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  • I had a dream last night and it was so real and i am very tired this morning. The dream started with seeing strange alien crafts being seen in the sky then the military drop this large launcher that fires up some strange flying craft that starts attacking the alien crafts. The next thing i know is me and my wife are next to an explosion and we are somehow vaulted into the future were we won and lost to these aliens. We end up with some other couple in their home working in/out of the home with some minor technology that all of the sudden works out of the clear blue. The tv signal is coming in from a city 80 miles away i actually know but the people are shocked that their is a signal working now. it seems we are like 20 yrs into the future.

    The next thing is we are trying to see if we can locate are kids who are now adults but i get caught by the military near the area where we appeared after the explosion which is now abandoned warehouses. They find that i was once a soldier and place me back in the military and i try to find a way to get back to my wife and find my kids. I start watching some cartoon that is showing on the only channel we are getting and it resembles an older one but takes on an approach of us accepting technology from the aliens but then fighting them back to save humanity. Then i end up down by some creek or small river and find refugees floating downstream and i join them as i need to get away to find my kids and get us all back to our original time if i can. Then i wake up and thats the end of it for now.

    My only issue is it felt like i was there running, walking, talking, working, swimming and living there. This is not the first dream i have had that felt this real as i have had multiple ones. I have been in other wars seen other alien craft and fought against them. Other dreams no aliens but wars or just traveling and living in other areas. The thing that gets me is nothing matches everything here on earth most times as there is some familiar areas and things. Any clues why or what these strange lucid dreams mean?

  • wow that sounds like a movie>>>maybe your family is up against a common foe and for some reason you are all not able to stand together. So you are taking up the responsibility to keep your family gathered up >>> accepting this outside influence could be dangerous and could cause you to lose some aspect of your family>>> pay attention to when you get~ deja vu ~ that will indicate what things in your life are triggering these feelings>>>this sounds like an intense dream>>if you dream this again try to over come your fears..... face that foe in your dream it will bring more confidence and clarity.

  • Hmmm... I'm not sure if this is Lucid dreaming so much as... A very strong dream you had. Lucid dreaming (which I have done since I was child, unknowingly that it was even a "type" of dream) is when you are aware you are dreaming and can change the dream/events in the dream to anything you want while dreaming.

    Sometimes, with wars and fear and having loved ones in the mix, I believe you have a need to protect those you love (as is natural with almost anyone). The war and fear could represent a fear you have or something that is coming. The subconcious mainly shows or tries to tell you about things you fear the most or sometimes when stressed or under a similar situation in life, your mind has certain dreams to help you cope with life. Or so studies have shown.

    Unless you have a tendancy of having your dreams tell you something specifically (a message or something that will come true), I can only conclude that perhaps you watch a lot or play video games surrounding that type of environment in your dream or your mind is helping you cope with a similar situation you've had in the past. Best way to narrow it down is if you think back on when you had the past dream, was there any pattern to your current life? Is there something (no matter how unrealistic) you fear happening?

    If you have had real Lucid dreams where you controlled the events and are aware you are dreaming (not really aware, but you know if you WANT things to change, no matter how realistic things seem, you know that you CAN change it), you should consider what the outcome of the dream was. Most of the time, it will give you answers to your questions. Good luck!

  • Hi, Are you by chance a Virgo. I bet you have Virgo in your chart.

  • Hmm,

    Yes i know i am dreaming in my dreams and i go with the flow to see where it takes me. The thing is yes i do play video games but these dreams are far from the games i play and it's almost like i recognize each and everything in the dreams as if i am in another dimension living in an alternative universe. I try to change some things but it does not work but in these dreams i have free will to do what i want. I awake sore and tired as if living it and yes i know this is strange. I have had visions of deja-vu and yes those dreams come true and other times i know exactly what to say or do right out the blue. I have told some people about a piece of their life that is going to happen and sure enough i was accurate. I cannot explain how i know these things they just come to me.

    My Grandmother told me about her pyschic abilities about always knowing where my Grandfather was and what he was doing. my Grandfather confirmed this to me once and that was one reason why he left her. He cheated alot too lol! Alos there are times i awake fully to seeing things come to me at night and some our people coming around me and others strange animals. Yes i am fully awake and have asked why and what do they want with me and to come forth and talk to me so maybe i can help them with what they need. At first i thought i was going paranoid or schizo but it doesn't happen during the day just at night every so often.

    Even my kids have said they have seen things around are new house that they can't explain. Also they say that i am pyschic as i always have the answer i just don't always volunteer it; lol. Also i do not know if i have Virgo in my chart (DOB 5/1/65 around 6AM).

  • Your dream gives me the chills. i have had a dream once that We were under alien attack and I traveled through some kind of forrest and it was very detailed, very creepy. It was extremely scary and civilization as we know it was in dissaray. I came upon a apartment complex type place where people were re establishing society. One home that I went to they gave me some kind of job duty and he had been growing food on his back porch. Lets hope this is not the future of our world and its just some kind of paranoid fear because I too have premonition dreams and all too often know or understand things that I really shouldnt without some kind of psychic ability. And truthfully I dont believe in aliens.

  • I agree with Tassie, a lucid dream would have been much like your understanding of your waking life-- 'I am here and this is reality' and 'I am here and this is a dream.' Full acknowledgement of it being a dream and no question about it waking up. But I wanted to ask Tassie, you said you've been doing this since you were a child. Please share more. I have been lucky enough to have about 3 and the first 2 were tiny snippets before I lost awareness. The most recent one I had was awesome but it was wasted, I didn't get to have ANY fun. I would like to know how to control them and make them happen on command. Do you have any pointers or techniques... (Sorry not trying to ruin this thread).

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