Mother Mary Opens The 12.12.12 Gateway

  • a message from Mother Mary channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

    am Mary, Divine Mother, Giver of Hope, Giver of Love. I am She who comes to welcome you as I open my heart and my arms and bring you close to my breast. I bind you in love and I bind what hurts you. I bind what pains you and I bind what cries in your soul to be healed. I collect with love what tears fall from your eyes. Allow me to wrap myself around you. I come to speak to you about your divine responsibility.

    I come on this day (12:12:12) in the vibration of twelve that once surrounded my son The Christ. I come to escort you into a higher understanding of what being divine means. The divinity that you seek does not live in some far off land, only accessible by the holy ones. Divinity does not wait for you to have a perfect body, hair, day. Divinity does not wait for the day that you are hallowed enough to be in its presence. The Divine part of you has sat on the shelf for eons waiting for you to remember that the time is now and the crown is of light not thorns.

    The consciousness within your body exclaims, that it cannot receive this Divinity until you feel holy and whole in every droplet of your being. Self/Ego will not allow you to announce that you are ready to receive divinity. The ascension process depends upon when you place that beautiful crown of light upon your head. When you finally embrace in Allness that divine sector of your humanness. You each wait for a crucifixion, for the stigmata, for martyrdom, and for sainthood before you receive the divinity that is longing for your touch that is longing to be embraced by you.

    So I ask you all to see in your mind's eye, a beautiful crown of light, sparkling with the stars in the heavens, the quasars and the galaxies, sparkling with love and holiness. See it by your feet. Now, in your mind's eye, reach down and pick it up. It feels as if you have the whole world in your hands, not just earth, but all of God's creations. Move that divine crown of light to your heart and place it as a sacred circle around your heart. Feel it open your heart up to levels of love that go beyond you're understanding. Now put the crown of light to your throat and let a light come forth that will allow you to speak to those in anger, in negativity, in confusion with words of love as sweet as a nightingale's song. Now move that crown up into your third eye and see as a seer that has the ability to see beyond the time space veil of illusion.

    Open your perceptions to what is still invisible. Visualize with all of your light, with all of your love, everything that you have ever dreamt that you wanted to be, wanted to do! Divine Perfection in body and mind and spirit. Divine perfection within intention and heart. In that Divine intention, place this crown of light, this crown of divinity upon your head, Dear Children. You see it does not sit above it, but blends into your body and soul. Shrouding your body in holiness and love. Feel it move down to your feet and then see it becoming One with the flesh of Mother Earth. For as you receive your divinity into you heart and thinking she is released of the burden of awakening you and can thus place her loving attention on those that still slumber in forgetfulness.

    The time for accepting and receiving your Divinity, your divine nature, your divine future, and your divine creation is now, this minute of this day. You ask for gifts from spirit. You ask for gifts from Christ. They sit about your feet as unopened presents because you do not embrace them into your presence that never has felt holy enough. Even those of you throughout time and space that have held sacred positions of priests and ministers, saints and nuns, healers and shamans, never have you felt Holy enough. In that fractured-ness, you caused a great ripple effect affecting the outcome and timing of this great Divine Presence within you that was seeking release.

    as you have placed this Divine Crown of Light upon your head and received it into your cellular structure, you have made a pledge. The pledge says, "I embrace my divinity now! I am good enough now! Grand enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, holy enough to be Divine now!. The activated Divinity will set into motion a series of events that entirely recalibrate the next steps of your journey. This is the piano that you have been waiting to play. This is the picture you have wanted to paint. This is the song that you have wanted to sing. In the past these expressions of self and soul existed in 'someday'.

    You travel and travel to 'someday' but never get there. By you receiving in fullness the first cell of divinity, you have changed everything. You have changed your walk, your twinkle, your skin tone, your hair, your smile, and your words. You will walk more in a holy fashion and embrace what is more whole and holy within you. You will resist the temptation of others negativity to bring you into anger, into sadness, into remorse. Everything of life tries to escort you away from your light; do you not see that? As long as you are sad and fractured and upset and too busy, the light cannot land upon you. That is why evenings as such are so important, for you sit long enough to allow the spotlight of divinity to land upon you as a hummingbird that finally quits flying and lands upon a branch embracing the time of rest.

    By opening and fully receiving your Divine innate natural nature and state of being, you move the possibilities of your life and your future to a destination that was not visible on the map of your soul. You have all looked for the stairway to heaven. You have jumped up to try to reach the golden hoop. You have tried to quantum leap forward. You have tried everything, but you could not get to that next level that you so seek. You could splash about in it for a moment, but it did not stay adhered. The reason it did not adhere is because you had not received in fullness your divine presence. This is the year that you unwrap that divinity for yourself. Each of you now wear it fully, what beautiful beings you are.

    In your mind's eye you have always seen a picture of yourself that is grand and glorious and lily white. A picture of yourself where you walk, or rather float through your life, where your clothes are never dirty and you always wear white. Where your hair never needs washed and your halo is always shiny. Do not wait for death to receive these images. Realize them in life. You know that they are real. Receive them in the here and now - not in kingdom come - but on earth, let it be done.

    As you embrace the Divine Crown that you have placed within your energy field, you also allow entrance for the Son of the Sun to come to you. Call forth to the Christ. Look at him at eye to eye. The picture that was given to you this evening is fully filled with my presence. I changed the colors deliberately so that it would be seen as a miracle. Believing is seeing, is it not? - For those of earth. When you need me, look into my eyes. It matters not what your faith, your religion, your belief - for I am here for all. Look eye to eye with your angels now. They are not above you. They are with you as is my Son, and the Ascended Masters. I am Mary and I wish you a Mary Christmas from my heart. Speak to others about finally being able to receive divinity while in human form. On Earth it will be done. I Love you and Bless you.

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