Past, Present, Future -- Into the New Energy

  • a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    We are stepping into a very powerful time of transition on the earth!! There is the shift of 12-12-12 which some consider the ascension. There is the end of the Mayan Calendar 12-21-12. There was the eclipse with the recent full moon. People are feeling the culmination and the anticipation of completion that’s taking effect right now. The Goddess reiterated that even if someone listens to or reads this at a later date; they will tap into the same energies; but from the place of where they are in their own process.

    During this channel the Goddess first of all spoke about how there is no longer a separation between the magnetic and crystalline grids. They have merged and the energies are balanced between them. From there, when we reached the All That Is, the Goddess then created and Amphitheatre and a stage. As she stood on the stage, she brought forth the male aspect of source so it was as if we looked at the Goddess, we saw one energy, but we could see how she was male & female in balance.

    The Goddess then spoke of all that’s happening right now in the world confirming how we are source essence and that is our foundation. As she did this, the Ancient Ones walked onto the stage. Usually they come across to me as 3 people, but this time I sensed 5. They spoke of the choice to inhabit earth and some of the guidelines.

    From within them, Melchezidek stepped forth. He began to speak of how he worked with people through groups; the Templars, the Druids, Abraham, Muhammad, Buddha & Jesus. He spoke of how this was a vehicle for people to reach towards God/Goddess or source essence. He spoke of the changing energies in particular over the past century.

    After him, the Lightbody energy came forth and spoke of the higher dimensions coming through and the access to these dimensions are through our divinity. She spoke of how each of us has greater amounts of our divinity available and that as we integrate that and begin to truly understand who we are, we can move through the dimensions with ease. She spoke of the universal light and energy that pouring into the earth at this time and how it would continue, anchoring in part through us.

    This channel is a little longer than usual, but it’s very powerful and will give you the chance to see just how involved you’ve been throughout these many processes. You are an old soul, most with many lifetimes upon the earth. You have had many transitions. You are stepping into full integration of your divinity and your lightbody.


    Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

    I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you; I reach out and feel the alignment for all who come to join with me during these times of communication. This is an amazing time to be alive upon the Earth.

    Recognize that no matter what may be going on within your life you are in the flow of energy. If it feels as if you are struggling on a day-to-day basis make a conscious choice to let go of the struggle, reaching towards balance and flow.

    If you feel as if you are seeking change, or seeking movement within your life and you are still standing still, make a conscious step forward. This step forward may literally take you into a different reality. It may take you into a different potential or path.

    Each one of you have many different potentials available for you in your life. It may be that it seems as if you are going around and around reaching for something and not finding it, it may also seem as if you are looking for something that continues to elude you.

    The bottom line from everything that I’m saying is that there is a great deal of transition taking place and as a result of that it can cause you to feel out of balance or upset within your own life. In any instance, if ever you question which direction, where to go, what is best, what do I truly want, then circle back around asking yourself what makes you happy.

    What makes you feel as if your heart is singing? You will know. I invite you to once more take a deep breath in, breathing down through your physical body allowing yourself to connect to the Earth. As you feel these energies of the Earth allow yourself to come into alignment with whatever suits you the best and then let that flow up within your physical body.

    As you do so, let it anchor you within whatever place you may be located and then send your energy until it moves up into the space of the magnetic grid. This may be one of the last times that we actually differentiate between the magnetic and the crystalline grid. For the last one to two months they have already been blending together so much that it was a challenge at times to discern in which location you may have been located.

    This will be even more so the case moving forward from here. As you stand within this space of your higher self and the space in which this gridwork flows back and forth, allow your senses to look around you that you may be aware of the magnetic portion and the crystalline portion of all that is here or if you prefer simply be aware of these energies.

    As you look around you may have that sense of your expanded self, of where you come perhaps when you mediate or where you come when you are reaching out to seek communication with others. Be open to discern the greater ease and the greater flow that moves through here. I then invite you to reach out towards the soul plane.

    As you move within this space reach out to your divinity, taking in the greater awareness of what this is to you. You may see, sense or feel your divinity as you create a deeper alignment within. Allow yourself to recognize that you have truly amazing opportunities when you are within this space.

    It is not that you are in that space of the All That Is as yet but this is simply the space of who you are. And by the opportunities what you speak of, are the other lives that you have lived or may be living right now, the influence, the energies and all that potential that is there just waiting to tap into it.

    I the Goddess move within this space. As I come I reach out to each one of you and I embrace you, I embrace all of your divinity. As you feel these energies merging allow yourself to shift into the space of the All That Is. Look around at all that is here for you. Look around at the energies, at the light, at the angels who are present, waiting for you to come and share this time with them.

    You may have a sense of a gathering crowd because this is the beginning…actually as soon as I said a beginning I could see that for many of you, you began this several weeks ago. But as far as our discussion of it, we are beginning to tap into the energies of transition that are taking place during this month upon the Earth.

    We speak of December 2012 but it matters not if you go back and listen to this again at another time you can always tap back into this time but yet bring with you whatever transition you may have gone through and it will allow you to move forward even more.

    As you see gathering within the amphitheater there are many, many people and experiences. In fact there is so much that is taking place here right now that I have a sense of sending forth an impulse of energy that will allow things to settle down so that it will be less overwhelming.

    To give you a sense of what I was seeing, it was as if there were 8 – 10 maybe even more impulses of information that were being directed at everybody all at the same time. Now when you are in your space of divinity that’s no big deal but as we are in this space and working through your consciousness I seek instead to bring things through in such a way that it feels balanced and in a way that you may process it to your highest ability or to your best benefit.

    There now everyone is settling down a little more. And some of you are continuing to work with your own energies so allow that to be as it may. I the Goddess stand on the stage of this amphitheater and standing beside me is God energy.

    We stand in front of you as the male and female essence of God. Some of you may be hearing this in a masculine voice; others may be hearing this in a feminine voice. We speak as one, we communicate to all as one. We wish to take this time to send forth our acknowledgement to each one of you and to communicate about ourselves and this process.

    There has always been a source energy. People gave us different names but they referred to that which was the energy that encompassed everything. When people speak to God they many times want answers. When people speak to God they are seeking release from pain and sorrow. When people speak to God, when they send prayers, many times it’s for other people that they know and or love. Prayers for health, prayers for food, prayers for safety. It goes on and on and on.

    When everybody sends these prayers up to Heaven if you want to call it Heaven, or they send it to Allah, God, the All That Is, Krishna, it all comes into this space that represents source energy.

    We may feel different to you than yourself but we are pieces of the whole that have been brought together and culminated to represent God and Goddess. We come to you as the balance of male and female. We come to you as source essence. We come to you so as to illuminate for you in your expanded consciousness who you are.

    You are source essence. You are God and Goddess. You are an eternal soul who has lived a multitude of lifetimes upon the Earth and out within the Universe. You are very aligned to the galaxy within which you live. But you also have the ability to communicate with other galaxies through the Omniverse and through the lightbody energies.

    As we stand here speaking with you may you open up and allow yourself to feel the waves of love, compassion and awareness that we flow to you. As it moves through you allow yourself to open up to receive. Accept what this is for you.

    I welcome onto the stage the energies of the ancient ones. As they come forth be aware of how your vibration shifts so that you may receive the messages of their communication on all levels and we step back allowing them to speak more fully to you. (Usually I feel the Ancient Ones as three individuals. This time it started as three, but they expanded to five.)

    The Ancient One’s speak of the past:

    ‘We greet you beloved family. We reach out to communicate with you at this time because it is a time of completion. You may become conscious of us working with you over the next several weeks. There has been a great deal of discussion about what went on with us as we decided to bring the galactic awareness into greater consciousness upon the Earth.

    You’ve heard this before but we speak of the time in which very few of the advanced people were living upon the Earth. As I speak of this I invite each one of you to go inside of yourself, go within your I Am presence and ask yourself to know ‘When did I first come into the Earth? Did I come through in a matrix? Did I create a physical body for myself? From which planet did I originate? What is my process when I chose to come to the Earth?’

    You may have heard from a number of different people who are reaching out to us for answers about conversations that were had. Much of that was just speculation. But studies were done. The Earth itself was observed. And before anybody came there were great discussions about what it was to go through the veil. About what it was to have a physical body. About what it would be like to live upon the density that is associated with your planet at that time.

    Many people considered it an adventure. Many people expected that it would be just like their other existences in which they would have full knowledge and awareness of who they are. So you can imagine the process that people went through as they began to come to the Earth again and again. Those first few times there was still a great deal of the memory available. But with every consecutive time that people came into the Earth it was as if it became more and more distant.

    Now you see walking out, becoming a part of us, is that essence known as Melchizedek. And as he comes forth from us you see him as he stands there with his hands held out wide, sending forth his embrace to everybody and receiving the embrace that you send back to him. We shift gears for him to speak…’

    Melchizedek speaks of the past & present:

    ‘Greetings, greetings all! I was quite involved in the next phase that took place for those of you upon the Earth. I was a part of this group but I also chose to be at the forefront in assisting people as they began to experience what you would term Atlantis. I was not by myself. There were a great number of us and many of you were there during Atlantis.

    It was a time in which amazing experiences took place upon the Earth. Scientifically, energetically, it was in many cases as if the Universe was coming in even closer to the Earth than it ever had before.

    Sadly we did not have the foundation in place to allow for a conscious ascension to take place at that time. Therefore Atlantis sunk into the ocean, Lemuria had already sunk into the ocean and other civilizations around the world went through transitions in which things seemed to go backwards to a more primitive time.

    Look at yourself and look at the memories that are through your I Am presence. See what resonates with you about that time. Many of you walked with me as we made decisions, as we did our best to stabilize things, and as we worked with the energies of the Earth and the Universe.

    Moving forward from that time frame it became what you now consider your history. Much of Lemuria and Atlantis is what you consider prehistorical but you know especially when you tune in in this manner what was attempted and those results.

    As we walk through that thousand years or so where the Knights Templar and the many, many organizations existed upon the Earth, the Druids, the people that were immersed within the Earth but yet aware of the Universe or anchoring the energies as the Earth continued its strides towards moving through the dimensions.

    Many, many, many of you have thought you were done with Earth. You’d learned what you needed to learn, your experiences were complete, you were therefore were now back out living within the Universe and having other experiences. Starting perhaps a hundred years ago we knew it was another opportunity to move through this transformation in a conscious manner.

    Everything was completely different this time. There was a much broader foundation that took place with the Christ energies and with all those other pockets of openness and awareness with Buddha, with Mohammed, with Abraham. It now had created foundations of energy that went through what you call your world religions as a means of accessing your divinity and your spirituality.

    Here we are now, come forward into where you are right now. Back perhaps in 1987 that was the first significant step that took place. Okay, probably not the first. There are so many it would just be impossible to name them all. But that was when the first awakening took place that we ‘re going to speak of.

    So where were you August of 1987? Mmmhmm. Yep. Some of you of course were not yet born. Those of you who were born may remember sometime around that year the seeds were planted and there was a part of you that began to feel restless or began to feel different.

    Continuing on with the change in the millennium there was another shift in the order of energies that took place. Archangel Michael had been at the forefront of the energies of protection for the Earth, working indeed with many, many, many others. That got shifted to Saint Germaine. You’ve heard of Saint Germaine very consistently over the last number of years.

    It’s an indication of the transition taking place. 2008 the Earth shifted into the 4th dimension. Where was the collective consciousness, was it there or was it lagging behind? In the last four years you’ve continued to create a very conscious foundation of opening and awareness.

    You’ve heard about it from a multitude of different groups all around the world. Energies are so much more available to you; the angels, the guides, are closer than they’ve ever been before. You as your divinity is more available to you than it has ever been before and I Melchizedek have been a part of that process with you.

    I hand off the energies, inviting in the lightbody energies to come and speak. This is recently, you referred to them, as that pink energy. We see that essence as it walks onto the stage and I shift allowing this energy to now speak with you.’

    The Lightbody Energy Speaks of the future:

    ‘Greetings. I am adjusting as I speak through this individual. It is with great joy that I open up my energies to all of you. You know me. You have embraced the many, many levels of the lightbody energies as they’ve come into the Earth and you have found that which is your own which is within.

    I am a representative of the future so to speak. The crystalline energy has been out in the Universe for eons. It is a vibration that is less about the magnetic pull which is a positive to negative, that is a flow that goes in one direction and multitude of different energies that begin that process of point A to point B.

    The crystalline energies are more subtle in some ways. They also have the ability to move, to bend, to flex in a way that the magnetic energies are unable to do so. Dimensions. It’s that word that many of you have given conscious thought to for quite some time. People will sometimes get caught up in a number of a dimension with which they communicate or with which they live.

    Be not concerned about a particular number because as this continues there will be a blurring of the energies so to speak. What I would like to say is that through the completion of this process that is taking place right now it is as if a doorway is opening up that allows you to have access to those greater and greater vibrations.

    It is already there. It is already within you. It is already around you. Your physical body is changing, your DNA is changing. It is important that you learn what best works for you to ground your energies because as you continue to integrate your lightbody and move into these higher, lighter vibrations in some cases it will be as if you become transparent, in some cases it will be as if you levitate off the Earth; you are not physically connected to the Earth.

    There are going to be many, many different experiences that will come available to you and as you continue to move through the process of this transition be aware of what’s going on.

    If things are awkward within your life, you don’t feel good, you’re hitting roadblocks. Everything around you may feel heavy. Understand that it is because you are standing in two places at the same time. Some of you may have a sense as you live your life that as if you look to the side of you as if you are watching a screen on a TV or something you see the same location but it looks different.

    Some of you may wake up in the morning and as you get up and you start to go about your day you feel disoriented as if you question ‘Where am I? What is happening?’

    This is the blurring of the dimensions. When you have a lot of physical discomfort it is because there is something within you that feels as if it needs to anchor you in a place that it is consistent with or feels more comfortable with. This will many times be as a result of your personality or your ego self.

    You cannot know what you want to get rid of because it is who you are in this lifetime. Therefore beginning right now I invite you to have a sense of creating an alignment so that you may work with your physical self or your personality self during every experience that you have.

    If you feel frustrated and confused breathe down that alignment to your divinity so that you may more fully be conscious of who you are as your source essence. If your personality then tries to analyze or categorize that essence, lovingly, gently, warmly, nudge it to the side or into a place where you can more openly accept you as your higher vibration.

    It sounds simple while here in this space but I'm already realizing that it is much harder in your everyday reality. Reach towards the intention of balancing you as your everyday self and you as your lightbody self. And as the lightbody not only is it that crystalline energy but that’s also coming to you through your divinity or through your own source essence.

    There we go. You are all very consistent and used to working with the energies of your divinity so if I speak of allowing these crystalline energies or this lightbody energy to come through that source essence of yourself it may give you something you can recognize more easily.

    The collective consciousness is now going through this next transition. That will be the final part of what’s happening right now. I want to thank each one of you for being open and accepting we the lightbody energy as we’ve been integrating within each one of you. I’d like to thank you for anchoring that not only within your own self but into the Earth. It’s made a difference.

    And so I’m going to step back, inviting God/Goddess to come forward again. Know that I am even more fully integrated within you than ever before.


    The Goddess of Creation returns:

    What a night this is. You may look at this as past, present, future. You may look at this as all the energies that have created your own pathway. You have life’s experiences in the future that you will begin to draw upon to assist you. The flow of energy will be so much more fluid that you will find this as a greater and greater ease in your evolution.

    Allow yourself to look towards the Earth from here in the All That Is. I open up a doorway so that you may see. I invite everyone to get quiet for a moment as if you are listening to the Earth. As if you are listening to the vibration that emanates from within the Earth.

    And as you hear those tones open to hear that Universal energy that is here within the All That Is that is all around. There is still a difference in the tone or pitch but less markedly so than what it used to be. That is one way for you to recognize the change in dimension.

    The energy around you may sometimes feel heavy, may sometimes feel light. If it feels heavy make a conscious choice to step into the equivalent that is light and easy. That is another example or experience when you may feel sick, have aches and pains, may have difficulty with food. Recognize that you are momentarily in a dimension or a space that is without the alignment to your divinity.

    So often when we get together for these gatherings, I work with you in letting go and creating anew. This evening I wanted each of you to be very aware of how much you have been involved in the evolution of the Earth itself. I also wanted you to recognize that that is the evolution of you as your divinity and so too it’s the evolution of you in this current lifetime.

    You come from a place of complete balance and that balance is available to you with greater and greater ease as the days, weeks and months move past. I am so very excited about this time. I believe in you. I trust that you are ready for whatever is happening within your life.

    The last time that we were together I invited you to shake up the energy or recognize how your dreams and your desires had created a particular pattern or vibration. I invite you to recognize the importance of starting with a new beginning. Starting in this place so that you may have whatever it is that you seek but now be open that it may come to you in the form that is in your best interests moving forward.

    Receive the communication from your divinity. Receive the input from your higher self. Let go what’s no longer working for you. Let go your old desires. Let it go, let it go, let it go. Embrace the pure crystalline energies of the lightbody. Embrace the lighter, finer, vibrations all around you. Allow your desires to reform in whatever pattern or whatever way is going to be better suited to you as you move forward.

    Experience whatever that may be right now. I feel as if I could continue to talk with you for hours and hours on end. I feel such excitement over all that is taking place. It’s an exciting time of the year. It’s an exciting time in the evolution of your planet. It’s an exciting time in the evolution of your life.

    I invite you to let go this space where you have that sense of a stage. All the energies that have been up here speaking with you move through all of you creating adjustments and helping you in whatever way they may.

    I call forth that hologram of the Earth. Be open to the changes that are evident. This hologram comes up within all of you. Infuse within it the alignment which is in your best interest for right now and moving forward.

    The ancient ones, Melchizedek and the lightbody create a particular hologram of support that it will stabilize all that is taking place. This is what they have been doing but it’s giving you that visual or that more clear sense of what’s been happening on a much grander scale for the last 3 – 5 thousand years.

    And you send that hologram down within the Earth. It moves through those gridwork, it moves through the various dimensions, it anchors within the center of the Earth and then it expands outward.

    Allow yourself to feel in your own personal life the transitions that are coming up within you and around you and allow that to be very present.

    Have a sense of looking at all that’s been taking place upon the Earth, all that is coming up, and see how that flow of energy is moving through. You release that essence and you release this space of the All That Is, allowing yourself to realign with your divinity.

    As you do so look around with new eyes. Look around and create a greater alignment that you allow for more of your divinity to come with you. It streams with you through your consciousness. It moves back, it comes down through those gridwork, and it streams down into you and your physical reality.

    As you allow yourself to anchor, begin to really feel your physical body, your arms, your legs, your torso. As you continue to anchor have a sense of looking around you, knowing that your lightbody energy is there and present and even more fully expanded.

    Have a sense of feeling your greater divinity and it flows within and around you. It feels good does it not.

    All right beloved family so thank you again for choosing to spend this time with me this evening. During this time of immense transition remember that you are the creator in your life. Remember that you have had a multitude of lifetimes in which you’ve experienced what you seek to have. Remember that you are stepping into expanded dimensions, expanded lightbody and expanded potential.

    I believe in you, I am ever with you and within you.


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