Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for 12.13.12 – Cleaning up for a Bright Future

  • a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

    Hello friends. Well this is not your ordinary New Moon this month. It falls smack dab on the tails of the 12:12 Stargate. Looking at the Sabian Symbols for this New Moon, I found them to be very interesting and timely.

    The power portal from the 12:12 to the 12:21 is shaping up to be the most important of the entire year of 2012. There’s quite a lot going on in that time that I have explored in some of my other blog posts, but it’s safe to say that we want to keep as clear and open has possible. Another thing I have noticed in what are called “portal” times in the Cosmic Weather, is the potential for projection and what the Keepers have referred to as “offloading,” or what I like to call a psychic game of “hot potato.” There can be greater confusion of who’s “stuff” belongs to whom in these periods; so it is good to travel through them with a healthy dose of compassion, understanding and most importantly, humor. Keeping in mind that in Funhouse mirrors are known to widen, elongate and generally distort; it is wise to let’s one’s intuitive wisdom-eye of the heart lead the way. Sagittarius energy is related to optimism and goals. It is good to view our life experiences as opportunities for growth and positive change, instead of drudgery or punishment. Tuning into the higher side of these energies will allow us to do just that. We also have the cosmic back up of the lovely 12:12 Stargate energies for support.

    Sagittarius 22 – A Chinese laundry: This is a symbol of complete self-refinement through the unsuspected or even generally unaccepted activities of the community, and of a consummation of the being through specialized interests which may tend to deny man his more superficial communion with his fellows. A richness of living comes from a concentration on goals with remote reward, and from an association in spirit with souls of very high achievement. Here is imaginative self sustainment through unremitting hard labor. The keyword is seclusion. When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for maintaining poise and self-perspective in every unfamiliar or alien situation, and when negative, unnecessary acceptance of self-inferiority. – Sabian Symbols by Elsie Wheeler and Marc Edmund Jones

    This symbol speaks to us of self-refinement and the total environment of providing a service by physical or mental means which would improve the self assessment of the individual and by giving the individual the confidence to go into the world with integrity and honor to fulfill their purpose in this life. The laundry may appear to be menial and unimportant in affecting the course of our lives, but with cleaned and pressed garments, the person goes forth into the world with confidence and assurance. This enforces and confirms the message of the night sky, that in truly knowing who we really are and being able to express it, is like having clean clothes creating an atmosphere which enhances our ability to deal with any circumstances and come out of it with flying colors. Who we are, is symbolic like the clean attire we put on, it reinforces our self-confidence, allowing the world to see us as we really are and wish to be. To know thyself is one of the essential ingredients for success, to be oneself is the motivation factor that materializes. The Sagittarius New Moon is telling us to know and to be thyself is the impetus to make things happen as the world enters into a new epoch of growth. – Lincoln’s This & That Astrology

    Another thing that came to mind is the concept of “Dirty Laundry,” ours, others or that belonging to society in general. Gossip and schadenfreude are negative habits of mind that have no place in a world that values unity consciousness and compassion for others. As in all dances of dark and light, old patterns often reemerge just to make sure we really want to say goodbye to them. Also, being obsessed with the dramas of others is a good way to keep us distracted from the sometimes “dirty work” of cleaning up our own thoughts and lives. As many wise sources tell us, the incoming Aquarian Age is about personal sovereignty, and this does not include staying in a perpetual teenage emotional state of denial and irresponsibility for our own worlds.

    Dirty Laundry – Don Henley

    Well I could have been an actor, but I wound up here. I just have to look good, I don’t have to be clear. Come and whisper in my ear, give us dirty laundry. – Don Henley

    All New Moons are an opportunity to start fresh and have a “clean slate.” This particular New Moon is very potent in that it is in the window of the 12:12/21 Stargate which paves the way to what author Gregg Braden and others have referred to as “Zero Point,” which is a an important point in our awakening, both individually and collectively.

    Almost universally, everyone feels it. Something has changed. Something feels different now, during these days. Everyone feels a shift on some level to some degree. The tension of tumultuous change, poised, positioned, enabled. Some describe it as electric, as a low-level anxiety Others simply state their feeling that something is about to happen, something big! Some individuals feel it rippling throughout every cell in their body perceiving that time, and their lives, are speeding up. Others are experiencing a new kind of confusion, as if nothing in their lives really fits any longer.

    Their world is changing so rapidly that they feel out of control, perhaps unable to keep up. To those having difficulty in “letting go and flowing with the change, the feelings may be uncomfortable, even painful. There can be no denying that today in your life, now, is a time of unprecedented change. Regardless of what levels of distinction are used to view world events, the systems that provide the infrastructure to life and society inclusive of personal systems such as health, finance and relationships, are in a state of dynamic flux. Something is happening! – Gregg Braden/Awakening to Zero Point

    Wishing you all a blessed New Moon and beautiful Holiday season friends, as this will be my last blog post until the Full Moon Report (12/28) that will be posted after Christmas. Thank you.

    NOTE: New Moon in Sagittarius is 12.13.12 at 12:42 am PST/3:42 am EST.

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