Positive cards in the fears/negative feelings positions

  • Hi,

    I'm fond of covering my celtic, however I get problems interpreting my reading when I get positive cards (like the star) in the fears/negative feelings position.. Any ideas?

    Thank you 🙂

  • Pixxie,

    The angels I channel have asked me to interpret the hopes/fears position as "balance."

    Anything that is necessary to balance clearly will show that way, anything that is directly a fear will be obvious, too.

    For example, you mentioned the Star. I would interpret this (based on a reading for myself and in light of the other cards) as a need to regain my sense of hope, optimism, and vision for the future.

    Hope this helps.



  • Aha! Thank you, this clears up alot!

    Once again thank you very much!


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  • i think it means not getting wat u r asking for in the spread

    rev cards almost always reply in the negative

    rev star for me in the hopes position is an air card on water element meaning passive reply to ur question 9th card water element the ans is no to wat it is u want

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  • This is my first post in the forum! I too have a question regarding positive cards in negative-type positions and visa-versa. In a 6-card Celtic Cross spread, using the Morgan-Greer deck, the Sun appeared in the 'what's going against you' position. I agree with Ahiyah, that the Sun never heralds negativity; however, in posting this question in other Tarot forums it was suggested that the meaning is that the querent is overly ambitious or too trusting or honest. Any thoughts? Similarly I have trouble with the 5 of swords in the "allies"position. Is anyone familiar with any guidelines to interpreting positive cards in negative positions and negative cards in positive positions? Sometime I feel the overall spread can set the tone for the answer. Thanks in advance for your help!


  • I don't know anything about Tarot. But just looking at your question, it seems, that your fears/negative feelings aren't what they seem--if you picked positive cards. I think this offers hope.

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