12-12-12 Gateway

  • a message from Kara

    As we reflect back on the last few years and in particular, the last few months, we have known and felt the anticipation of completing our work of transforming dark to Light; old to New and fear to Love. It has felt that certainly the dark was much more prevalent than the Light; yet this is only because it was in our conscious selves to release in order to be filled with more Light. So now we step through the Gateway of 12-12-12.

    While so much emphasis has been placed on December 21, it is the 12-12-12 Gateway that leads the way to higher dimensional living. I strongly encourage you to step through this Gateway either in a group or on your own. There are a few online events taking place where you can join with others around the world. One is The Master Shift. You can find them on Facebook. I AM sharing a brief meditation/transmission for the 12-12-12 at the end of this note.

    The 12-12-12 is immediately followed by the New Moon on Thursday, empowering the step into higher dimensional life; the New. We are ascending from fear and limited life to Joy and expanded life. It is up to each individual as to how they experience this; for we are the creators. The Gateway empowers whatever is in your consciousness, so if you are focused on the old, you create more of that world; if you focus on Love, Oneness, Joy, etc; you create that. This isn’t new news and yet this Gateway is one of two that completes our old life, if we choose.

    Some have suggested that we instantly ascend into a world that is perfect and whole; where nothing exists but Love and Peace. What I AM told is that, as always, we integrate the energies and ground them into ourselves and Gaia as we walk our talk. So much depends on our timeline and our Soul’s choice, whether conscious or not.

    12-12-12 has the potential to fully awaken us as we receive a huge download of Light to propel us in whatever direction we choose. What you visualize you manifest; what you feel and think you manifest. So, as you can see, we are still choosing, for that is the Freedom of free will.

    Know that you are not required to do anything; your responsibility rests solely within yourself. We aren’t responsible for others’ choices, for they have free will as well. If you are asked to guide another, then see if that is aligned with your Inner Knowing and then share from your Heart, without taking power away from another to choose for themselves. Always remember that you cannot give what you do not have, so always align yourself with your Integrity and Guidance. In this way, you love others in a fuller way, for you do not interfere with their choices.

    Before this Gateway, in preparation, intend to let go of judgment, sacrifice, victimhood, doubt, despair and any old patterns, wounds and beliefs that hold you back in 3D limitation. The choice is yours. You can choose to continue to play in the 3D world of duality, yet it won’t feel good. It will feel as though you’re cheating on yourself. The Light of this Gateway is here to show you a path out of 3D. There are three important dates that have the potential to align you completely with your Authentic Self and full merge with Soul (the main purpose of Ascension): 12/12/12, 12/21/12 and 12/31/12. Each of these powerful times will increase exponentially in Light for completion. Use these power days to empower yourself to bring you and Gaia into enlightenment and full awakening. Realize also that this is not a deadline, for we are each on our own timelines. If you feel you are not ready, go through the Gateway any way. You have ample time to release the old and integrate the New.

    The Emissaries of Light from the Pleiades, those who have guided us for 26,000 years to this point, and the dolphins and whales, share with us that this Gateway is for mastering the energetic tools we’ve been given. You see, these gifts lie dormant unless we bring them into our lives in order to change our lives. These tools given to us and enhanced by the 12-12-12 complete our awakening so we can each day empower ourselves as we move beyond 2012. The most powerful awakening is the full merging with our Souls, so that our egos are the messengers of our Divinity. We are not to dispel the ego, for we are to remain on Earth and not ascend out of our bodies (unless we choose to). It is what is meant by bringing Heaven to Earth. It completely transforms any idea of separation and duality, potentially.

    An example of living in the higher dimensions is how you see the world. If you see the world as broken and something to be saved, then you are still in duality, for the world is a mirror into your own perception of self. If you see that all that goes on in the world is a natural transformation; that everything happening is a natural breakdown and dissolution of the old and that the truth is that Gaia is whole, you are living in the higher dimensions. Perception is actually your consciousness.

    The 12-12-12 Gateway not only awakens us to Who we are and the Unity of Heaven and Earth, we receive Light Codes that shift us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually into Oneness. Yes, we have been receiving Light Codes during this year, yet this is a Gateway of completion, if we are ready for it. The Light Codes activate completely our 12-strand DNA, which then feeds our cells and electrical system and

    emerging crystalline bodies, bringing the Clarity of the absolute knowing of Who we are. And while we will be integrating, we most definitely will feel a huge shift in ourselves prior to the next huger Gateway of 12/21. How might this feel? A deeper connection with others, more Abundance in all areas, a stronger connection with Source and our Guides and Angels, deeper and stronger intuition and more Peace within.

    Many have had memories of earlier life to release, and certainly gifts that we had in previous lives are being activated. Ancient Wisdom, beyond Earth life, is accentuated. And this can happen only while we keep our vibration high. Keeping our vibration high means to know the Truth that Love is the one true essence and is Who we are. Lowering our vibration keeps us in the old world of drama, chaos, attachment, illusions, delusions and the old paradigm. When we lower our vibration by playing in duality, we hold others back as well; not just ourselves, for whatever vibration we carry resonates out to all others in Oneness, like a tuning fork or ripples on a lake.

    We have certainly stepped into thinking with our Hearts and feeling with our minds, haven’t we? We instinctively know what is right or wrong for us simply by feeling it. Sometimes this often leads to a decision we must make that will either keep you in the old or take you further into the New. So this Gateway isn’t necessarily something new, for we have been building up to it; the energy of it enhances what we’ve already been working on.

    12-12-12 is the 12th Gateway of this year. The 12/21 Gateway is the 13th; a sacred Divine Feminine number, and as we know, Ascension is the alignment of the Divine Feminine; Source; with all of life. (There were Gateways last year as well, by the way.) It is the beginning of the Divine Plan for Earth and for ourselves as we receive the activation of our Christos energy; that of Unity Consciousness. The Christ planted this seed long ago and now that seed is bearing fruit. Ponder Christ’s life and how He lived. We will do greater things. Know that through the empowerment of this Gateway we will be of greater service as we step into a higher version of ourselves.

    In preparation for the 12-12-12 Gateway, there are some things you can do…in the next few days continue to release anything that is not Love; you know it by how it feels. Release all fear, for you cannot receive with fear in your being. The night before the Gateway, set up a sacred space and place an intention to receive. Cleanse your body with pure water and food. You may activate your crystals with the morning sun or by rinsing them in spring water as well. Call in all beings of the Divine Light and Plan who choose to be with you. Ask them to prepare and energize your sacred space of ceremony. Some of you will be receiving the Light Codes for others, so be willing to do that if that is your calling, whether conscious or not.

    On 12-12-12, you may choose a time to walk through the Gateway or join thousands of others at a particular time, as shared by The Master Shift. For me in MST, that is 7:30pm. I choose this so I may join with those around Gaia to form a powerful grid of New Consciousness; although I plan on being in a waking meditation of Love and Unity all day long. Realize that this is not the end; we will continue to activate the Light Codes through to 12-21 and beyond 2012 by being a conscious activator and disseminator of Light in our everyday life. Because this is a most powerful Gateway, be very gentle with yourself. If so guided, go here to ease the way: http://www.facebook.com/LindaWhiteDove or do whatever you do to take loving and gentle care of yourself.


    Begin by breathing into your Heart Center. See your Divine Flame within your Heart Center and simply notice it. Breathe slowly and deeply until you feel relaxed and open. Activate your grounding cord attached to either your root or sacral chakra. Watch as it spirals into the Earth and anchors at the Crystal Cluster at the center of Gaia. Within the Crystal Cluster rests the Mother Ray (aquamarine). Invite the Ray up to blend with your Divine Flame. If you work with your Personal Vortex, activate that now. If not, call upon Archangel Melchizedek to activate your Merkabah.

    Beyond your physical body there are dimensions 5 through 13 and Source (Alcyone) beyond that. Send your Divine Flame/Mother Ray Light to Source; and she sends Her Divine Love back down to you, moving through each of the Dimensions, gathering high dimensional Light that comes and fills your chakras, your grounding cord and your entire being. Once your body and aura are filled with Light, place Roses around your aura.

    Invite your Soul, your Twin Flame and all your Guides and Angels as well as all those of the Divine Light and Plan to oversee your Gateway experience. Ask them to take you to the Gateway.

    Allow your Gateway experience to be your own. Intend that it is aligned for your very highest evolution. See the Gateway, feel supported by All Who are with you and step through. Allow yourself ample time to receive what you are ready to receive in the form of Light Codes, New Life, and New consciousness. Consciously merge with your Soul. Spend as much time as you are guided to and then journal your experience, which further anchors the energies.

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