Doree from Shuabby

  • Doree,

    You need to speak with your father as I feel he may not like the location of this new apartment, it seems farther away. You know you like it and want it and I sense yellow with it like yellow flowers outside ot yellow walls inside , very good enlightenment color. I do feel that you will talk your father into postiive feelings about it and that you will feel more free there.

    Happy Holidays


  • yes, i was worried what he may think, but i told him that i thinks it's really good and i hope he believes me. yes it's further then this place. but it's not too far from college, so it's ok.

    thank you a lot 🙂 and if you have time for one more quetion. i would like to ask how mine surgery will go? will it all be go well?, will i recover qucikly so i can go back to the college

    happy holidays 🙂

  • Doree,

    I don't answer medical questions as I am not a medical intutitive. I can tell you that you can pray and ask that your angels be there with you and ask for the white light of God around you also before going into surgery.

    I had surgery myself the first I ever had, I prayed and ask how long before I could return home afterwards? I was given 6 hours in and out and that was percise.

    See yourself well and happy and you will be.

    Best Wishes,


  • Doree-- I see you laying down a little longer than you expected like about a week and a half but I feel you will not have to worry about schooling in a serious way. You may just have to get another way to do the beginning stuff 🙂 Take care!

  • thank you 🙂 so i will do good at college even though

    can i ask you somethig, do you see me getting a surgery in private clinic or in hospital?

  • You might have to work out an arrangement with your teachers for the things you miss. I saw a very small type of room originally so I am guessing it will be a smaller place. Since I live in America this means private clinic using my filter of experiences to translate this however where you live they may have small hospitals.

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