Looking for a reading.

  • Can someone please grant me a reading on my career and love path in the coming months. Tks

  • HopefulLeo,

    You have a lot of energy

    recently you had anxieties...but you made it thru

    you are worried about whats next

    Who's the strong woman..wants her way... demanding

    you have had some luck recently

    Someone is giving you good advise...listen

    You are going to run into a strong guy as well, his way or the highway...wants his point taken...

    If your worrying about something don' just dream it away, don't ignore it and not think about it. You need to face it, plan it out and take steps to work it out.

    someone is going to share with you, you will get what you deserve

    watch for a situation coming up, it will make you indecisive, you will feel like anyway you move wont be right...

    Know that you will get thru it, there is hope, plan your way out, think things thru

    hope that helps,

  • Tks for the reading Nick, but is it relate to my career, love or both.

    I'm trying to understand ur reading. Tks.

  • I pick up on feelings so it could be what you are going thru or what you are about to go thru... Like what ever you are worrying about, those cards came up so you can face the problem differently then you might have. I don't know the little details of what you are worrying about but it seems by doing nothing is not the way you should handle it, so it gives you a different perspective on what you are going thru, and the last one knowing you might not be able to make a decision, allows you time to think situations thru and know you need a plan and tackle the situation... you will know when the time comes


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