Dark Energy Removal

  • Thanks Captain,

    Maybe my little twinkling lights are where i have been trying to see some good in what happens instead of just looking at how bad things are. Will keep trying. Thanks again.

  • Thanks, Captain!!!

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you so much for that.

    Feel I need to print that and paste it somewhere:)

    I have thoughts on this - maybe I'll write you again in another thread:)

    Merry Christmas Captain!

  • Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • Merry Christmas Captain and All !

  • Merry Christmas Captain and thank you for everything 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you and merry Christmas, and to all.

  • Thank you capt for the most wonderful christmas!!!! I started to rediscover one of my favorite things after the removal of all that dark energy! Cooking and baking!!! I didnt get to spend Christmas with all of my family so we invited some of our neighbors and they enjoyed coming over and sharing our feast! I spent 3 lovely days baking and cooking like I used to do and it felt marvelous!!! Thank you again Capt I hope you and everyone else had a wonderful christmas

  • I would like not to loose my self-confidence, when someone seems to always have a go at me ((workplace) when that happens, I just-get fed up with the feeling of always being the scape goat, make me feel so dis-hearted.

    After my time off sick , i felt that anxiety of going back, due to that, i really did want take more time off, but me being me i did not. When i went back, i came to see that how many of the tenants i look after really where happy to see me back, Then it occurred to me that , that im good at my job.

    I dont understand why some act as they do, i have been in better communication around my feelings to my seniors a and line manager, so i hope this will be dealt with once and for all.

  • Scully, it is not the fault of other people that you lose your self-confidence, even if they are being completely nasty and vile. It means your confidence in yourself is easily shaken and therefore not solid enough. You have to grow stronger in your belief in yourself by doing things that give you strength and boost your faith in your own abilities. You have to like and love, not doubt, yourself.

  • Hi Captain

    When i posted mu feeling in my thread that post, it was then i came to see just that,i am who i am , im very happy now. i just feel so happy now, and confident in the work place, outside will get better.


  • Hi Captain,

    I asked permission from my son L if you could see his aura and clean it if needs be and he said yes. He asked me: "would I feel any thing ?" And I told him you might feel lightheaded 🙂 He is 7 years old and have behavioral issues in school due to ADHD, but a super smart and academically advanced kid. I am not medicating him because i trust him changing with aging as it has. I wonder what can you see in his aura and also is there any thing you could advice me to work on for him. his birthday is May 6, 2005.

    Thank You so much !! B

  • Breze1, I feel your son has a hypersensitive body, which makes him fear losing control of it. He also has an insecurity about being left to manage on his own because he doubts his own capability and that makes him very fearful. This 'ADHD' of his makes him scatter his energies by pursuing such a wealth of ideas that nothing ever quite gets accomplished - even a little focus and patience should provide him with great opportunity once he learns to complete each project or activity before moving onto the next one. There is a powerful spiritual force of courage and initiative buried deep within your son, yet it can get clouded by a fear of change and this dread of being left alone to fend for himself. He must get beyond his fears to that source of strength. He has the leadership ability to be a mover and shaker and a real teacher to others once he gains more confidence in himself and learns to slow down and take life one step at a time.

    I have removed all his dark energy. It was mainly massed all around his head, so hopefully the removal will help him to focus better.

  • Thank You so much Captain !

    good to know all this stuff !

    I hope you have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year !


  • Same to you and everyone here!

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for posting your link:) I hope you know how much I appreciate you right from the begining since I joined Tarot. OK, so what can I do,not sure if I might have way to much darkness around me, but I'm sure you will let me know...

    Thanks again for all that you do and all that you are.

    Namaste' Shee

  • MyJourney, gosh, I have never seen anyone with so much dark energy in their aura. This is years of accumulated 'rubbish'. I will be so glad to remove it from you. I am literally shovelling it off you. You must have been ready to release it as it was not all that hard to remove.

    All squeaky clean now! You look so beautiful and shiny.

  • Thank you Captain, thats why I went missing...I had a huge melt down...thank you, thank, you thank you

    Namaste' sheila

    I will post again soon and let you know how i am...Is there anything that I should look our for:(

  • Hey MJ good to see you back, Captain I don't agree with what you did just then because in reality things can't all be squeaky clean no matter how much dark energy someone has around them it cannot be removed like that it takes time and even if they're was dark energy they would have to work hard at it for themselves for it to be removed. Stand up to it and fight with all that they have you can't just shine a magic light and say its all fixed because in real life it doesn't always work that way. Giving energy and healing works sure but saying that doesn't and won't always help. No matter how much intention you put. The person has to build it for themselves to remove. Old baggage from the past and even current ones. I am learning this only just know..sometimes there is a little help and boost you can get from others but the real strength comes from inside and you have to push and fight with every scrap of energy you have. To get it to work and to keep yourself going even if you have a break down you need to fight and when things are better and you come out of the darkness again you will feel mor empowered that you have done this and. Not someone else.. It's not that I don't appreciate what your doing to help MJ but the way your doing it doesn't feel right. We all have that inner strength and ability to Concor that dark energy and sometimes we need a little darkness to balance with the light as yin and yang put out. Balance is the key and light and dark have been battling for centuries. When in reality without the dark they're can be no light and the same for the other way around. They're maybe outside forces to help but the real strength comes from our own inner being and our own heart centres that gives and receives love. That's where we get lost with this separation from god ideas we are our own god/goddess ands they he are always within us to help fight through this world and learn what we need too. I am speaking only out of love and I entirely give it to all here. And you MJ Blessings and love to all Bee

  • Shee, you might feel a little dizziness, disorientation or light-headedness following the removal of something that has been with you for so long. But you will adjust and hopefully begin to feel a lot clearer and lighter. Staying positive is the way to ensure the negativity doesn't build up again.

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