Clearing and Aligning the Divine Blueprint and other 12:21-2013 Tools

  • a message from Akashic Records channeled by Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

    Hello friends,

    In my Akashic Record work with both the Akashic Wisdom Keepers and the Keepers of the Blue Ray, I have been given the following tools and information. As we prepare to enter into the 12:21/21 and also the New Year of 2013, it is vital for those that identify as Light workers, Adult Indigos and other star seeded individuals to drop all impediments to prepare and step further into their Soul’s True Light and Missions.

    I have been given two healing and activation technologies this month to assist in this process: Divine Blueprint – Clearing and Activation and the Empath Empowerment and Activation.

    It is important to receive healing and corrections as it were at a Blueprint level to continue to release mis-qualified thoughtforms, beliefs and energetic imprints. The three main areas in which many Light workers/bears, Blue Ray and other star seeded individuals have been impacted in their serving to Earth are: Abundance, Sexuality and Gender (male/female balance and empowerment.) These are considered three major areas of dysfunction in the current 3D Earth dream matrix and a part of the painful “dreamworld” that many Light workers agreed to experience transmute as part of their soul agreement.

    Dear Ones, it is important to view ignorance and darkness not as negative karma or “punishment,” but as training, service and experience. Guilt and Shame along with fear are toxic to the soul’s development and continued growth. Please remove all “labels” and judgment of yourself and your experiences. In this period of time, this will continue to be very important. You are preparing to embody both more Light both spiritually and physically, and this will bring with it the gifts of increased “flow” and abundance, becoming more of a healing presence, and further awakening of spiritual abilities such as claircognizance (clear knowing.) – Keepers of the Blue Ray

    The material I received from the Keepers is very much in alignment with what well-known Blue Ray channel Shekina Rose and her councils have to say on the same subjects.

    Habitual thought forms are real energetics that can cloud your aura and energy bodies where you do not feel free and flowing with Creator. These thought forms can keep you from evolving and in the same beliefs, ideas, and concepts of life and from receiving abundance. Ultra sensitive beings, Blue Ray and Light Bearers can have a tendency to be in their thoughts which causes you to not be fully present in your bodies. We are especially speaking of the thoughts that did not serve your higher truth, and that are not even yours; they almost became a protection, a crutch that disconnected you from your heart and full embodiment to higher Self and Source.

    In the full embodiment of who you are, you will not need to vacillate back and forth in your thoughts to know what serves you and which direction to take. You will feel the joy

    of your entire being speaking to you and the flow of Source supporting you more than ever before. Yes, this is where more abundance and the wealth of life can flow to you. Many a time your thoughts of how this or that can happen put a block on the universe from reaching you.

    The mind cannot conceive of eternity, or how the divine can rearrange time and space to bring you the miraculous from hopeless, the perfect encounter of opportunity from endings, from lack to wealth, and this is your new reality and even more.- Shekina Rose

    May you shine like the Bright Star that you are!

    © Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2012. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.

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