Dark Energy Removal

  • Dvs, something I struggle with myself is that none of us has a right to expect people to behave as we want them to, even if they are harming themselves or others. We have to learn to accept people as they are - not allowing their bad behaviour to us, but not judging and being critical of the person either - everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way. We can only be mindful of our own behaviour and try to set a good example. Everyone learns their lessons in the end.

  • Thanks. It's a challenge but I'll keep plugging along.

  • Hi The Captain,

    This evening, Lauren told me about her dream with the pretty red-haired lady who tickled her! It is amazing she remembers. She has been a lot happier today and was singing the songs off of The Lion King. That was nice to hear. She was actually happy and had a better day at school.

    I will take your suggestions and try to talk to her about people and behaviors. I hope that this helps her to decrease her own negative stuff as a result. Thanks, The Captain, I really appreciate your help. 🙂

    Happy Holidays.

  • Wow. I was not expecting this whole bleeding-heart effect! I had no idea I was closing myself off so completely from so many emotions. I think it was from a self preservation thing I had started to do in order to avoid my being hurt. But I'm learning that being hurt and let down is part of life. I'm finding myself wanting things I used to tell myself were not possible. Now if I could just get my ex/son's father approval so he wouldn't run away every time he admitted to missing me and acknowledging how special I am to him. It's like we become close, and he gets spooked because of how much he cares, and I have to reel him back in slowly again. Obviously this isn't the right time for us, but he carries so much negativity I feel it would help with his self worth, to know he is worthy of love and acceptance.

    And now to figure out what the heck is going on with my hair!

    Thanks again, Captain...it feels like I'm 14 again and full of hope. It's like a binding fear that held me back has been lifted. 🙂

  • Merry Christmas everyone - I'm glad you liked your pressies! 🙂

  • Dear Captain,

    Was wondering if you would do a Dark Energy Removal for me? I feel i really need this. I would be very grateful if you could help. Thanks

  • Hi Captain,

    I think I might need another removal.

    Just feel so down today because of my joint problems.

    Ran into my ex and my joint problems were all I could talk about in our brief conversation.

    He is quite knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology because it is part of his profession. Feels I should do strengthening in the gym. But it can do more harm than good to strengthen while misaligned. He tried to offer help (very indirectly), and at first, I didn't really understand what he was saying. And then I became dismissive (but not in a mean way). I feel bad, but I also don't know how he expected me to seek his help either, since we haven't exactly been friends in over a year.

    i know from you (and I now do believe) that negative emotions can upset the body's alignment. So I don't talk much to friends about my problems or try to harp on them. But deep down, I guess I am very upset and I feel very helpless. It's all I think about because it's robbing me of the ability to do the simplest things without pain or discomfort. Let alone dance, which is my passion.

  • Hi Captain, it's been a while and I hope all is well with you. Dark energy removal sounds like exactly what I need right now. It's been a Job kind of year, a time of loss and stripping away--beginning a year ago tomorrow with the death of my mother's father, very much the family patriarch, followed by six weeks later by the sudden unexpected death of my own father; freelance work slowed to a trickle then to nothing; I devoted a great deal of time, energy, and money to a friend who asked for my help in leaving an abusive relationship, only to watch her to vanish without a word back into that relationship; a relationship of my own that had provided my primary solace through all this ended; two other close family members are dealing with major illness--one with late-stage melanoma and the other with brain tumor and breast cancer; and then just last week that overwhelming school massacre happened in the same town where I first attended school (although not the same school) and still have ties. And ugh, here I am enumerating it all; the litany runs through my head like a chant. My rational mind knows that endings are needed for new beginnings and that what seem to be the worst events can lead to good--I'm trying to look things that way, and recently the energy does seem to be starting to clear a bit, but my heart is staggering under the weight of it all. For a long while I was numbing myself with too much wine, obviously just adding to the difficulty instead of easing it, although that's gotten better lately as well. I'm hoping the winter solstice (in this part of the world) and turning toward the light and the new year will bring with it a turn of the wheel toward less challenging times; meanwhile, my refrain is the song Just Get Me Through December. A clearing of the darkness would be ever so welcome! With thanks as always for your generous loving spirit--gd

  • Witchywomen, looking at your aura, I see that it is like the night sky with bright stars peeking through the darkness. Like the light is alternating or warring with the dark inside you for dominance. You have your very good days and your very bad days. I am removing the darkness so you can let your little lights of positivity 'twinkle'.

  • Danceur, joints represent our directions in life and I feel like you are fighting against the natural flow of yours. You want one thing while your body wants to flow in the opposite direction - hence the pain and misalignment. I will remove your negativity again but you really have to try to be positive and go with the natural flow of your life from now on or it will keep on building up. You have to be completely honest with yourself about what you want and not do what you think you should do or what others want you to do. To me, you have always seemed like a prisoner in a cage, always trying to please others and never knowing or doing what YOU really want.

  • Gracefuldaisies, you are carrying a terrible weight - let me try to remove it for you and give you some clarity. You have to understand that you are not responsible for anyone else's life but your own. Everyone must bear their own burdens, no one else's. Otherwise people will become weak and debilitated if they are not allowed to deal with their own responsibilities and you will be crushed underneath a burden that is not yours to bear. Be supportive and loving, but do not try to take on more than your fair share. Be kind to yourself. Be the light free spirit that you naturally are. No one benefits if you break down.

    Healing done!

  • well capt if you can do one more it would be a blessing These last few months have been rough and I can t seem to shake the negativity I try to offer what help I can when askes but its seems that the negativity just sticks between lay offs & salary cuts at work and several deaths it seems to be too much right now to help but I try any ways even if it is a shoulder that I can let some one cry on

  • Hi Captain,

    I just see your link,

    How do get rid that dark energy.

  • Shadowmist, I see a very much self-imposed negativity around you. You are clutching it tightly around you so that it has become a barrier between you and what you want to achieve. Only by being positive can you break through and find success. In a way, you like dwelling on the past and the negative - you have grown used to feeling a certain way. You have to make a conscious effort to retrain your thinking. Whenever you find yourself seeing a situation as negative, you need to start seeing something positive in the experience. For example, a pessimist sees being out of work as their own fault or the economy etc. while an optimist gives thanks that they have avoided the wrong jobs for them and has trust that the right job is arriving. And those who have passed on are at peace now. We only grieve for ourselves.

    I can - and have - removed all your old negativity. It's up to you now to prevent it recurring. Don't dwell on bad or sad events of the past - look forward to a happy future.

  • Scully21, there is a thick band of dark energy around your torso and upper head area. I am removing all that negativity now. It actually looks like you lost several pounds of dark matter. You look a lot slimmer. I hope it helps!

  • Too right, Captain, about trying take on others' burdens…that is SO accurate a description of one of my major weaknesses, and of how I've been spending far too much of myself this year. Flood of tears verified just how strongly that observation hit home, and I'll work on noticing that impulse and breaking the habit. But I also have to tell you that just two hours after you did your healing and clearing, I received an email with the first work project request I've had in four months, and my acceptance of that one brought a second request. It's wild & windy dust-devil brown-sky day here, but as the saying goes, it's an ill wind that blows no good—and this one, with your assistance, seems to be blowing some of that accumulated weight away. Thank you so much, and may you receive tenfold all that you give! grateful hugs, gd

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks so much.

    I'm trying - I really am.

    But how to reconcile this? What i want (at least in terms of a job) is to do something physical - dance, fitness, therapy. I've got abilities and interests that I feel I cannot follow through on - that is causing emotional and mental blockage. I can fathom if I can't do the type of job I want to do right now - not physically ready or able - and can accept taking a different path for now. But I want to believe that I will be able to overcome this injury/misalignment thing somehow, hopefully move away from deskbound jobs in a few years and realize my true potential in a totally different career path. But is that in line with the natural flow?

  • Danceur, I feel like your most important project at the moment is YOU! I feel you need to strip your nature right back to basics - remove all the criticisms, desires, rules, needs, advice, pressures and fears that other people have imposed on you all your life - and find the real you underneath all of that surface muck. You need to find your authentic self and block out everything else that other people want from you. I feel like you are a weary mishmash of pleasing others and dancing to their desires - or what you think are their desires. This is why you feel so much confusion - you don't know who you really are or what you really want. It's time you stripped off all the 'costumes and masks' you wear to gain approval and love, and began to do and feel what you - and only you - really want to do and feel, without fear or favour or input from anyone else.

  • Good for you, Gracefuldaisies!!!

  • Thank you capt I am working on the negativity but it is so hard sometimes when you are around it all the time i started collecting little upbeat sayings which help 🙂 and I am so glad that the deceased are at peace they suffered enough with their long illness

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