the middle way of balance, allowing you to walk a true path. Your ability to respond to life without loosing the sense of your centre will strengthen making it possible for you to maintain your balance and neutrality in all situations and circumstances.

    You are urged to spend time opening to energy of this month by retreating inward to liberate yourself from your suppressed emotions, fear, hate, anger and greed. This will initiate a powerful healing process where feelings of separation will dissolve and deep insights into areas that you would normally avoid are provided. No longer may you remain attached to the world of logic as this intense process of psychological and personal transformation will steer you beyond existing mental, emotional and behavioural boundaries. You will gain the strength and wisdom needed to release yourself from any remaining oppressive relationships, habits, situations and or aspects of your personality.

    As you venture forth from your past clarity will emerge revealing a variety of truths, which will bring freedom, adventure and unexpected changes upon your life path. As a result a much deeper understanding of the Universal flow of life will ultimately lead you to an experience of Divine bliss and thus the actualisation of your Divine potential. Your Soul path will gently unfold before you enabling you to use your power and unity consciousness to create and manifest a more fulfilling and joyful experience of life. Inner harmony and your faith in the provisionary power of the Divine will increase, gifting you with the insight and strength you need for the next stage of your journey.

    You are being shown the way to creating a safer, less destructive and more sustainable world. Find your Spiritual equilibrium. Seek the answers that lie deeply buried within your heart. Take time to open to the mysteries of your Soul. Be thoughtful and discriminating. Know your boundaries. Clarify your goals. Focus your attention and your thoughts. Go with the flow and surrender to your Spiritual destiny.

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