Hello Shuabby and The Captain here I go again needed some insight thank you

  • Here I go again I was lately over the moon and when I'm trying to see myself I never been like this before. In my desperation to find my half. I was recently confused of they showing me attention and suddenly full out. I was stuck on my own four wall I sometimes wanted to be own my own bit if I do one of them will stir me up to keep on going and when they lift me up suddenly left me and hang up with out any sign of reassurance to where to go waiting while I was feeling unusual the way I was treated of let it all unfinished or walk awak to focus on myself . Libra man suddenly changed and I never realease I was carried away on my emotion and he was surprise on my reaction. I was so embarrassed and I never see him for almost two weeks and I wasn't sure if we still okey cos I was feeling awkward now. I have no idea 1weeknof December libra man trying to organized his two years death of his dad last dec. 9 . We txted anytime especial were both busy but I never once ignore everytime I send him sms in any case even late he will reply on me. I send and and tell him that I'm worried to him. He txt back that he was busy organizedy his dad 2yrs death Anniversary and I said that's good cos he never been intouch to his family and he had a lot of frustration to th which is I'm trying him to calm down and he showing good results like doing that own his own and his a bit upset cos it always him and all they need to do is to turn up. And I says to him thats the way his too pressure and I said to him he need to talk it out in a nice way cos I'm pretty sure his having a voice in his family cos obviously he is very responsible. His full of frustration cos when his dad past away everything is him and family who lives away cos him so much and yeh it's a huge amount that he mention before his upset to his mum but I said to him don't be cos he never know what she feel about him and sheets be proud at him its just that can say anything may be they creaky embrassed in their situation. His brother was the same he said his brother is using drugs and had two kids and he felt bad cos he always pleading them to see his dad when he was sick but no body show up and he regret when I mebtion to him if he knew that they can afford to fly to see his dad why he can't buy a ticket for them. I never realized that they almost full of damage to him ang his trying not to relay on him. To cut the short we keep txting and I was carried away that I doo like him and that time we had a bit misunderstanding and that's the very first time I was told to stop txting him every minute cos he was busy and I know its my fault ang I never done that to him only that day . I was so shocked and I stated something and his answer to me is I'm a especially person and I deserved someone better and he can't be the one and he think we needed to stop after I read that I self pity then he didn't get back after one wek I sms him if his okey and I'm sorry I understand him after that I asked him if his okey and he said he was . Then I send him sms if we still gonna see each other and he said may be cos his doing day shift and top busy after that I send a few sms hits been 5 days his gone. I usually give him call or sms but I just stop cos I always being there and I know sometimes his trying to avoid me cos there ate times he supposed not to viisit all off a sudden he will turn up if I want to see him .sometimes it seems like he doesn't want to work and stay with me but I push him to work. I don't know while I'm dealing with him and he suddenly gonna another past came put and invited me but I choose to cancel and I don't know of I still wanted to go with him. His capricorn and busy as well

    While by and by I tried to reach put the cancer man. Just to have peaceful mind with him afyer the year ended. He was so upset and always throwing me away and telling me that I'm a liar . I'm feeling stuck and wanted to let them all go and focus to my larks and in pretty tough unlike before everything was affected now nothing I feel like anything goes who ever come back and showing me sincerity and everlasting love that's the way I need to my life. I don't know of I'm so selfish now and why I'm not much affected unlike before but only cancer man make me feel bad cos I was again blaming to his life I appreciate and insigth or guidance cos I'm worried to myself I don't want to be selfish and live my life sad

  • What is your question?

  • I'm sorry The Captain I was wondering why I'm connecting to someone highly proven then when I carried away his almost gone by the wind totally no communication. I will heading to his area and I already stated to him my agenda and u asked him if we're still cool. He answer me his not sure may be I send him sms twice different day never get back to me. I guess I push him away cos I literally said that I like him and he said I'm especial person but his not gonna be there with me and he suggest to stop seeing each other is may be answer means no cos I don't want to wait for I felt negative deep down inside and not gonna happen. Then some of my past coming back the young capricorn was against in touch and we had np bad feeling he said he was too busy and had no much time we supposed to catch up last Wednesday or Thursday but we agree to cancel and instead 22nd of December after his competition his able to meet. Then I was distractive to cancerian guy his so mad at me. And cos he always pushing me away and when I started taking to him he said that I ruined his like and I'm a liar cos I was totally damage by cancer man and his jealous cos his thinking I'm going out now and he don't needed me cos I betrayed him . I let him but after a few days I ring him and telling me that never contacted him and I needed to stop taking to him cos he now find someone and he really interested to get to know the girl, then I get jealous then he retract everything and he said he wanted to be alone and let him be. I feel like I need to stop all of this and needed to focus myself but I had this gut feeling my half is closed to but I now having hard time who is he. I sounds crazy here but my I really feel I will settle to some one early this year. Why I'm acting so strange the cappy and libra had leave me behind but they will be in touch when they ready respect and normal conversation is almost perfect I just want cancer guy to feel okey cos his really dealing with his emotion now and I'm not sure if I stress him out I guess he like as I do but we born different and we can compromised then I will go back to the fast cos I learnt a lot from him some Lil lies but I can keep him

    Cos it's mind game but I do like him to I'm so silly using my time to all if them what will I have to do many thanks to you

  • Annie, you scare men off with your jealousy and neediness. You have to get this under control if you want a partner to stay with you. You cannot keep someone with you by trying to hold on too tight.

  • I agree The Captain I can't let go all the doubts since I came here or living overseas I built so much pressure. I'm so stress one of my friend console me and telling me I'm being selfish and its not fair if I always wanted to be on my way and I can easily get upset cos I only do that for the best but I admitted that is totally not fair. I am having hard time to fight back own my own devil and I hated that

    Last November I tried my best to meditate to cast away my negativity and it work. I gain my self confident but it once I didn't accomplished even a small thing no can can easily deteriorate and go back on my bad habit. I'm so embarrassed to myself last Friday its not the typical cancer man that I usually hear. He was so mean and arrogant to me had no respect at all. Just because I want to end clear and no bitterness we started to communicate thru sms thing are getting smooth and his sounds friendly and concern but I over do the situation cos after several weeks of sms. He sounds he needed me and I trigger his ego and he said to me that I ruined his life and for 31/2 year I hold on to him . That's the way he stopping me sending sms but I still persistent cos he always shut me up and keep himself away and never entertain me . When I call him yesterday he soft spoken that he can be like me cos his work 6 days a week but I retaliate everything that I caught him chatted different lady's and having profile to dating site big fight that's why I acted crazy again Lol. I couldn't give my full trust even real friend I'm being big bitch to portrait that I'm good without him cod I really do. Received his sms around 10am pleasing me to leave him alone and he doesn't want anything from me cos he found someone and want to know her. I reply and stated that I'm happy to him cos I can figure it out that his now serious and telling him to be good and stick to one. He insulted me in his reply that I hope I grow up cos I'm so childish and ill showing that I'm happy and bit busy and I send him my sms conversation to libra ma. His yelling at me cos he said I didn't get what his trying to imply and his sick off dealing to my non sense and drama . I will let him pas and sober his trust to tell he that he interested to me but is rather take my time to libra guy . We're finally okey again his sending me sms but I was so confused and kinda hesitate it seems like his trying to challenge me or he want me to beg him. His one line answer is one liner cos I send him sms if his busy after that I fell asleep and saw his sms his just head off to work and working all night this month . Im getting paranoid that I scared him to death cos I said to that if he have time we can catch of the only thing he reply is will see bye. I'm nearly pissed off and I suppose to reply he had no obligation I stated that when his ready and have spare time. I he will come to mins I want him to hear me that I'm aware of where I am and he don't need to scared at me at me I honestly learnt something to him his calm everything is balance but of course hid having some difficulty . I just don't feel we're to go but my attention is with libra and if incase things go wrong I do know what I wanted I will be balance if may relationdhip that's never better than giving so much I the end I have issues. I want libra man he will love to communicate even

  • You need to get involved in other things in your life and stop obsessing over love. If you had more love for yourself, you wouldn't be so desperate for a man to love you. You need to take some 'me' time, and stop chasing after these men and playing their games.

  • I agree I always excited and I always appreciated them in a simple time and effort but I always put more they can give to me I'm not expecting anything in return but they always make me feel important then when they find out that I'm too easy and I always wanted a simple thing in life once I lay all my card after a few days they back off I never once intended to settle done but most of them can be deceiving. And I know that I need to love myself moe than anyone else or put myself first . I was stuck at my place keep thinking over and over again all the experiences that I have I got nothing to remember but it always me who give so much effort and time and when I made a Lil mistake they can easily turn me down. I'm a bit better than before I can easily get sick and I close everything but entertaining myself why they did this to me and what do I have to do to please them all. I truly agree to you. I know I'm stubborn but I always keep come back on my old pattern and I'm not glad to say I get it all and I might be happy cos yeh it's all about me no one else . If someone giving me any attention or invitation I will never put don't my guard again cos I already did a lot to give them away not this time via I'm being unprogresssive and I forget my goal on life. And if I keep doing and staying here I for sure live my life alone and I don't want to be alone I have a lot of passion to have my on family I'm nearly there and I'm truly afraid cos I already 38 my doctor said I needed to cos it would not easy. Only time will tell and even I am getting crazy most of the time I can easily pamper my self now. Whatever they can give to me I will do the same. The libra guy is kinda push and pull I never keep intouch to him thinks is way far now and I will give him his own Medicine I'm over to anyone of them.. Back to reality and make things more positive. That k you so much for your kindness and goving me courage to work things out instead off thinking the situation that I never deserve bless you

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