Job reading! Please!

  • I was wondering if I can get any insight regarding a job.

    Thank you

  • I am seeing flowers growing all around you - how about trying for work as a florist, gardener, or landscaper or something to do with working with nature? I feel you have a gift for nurturing living things.

  • Captain am not really much of a nature person. I can do light yard work but not as a job. I was hoping to see if I would get the job at a hotel where a lady I met works remodeling and she said she can get me a job there just to wait till the holidays are over. Do you see me getting that job?

  • Well, I sense much unexplored natural creative talent in you - just for a test, are there any florists in your area who you could ask for work? Instead of just looking to pay the bills, try looking for something you might really love to do.

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