• Hi Watergirl,

    I confronted some of my demons at work today. Someone spreading lies. I went to management. I got home tonight to ask for guidance on her. Asked what motivates her this is what I drew can you help on this one as I don't like to interpret my own--



    below--6 of coins


    past--7 of wands

    challenges--high priestess

    future--5 of wands


    friends--10 of cups

    advice--page of wands

    outcome--5 of cups

  • Hi, I'm away from home so can't pull cards myself - and I don't have a lot of time at the moment, BUT what I am getting is that she is young and struggles with feelings of inferiority. The lies she is spreading - making someone else look bad or inferior so she can seem superior? The competition she creates is all to feed that need she has to feel better about herself. She has no sense of who she really is - childhood wounds that need to be healed. She does not love herself. Your job here is not to feel sorry for her but to be the soulmate that helps her to learn. Do not put up with her behavior. Stand in your truth and show her what it is like to have inner power...strong, clear boundaries, calm and centered. She thinks strength is shown in aggression.

  • Watergirl, This sounds like the scenario. If you have time can you draw some of your own cards. This sounds right to me.

  • Yes I will, but I won't be home until this weekend. In Chicago right now.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I pulled some cards for you and today I was drawn to use the classic Rider-Waite cards instead of my oracle cards. I felt like this was a karmic situation between you two so I did a Karmic spread. The cards I pulled are as follows:

    Karmic Energy - Temperance

    Karmic Roots - Knight of Pentacles

    Opportunities - 3 of Wands

    Karmic Potentials - 2 of Wands

    Karmic Lesson - 6 of Swords

    What came through was that this is a test in leadership for you. You are the hard-working dependable type (that Knight of Pents), but maybe someone who tends to shy away from leadership or at least confrontation. We already know what her issues are. So this Temperance card represents the oil and water situation between the two of you which is really a chance for you to both work on your karma. Let's be clear that when I refer to karma I am not referring to punishment, but lessons that we chose to work through or learn in this lifetime due to our past life experiences.

    Your opportunites as the 3 of Wands tells me that you are being called upon to draw on your personal fortitude and strength of character. Maintaining your honor and dignity during these bouts of struggle with her ego. Once again, this is about leadership (and remember that it can be lonely at the top) You will need clarity on what you want to create in your life as well as the confidence and courage in your ability to make it happen. Any doubts or fears you have about your leadership abilities must be cast aside. Trust in your power. This will create the 2 of Wands as your Potential, which is established power and influence over others. The man in this card is surveying his dominion - once again a leadership card. True leaders must not only come to grips with the impact of their past decisions, but consider the current state of affairs, and develop a plan of action. This takes confidence and the ability to override our emotions with our decision-making, leadership capabilities.

    Overall, the 6 of Swords as Lesson is about passing through a stormy and difficult time, trusting in intelligence and intuition and setting off into the unknown. It is the passage from difficulty toward progress and solution. It shows a person who through a difficult experience has learned from it through being forced to examine different options in order to find the particular path which is right for them. The result is greater objectivity, clarity and new perspectives. Bottom line of this card for you is that it indicates a healthy balance between the emotions and the intellect, where we can think through even delicate situations, with detached impartiality.

    All that being said, I can't help but feel that this is also about you setting new plans for the future - something else you want to do, but have not found the courage to leave your current job behind? Maybe this situation is a gentle push for you to start moving forward with those plans...

    Hope this helps bring some clarity to you 🙂

    Be well,


  • Watergirl, I can relate to all the cards. I feel they're relating to me. I drew some more cards and asked for clarity regarding her. I drew the empress over the reading and six of coins underneath. Those 2 stood out to me, can remember the others. Thanks for this added insight. I just hate tension, would like to avoid at all cost. I felt like I had to speak my truth.

  • Hi Wategirl, I'm asking your help again as another situation arose regarding abuse by another assoc I work with. I witnessed a conflict (physical) but did not report until the next day when I saw the bruising. I did report w/in the 24 hr window. Drew cards on other assoc can you interpret. Doesn't have to be lengthy.


    present--ace of coins

    below--hanged man

    situation--5 of swords


    challenges--3 of wands

    future--2 of wands


    friends--page of swords

    advice--page of cups

    outcome--ace of wands

  • Hi Dal,

    You are working in a facility for elderly care or rehab, no? This person is stressed by the demands of the job - it is not easy work, demanding both physically and emotionally, and takes a special type of person and even those people get burned out by it. So the stress outlet is what you witnessed. Rather than taking a personal time out to take some deep breaths, calm and re-center the stress exploded outward into physical abuse of the other defenseless/helpless person. You once again were being called upon to exhibit personal leadership.

    I feel you have been and will continue to be confronted with these conflicts and struggles. They are being put in front of you to get you to test/flex your leadership muscle. Speaking up when you witness things you know are wrong. When you see injustice. It's happening for a reason, but I can't quite put my intuitive finger on it. I keep getting it is forcing you into career change, but maybe the change is to take on a more leadership role in what you are doing now - to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Loved ones on the other side may be nudging you towards the situations you keep finding yourself in.

    Hope this helps,


  • Watergirl, Yes, I was thinking this today. Was put there for a reason. I know she didn't single anyone out, just stress--you're right. If she's in a confrontational situation w/a resident, she's the one who'll do the swinging. Yes, I work in a secure unit w/the elderly who have alzheimers, dementia, bi-polar, schizophrenia. Actually, they're a great group and is rare that anything like this happens. One thing w/working for these people is that you can't rush or hurry them. It requires a lot of listening and talking. I really feel they need cameras because you have to have a special code to get in and out--it's not part of the main facility.

  • Blessings to you in the New Year!!! Love, Daliolite

  • Right back at ya, Daliolite! Blessings, blessings and more blessings for the new year 🙂

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