Virgo loves Aquarius

  • Hi. I have such a broken heart. I'm a virgo female (d.o.b 09-05) and I need advice on how to win back an aquarius guy (d.o.b 01-25) who's been in my life for a while. We've been best friends for a long time but we used to date romantically. We both ended up getting married to other people and now we're both really unhappy. We're in our 20's and he says he loves me more then his wife and I know I love him more then anything too. We're both trying hard not to create problems because of our marriage statuses but I just can't help myself anymore. I think about him all the time and it's wreaking my marriage. I've lost interest in my husband and I know that's not fair but I love this aquarius man and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

    I call him all the time at his work and we talk but it keeps coming back to he won't leave his wife for me and even though I would leave my husband for him in a second, he just wants to have an affair with me and I need more then that. 😞 This aquarius man has always been very confusing to me and I really need some help to understand him. He's the only aquarius man I've ever known and he confuses me how he acts so loving towards me one minute and he tells me he adores me and is in love with me but then he's totally not into me at all the next. Is he playing games with my heart or is this how his sign is? I was never into horoscopes until a friend told me to compare my sign and his. It says we're not compatible but I find that hard to believe. We get along so great!

    I'm going out of my mind trying to figure him out. Can someone who's in a virgo/ aquarius relationship help me or someone who knows aquarius men really well please help? Please explain to me how I win him? I don't want just an affair with him and I don't want to hurt his wife by doing that but I'm about to have the affair and I want to know if there is any other thing I can try first. I want him forever to be mine. HELP please!!


  • One of my best male friends is an aqua guy. He is always dating someone and not alone for long. He is looking for the perfect partner. He is truly a nice guy but I do not think he sees his own shortcomings and that he values his freedom more than anything else, so he trumps it sometimes and then blames it on others. He went out with another Virgo girl friend of mine for about a year and a half. He was really serious about her and they had plans to move in together, etc. He had to move to another state and she went to see if she would fit in and according to him she did not like it that much and she wasn't proactive enough about moving (that is his version). Hers was that he broke her heart and left her and did not help her move there. They stayed friends for a while and he eventually wanted her back but by then she had met someone else and now my Virgo friend is engaged to marry someone else. He is still looking for the perfect girl. I actually think he found her but the new one doesn't want him back and that is precisely what attracts him to her. Men are funny.

    I only dated a couple of aqua guys and we got along great, but they are just not consistent in my view and I got bored quickly. They would pursue me and then lose interest quickly if I showed interest back. Maybe that is what he is doing. Perhaps you can just try not calling him for a while and see what he does on his own. If he is being clear that he wants an affair only then that is all that it will be. But realize that you may be setting yourself up for heartbreak. It sounds like he is not willing to leave his wife. I am pretty sure that if you ignore him and vanish for a few days, he will contact you by the tenth day and start going in circles again about how he wants you but only an affair...look for patterns, you'll find them.

    Good luck to you!

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