Ascension.. spirit guides

  • Hi. if i don't make sense, please forgive me. I'm new to this.

    i've been going through the ascension process. i don't think i can deny that its happening to me. I've been trying to get in contact with my higher self. lately ive been waking up around 2-3.

    but tonight i slept at 3 :50 ish and woke at 4:55 ish am..

    my body started trembling and the only thing i can remember is the name keanu reeves popped up lols. and my body started trembling / vibrating. it can be sleep paralysis but i kept hearing a male voice.

    so then this voice said keanu reeves. thing is it sounded like reception was bad and i felt my body vibrate even more so. and then the voice said i can see you.

    i started praying since it usually helps me get out of my sleep paralysis. but i have been trying to get in contact with my angels/ guides...

    sooo.. point is... im just wondering if the voice i heard was my angels/ guides? or something dark. Thanks!

  • Keanu Reeves hmmm this could be a premonition that something important is going to happen to him, sounds like you where channeling some sort higher being like a spirit guide .

    Sleep paralysis is an awful experience i honestly thought i was going to die from it . I hope i never experience anything like that again . I feel you could be clairaudient as you describe the message sounding off frequency , what an amazing experience to actaully hear a voice i only feel what spirits are trying to say and i have never made contact with my guides how awesome for you ..

  • to be honest i was more scared . what kind of spirit guide will say i can see you. in a somewhat datk spacious room lols.

  • I can see you sorry i must have overlooked that when yreading your post yes i can see how that would be frightening to you surround yourself in white light double dipped in gold for protection . . I am seeing an old man dressed in black he is taking his hat off to me and kind of like bowing i feel like he was on the stage in thearte productions can you relate to this at all ?

  • hmmm no i dont think i can. is he around me? and is he nice?

  • I feel he is on your Fathers side i am getting a grandfather feeling around him but i feel it is a distant one .down the line like a great grandad .

  • oh is he one of my spirit guides

    does he have a message for me? 🙂 thanks again

  • I feel he is a distant relative who has crossed over , the tarot cards have a message for you about these dreams ,spirit is making contact through your dreams cards that came out were Judgement and The moon they mean transforamtion and illusion and fear ,i know you are trying to contact your higher self ,but you have opened up your abilty to contact spirts instead . i feel you are a gate way for spirits I feel alot of these spirits have been coming to you through dreams prior to this experence but you were unsure of what was happening . Take note of the Keanu Reeves incident being mentioned i am feeling something major is going to happen to him , If you are worried i think you should surround yourself in whitelight before trying to connect with your higher self again .Also have you been feeling like someone is sitting on the end of your bed but no one is there ?

  • ahhh well i sleep on the floor and my dog is always at the end of my bed. i mean are these spirits bad or are they nice? and i tried imagining my self in white light but maybe its not working?

  • you will know if they are bad or nice , but you should always imagine yourself surrounded by whitelight .Imagine you are surrounded in a bubble of whitelight of which nothing can penetrate then imagine arrows being aimed at it and bouncing right off it . It works for me.

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