IM SO ANGRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can't say how angry i am my me and my ex broke up about week ago, on facebook hes writing indirect statut's about me but not making it obivously but i no there about me because his friend popped up hinting, the stat'u's are about when we were together we had sexual intercourse but hes getting into details and im so embarassed and angry i want to scream kick arghh im so angry! why is he doing this!!!?

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  • hi " angelangel" welcome to the world of breaking up, i just had mine too, well because his imature and he seem he want to play the big guy that just want to show up to his friends that is was just for fun and S E X

    it's very imature

  • yeah your right, if he that immature i dont know what i saw in him, even though its going to be hard to let go.

  • i m going through the same things dear, it happen yesterday for me

    As a woman you give your heart and yes sleep etc but for some men thats all that they are after

    i mean i use to feel bad about it but not anymore

    we dd the things that we did because we had feeling for that person but they are immature they will only see it as some kind games

    if you try to speak and confront them you will get more kid game coming in your way

    i tried with mine and the only regret i got now is to not have walk away the first time, i would have saved myself a lot griefs

  • Aww god, so you must be feeling the same then, it's just i liked to think he actually had feelings for me, but with him being immature and boasting about it, clearly not.

    I've cut all contact with him it's just his friends still speak to me and when hes with them all the immature games start and i actually felt humiliated. Thing is i still want him back but dosen't look like thats going to happen.

  • oh we are going to the same things, it was hard today i been having a migraine all day, i delete all numbers, email everything blocked

    it's going to be tough and i though he care for me but for him i was just an object

    never mind if i bleed for a while i need to come out of it

    it's crazy our relationship are just so disappointing this day

  • Yeahh same with the migraine!, I've deleted everything, I've left lines of communication open so i havent blocked him, just deleted, you never no though you man might get in contact, i hope he dose if you care about him.

    Take it day by day, we will only come out stronger.

  • honestly i hope he never come around, never, if he does come around the only way he can contact me is by phone i will put the phone down i dont need such cold person in my life

    i made the mistake too many time to give him credit and each time he has took me to my knees without no remorse

    he made it clear i was just an object for him so why would i want another round ever if he beg me i will never do it again

    his a Gemini, how great those guys can play you, it's untrue

  • Star2u I fill your pain. Gemini are just so unsure of themselves and it's to bad. I come to know my Gemini very well to the point I know how he acts and I know why. Not making a up excuses for him. The part that I hate is he is tic for pac. He gives me a taste of my own medicine and it hurts like h e l l. I continue to do the same over and over not purposely, it just happens. All I can say is that I truly Love this Man. I just know how he is and it helps when you do know. I am so sorry how your friend treated you like that. I feel your pain, there has been plenty of times where he has hurt my feelings and I did not think that I would recover. I'm sure I have hurt his feeling too. But, WHATEVER............ It hurt when it comes back around.

  • Thank you "Worthy" i been in touch with this guy for 10 months it was always not good

    i saw him vaguely in total of 5 times during those 10 months and each time i saw him it was good but then he will snatch me again

    i never could relax with me, i dont feel connected to him, i tried to just give it a go but i regret it

    i been suffering from migraine for now 3 days and trust me i dont want anything to do with this guy again

    when i m with him he speak about how much money he gets, the important people his going to meet in the company

    it's all about me , me ,me

    it's all big with him but when i m with him i feel his not confident at all and has no personality

    his not happy, he get a very good money but his not happy, he still live with his parents at 34 years old

    all i feel with him is how much pain and hate he has inside of him

    sometimes he look at me like he want to break me or something

    he has an issue with my skin colour he keep talking about it

    when we get together he be all romantic with me and then later we will fall again and i cant ever start to tell you how damaging this kind pattern can take you

    i dont want anything to do with him ever again, his so twisted

    his making like everything is somehow my fault but he gave me no chance to try to do something good

    when i try to get close he shoot me from far and then blame that our connection is base on lust

    but ever the lust part is not happening ever

    i try to ask him out, try to take him to dinner, try to have some time with him, but nothing i try to do is good enough for his Majesty

    i hope i recover soon and i never let someone like that close to me again

  • i mean worthy i been sick since friday

    i m happy i came to the decision to leave him alone it's not heathy at all for me

  • Just don't close your heart and OMG he was still at home with his mom. There's no way. What the heck. If he's making good money why is he still at home. Somethings not right with that picture. Gemini's are normally pretty stable when it comes to money but not with their love life. This guy should have had his own place.

  • hi " Worthy" forgot about the Gemini, yes he is Gemini and thats complicate thing because they are already complicated but my Gemini is suffering from personal disorder

    he has no empathy for other people feeling, he only do and want to do what he want

    there is a game in it, he will know i had some plan and will insist to see me and wont let go and as soon i give in he will change his mind without tell me, letting me go to the place and not answer after begging me to come there

    then he will tell me later on that he decided to stay at work instead without caring about my feeling

    so you get why i need to close this door and throw the keys very far

    his not done with me

    he say goodbye and this and that to me but he use words that i told him against me to give me a piece of my own medicine

    i m pretty sure his going to be back in 4 weeks or month or more but he be back

    he doesnt understand feeling, he doesnt understand why i get upset at him sometimes he only understand that it's unfair i want to leave him and how dare i? so he play nice and wait i get close and stable me with my own word like saying" see, dont do it again."

    for him only what he want matter, what i want need to fit with what he want to be validated or it's not validated and not noticed

    he was kissing me in public last time, for him , he is so special and by been with me in public his sharing is special stage with me

    ahahah i kind think he loves me you know after all this nightmare i realise he does because he doesnt sleep around but he lie so much about everything

    every time to try to impress me or something or make him look so fabulous

    but i m not impress

    i m sorry but for the love of God i m done with him and yes my door are close because he will damage me if i let him back in my life

    surely you must understand that

    you ask why he is still living with his parents? because he cant take care himself on his own

    his a only child his parents must have put him in his high stage

    for them his the best, they have messed his mind for sure

    when his working he stay at hotel so the hotel take care of him, his food, cleaning etc and then the weekend he goes home to mummy and daddy that take care of him

    every time he plays the leaving senario not only he use nearly the same word and sentence i used on him but he always give me this great perfect image of him

    last time it was after i told him i had enough of him: he told me he met someone else that he want to try with and she has a child and this give him a sense in his life.

    he knows how much i want and love children so he try to tell me see i wanted the same things then you

    then this time he said: oh i want a wife

    but if i get the idea to tell him i want the same things he will then say: no i dont want to settle down

    you never win my friend

    I noticed this game going on a lot with Gemini man and Aqua woman, i think the Aqua woman is not falling in the trap of the Gemini man that easy, they analyse his move, they take time to understand him and they dont fall that much for his charm, they fall more for what they really see

    a lot Gemini men are so fragile and such kid, you just pity them sometimes

    so no my friend i wont be back there, but with Gemini and aqua the smell of madness and passionate never seem to end

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