Job reading - Anyone?

  • Hi Anyone,

    A company i interviewed for 2 months ago has finally reached out to me and there may be a job offer.

    Will be contacting them today. So if there is an offer here, I'll probably have to take it - as there haven't been other opportunities. It seems that I could do well at this job (or at least I'm curious to see if I would). Hope that I will be compensated fairly and that the work and environment will suit me. The last thing i want is to not fit in with the management, which is what I experienced at my old job

    I have other aspirations but the conditions are not ripe or right yet to pursue them.

    I'm wondering if anyone can offer some insight on this - might the job work out for me? What do I need to look out for?

  • Hi Danceur,

    Before I pulled cards, what first came through was that you need to shift your perspective so as not to create a self-fulfilling prophecy or push the opportunity away. Instead of being worried that this job may not work out, instead say to yourself, "wow, I really needed a new job and this opportunity has come along - thank you Universe!" Be grateful for the opportunity and have positive thoughts and expectations for the outcome.

    I did a Life Cycle spread for you with regard to your career and these are the cards I pulled:

    You: 10 of Cups

    Situation: The Sun

    Roots: Page of Pentacles

    Recent Past: Page of Wands

    Higher Power: The Hierophant

    Self-undoing: 5 of Cups

    Near Future: Queen of Wands

    Far Future: 10 of Wands

    Lesson: 4 of Wands

    You as the 10 of Cups is about your desire for an end to conflict, happiness and fulfillment on all levels. Wanting this job to be a place where you fit in and feel a sense of stability and security as well as contentment. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Your situation, recent past and roots of the situation are all about the next step on your career path and the search for success. The Page of Pentacles is about a new job or promotion, the beginning of something in the physical or business realm. The Page of Wands in recent past is about this new opportunity coming forth, however it can also represent someone of some timidity so this is a caution for you from your past experiences. The Sun tells me that this is indeed a good opportunity for you - one in which achievement and success are indicated. The Sun represents a new opportunity or a long-awaited goal or promotion at work. The light of the sun offers optimism and a strong sense of well-being. It encourages you to dispel with the doom and gloom, replace it with joy and happiness and seek out the best in every situation.

    And we come to the Self-undoing. The 5 of Cups. This is what I already mentioned and what the Sun touches on as well. The 5 of Cups represents a feeling of suffering and loss, wishing for what might have been or just becoming crippled by sadness or regret. This will bring about indecision, feelings that you made a wrong choice which keep you from making new decisions. But notice that in this card only 3 of the 5 cups are overturned. If the person on the card would just lift his head and look over he will see the 2 cups that remain. Focus on the positive!! Do not allow feelings of being let down or betrayed to stagnate you. Look at every situation as a learning opportunity which brings you to a period of growth. Once you can internalize the lesson you can cast the rest aside and move ahead to what's next with your newfound wisdom. Once again, do not allow your fears of abandonment (they may even be subconscious) to keep you trapped in anger, resentment or depression. Shift your focus to what is good in every situation instead of what you perceive as "bad".

    Now the Hierophant in your higher power tells me that this new job will also be a new learning situation for you, however it also tells me that there may be a person there who will be your teacher or mentor. This person will be an expert in the field or just highly experienced and educated. This person can not only pass on knowledge and professional advice to you, but will take you under their wing so to speak, becoming somewhat of a career counselor. You will be adding qualifications to your resume which will aid in future success and this person will be key to this positive outcome. Look around you to see who this person might be and be OPEN to their help.

    The Queen of Wands in your near future may point to the personality of this person, however it also points to you coming out of your shell and into your own. This queen is enthusiastic, passionate, generous, CONFIDENT, and a capable career woman. She is very charismatic, outgoing, and strong. She sees what she wants and goes after it (and doesn't take any c rap from anyone)!

    The 10 of Wands in the far future may seem daunting at first, but also note that the 10's in any suit are about completion on a spiritual level. Although oftentimes this card can point to working too hard and carrying too much of the load yourself without asking for help, it can also mean that what is required is a commitment to your dreams, a devotion to your goal - a willingness to endure and see things through to the end rather than giving up. Success often takes hard work and does not always come easily!!!

    And now to the Lesson and the 4 of Wands. This card can indicate a celebration of success or just the initial success of a business venture or project. It is also about harmony and stability. The 4 is representative of foundations and the root chakra - safety, security, and stability. It is also about TEAMWORK. Notice that there are two people beckoning in the background. This success was not won on one's own. Sometimes this card also comes up when there is a temporary hiatus - a goal has been achieved so stop and celebrate the success before moving on to what's next on your journey. Yes, your lesson is about the hard work and teamwork that is required for success, about coming out of your shell and bringing your inner fire to the fore with confidence and courage, creating the security and stability you long for in life, and BEING HAPPY NOW as you work toward your goals rather than waiting until your goals are achieved to be happy.

    Hope this helps. Be well,


  • And your oracle card....what you believe you create!!! Another caution of that 5 of Cups mental attitude 🙂

  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thank you so much. And your message came through really clear here.

    I wanted a new beginning, an opportunity to learn and grow and I am indeed grateful for this chance. There has not been a job offer yet but it sounds like it will happen, and I will try to focus on the positive.

    "Shift your focus to what is good in every situation instead of what you perceive as bad" - love this!

    For so long, I've wondered how to marry my enthusiasm for dance with the need for a stable yet fulfilling job. I do want to eventually work in something more physical - and not deskbound - but it seems I can't (at least at this point), because of my injuries/joint misalignment issues.

    Over this year, I've found dance mentors around me, because this student is willing to learn. People are trying to help. But my injuries/misalignment issues have stopped me from doing more, and I just don't know what to do with my potential. It is very frustrating.

    Today I feel like art and stability (in my case) may not be mutually exclusive. Dance has brought out me of my shell and given me some confidence and brightness. And doing a job where I'm making a positive contribution also does the same. Plus it provides the finances for me to still continue going for dance classes. Dance is my true passion - it will always be. But it need not mean that I cannot also aspire to have an equally fulfilling day job too - where I also feel inspired to give my best 🙂

    Still need to wait for an But I want to reign in the nerves, and look forward to this job for the opportunity it can be.

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