Are we compatible? Please help

  • Two Libra men I've been speaking with have pulled the disappearing and reappearing act on me. One lives nearby and the other lives in another country. Can anyone tell me where this is heading and if we are compatible?

    Me: 04/16/1985 San Francisco, California

    Libra man #1 09/26/1982 Taipei, Taiwan

    Libra man #2 10/20/1982 Guangzhou, China

  • You and Libra man #1: according to astrology, this relationship is not compatible for a long term commitment. You at first may view it as the most perfect of all loves. Blinded by this man's attractiveness, you may be totally unaware of how things really stand between you and can find yourself chewed up and spat out without even realizing what's going on. In fact you may never find out how he feels about you emotionally. He for his part is rarely satisfied with himself, let alone with anyone else. In the most meticulous way, he may even succeed in destroying your pride by winning you over, thus depriving him of some much-needed ego satisfaction. He much prefers the chase to the capture. A love relationship here will be painful and probably short-lived. A less personal, more unemotional relationship works best in this combination.

    You and Libra man #2: this works better for friendship than marriage. This man has intense and complex feelings and your straightforwardness no-nonsense attitude may not be the most effective or calming way of approaching him, especially in an intimate relationship such as marriage. You are generally much too busy getting the job done to stop to argue with him, and are likely to consider what you see as his negativity - or destructive criticism - as an annoyance or hindrance. Not being taken seriously is unbearable to this man and, if your reaction becomes a pattern, it will end the relationship. There will be a lot of conflict and irritation in this relationship which is why it is not recommended for love.

  • Captain, you are right on point again. I just don't know what to do anymore... I feel as if NO ONE I ever meet is ever going to compatible with me because I am so damaged internally. I will sabotage my chances before it even progresses... Am I just not meant to have a relationship?

  • Ariespiscesaquarius, I am offering healing here if you need it. It may help you find some clarity and relief for your situation.

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