Tarot nick- may i have a reading please ?

  • hi tarot nick

    can you please read what is coming up next for me. i am honestly very confused. i am unemployed and looking to get hold of a job for many months now but so far i haven't been lucky. i have been told in the past that i will be employed soon but that soon never happened for me. i am also concerned about my current relationship. could you please help me figure out what is going on in my personal life and what will happen in the career front ?

    thanks a lot ahead of time for your help my friend.

  • Hi hiighpriestess

    I'll try to do a reading tonight, I'll pick up on what you are feeling. Lets see what comes up.


  • thanks a lot buddy for considering to read 🙂 thank you so much .

  • hiighpriestess,

    here is your reading,

    you had something you had to fight and won,

    but your doubting yourself

    I get the feeling lately that you can be kind and loving...then snap and lose it

    realize you have the strength to get thru the tough time

    part of the doubt above was because you felt restricted and couldn't make a decision

    you still have some fighting to do... your combinations that you want are working against each other, that is not helping either

    Good thing is all this you are going thru will help you... it will help you realize what you have been thru and the light will come on... you will get it

    it doesn't help that you are fighting yourself... i don't know if its the poor me's or the feeling like this shouldn't be happening to me type of feeling... that kind of thing only ends up hurting you because that doesn't help face what you need to

    you and a friend... future is clouded, feels like the blahs

    Job wise I get the feeling you are either fighting yourself... or need to focus... I get the feeling you are good, but perception wise it is not coming thru like what you think it is

    a guy will pop up, he is a little rough around the edges... but has a good heart

    That's a lot to digest and think thru, take a good look at yourself. Trust who you are because you have the strength to get thru the problems. Work on yourself and you will be fine.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hello tarot nick

    I am sorry for responding late. I have been traveling for past 3 days and just saw your post. You have picked up striking facts about me. I do have a tendency to feel poor me because I tend to do things for others at the cost of my own self and get hurt in the end. I am not sure how what I want cannot work out in the present situation. Also I am not sure whom you have picked up as my friend. I am in a committed relationship and it's been working fine for me lately as opposed to before when I had to struggle a lot to maintain the status quo in the relationship. But I am not sure why you picked up fighting with myself.it was the case before in my relationship but not any more. I am pretty happy where I am with my man.

    I am mostly concerned for my current relationship and finding work. I have been unemployed and looking for a job. Can you please she'd some light on these issues ? That would be really kind and helpful. I feel quite lost career wise and am not sure where I am headed.

  • Question, do you have a clear cut goal and path set up?

    Two things I felt were the things you want are going in opposite directions... that's the conflict one combined with looking for work. I felt you are not giving off a good impression or perception. The feeling I got was you have skill, but something was missing. Does that make sense?

    Think back to your interviews try and look at it from someone else eyes, what did they see. Where you prepared, how did you answer the questions, where you the right fit? Some times it just dumb luck...knowing someone.... or making them want you....or there are just a thousand people looking for the same job... but some where in there is a place that you can make better for the next one...one make sure it is what you want...then figure a way to make it happen... each one is an experience to learn from.

    For the relationship I gave you what I picked up but Free choice is yours to make what ever future you decide... each choice you make can lead you to what ever road you choose...


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