The Divine Openings of Creation are in Pivota

  • a message from The Pleiadians channeled by Meredith Murphy

    The Divine Openings of Creation are in pivotal alignment.

    You are realizing wave upon wave of epic legends and heart-felt aspirations being seeded within the causal plane of reality. The gestation energies of Creation, of Prime Creator, flowing through the Great Central Sun and into the Milky Way Galaxy are opening Earth and all within this stream of light to new expressions of being.

    It is a time of times!

    Living within this true knowing you are alive and crackling! The sparkling of your new synapses interfacing with your new chakra system, connecting to the nearly completing and humming energies flowing through the crystalline Earth grid and in Gaia's body are becoming the prominent expression of form.

    You, dear one, are the grounding wire, the portal, the sentience through which this Re-Birth is made possible and given shape. You, collectively are forming an entirely new constellation of Terra Nova and Homo Spiritus. The return of the Divine in form, knowing it's true connection as Spirit, Aho!

    The realization of countless civilizations and cultures imbedded into this global energy system are now ripening. The seeding of liberating holograms and templates have met welcome human energies for grounding and expansion, for amplification and recognition and broadcasting and bridging. The collaboration is intuitive and profound! The newness is not dependent on one, yet created by countless versions of the One called forth into knowing by the One Voice of Creation.

    Reality summons you into being itself in new ways. Prime Creator smiles with glee.

    Limitations are falling away like autumn leaves. The new grass rises underneath the drying leaves and you, lovely, are the reason why.

    We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

    Your brethren in Cosmic Upheaval and Re-Form

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