Dark Energy Removal

  • hello captain i'm really happy to see this thread it is really needed i would really like if you can proform one of you removals on me thank you in advance

  • Thank you Captain, I know my heart needed to be worked on with all the emotional ups and down i've been going through lately. And I also keep all my stress and tension in my shoulders so THANK YOU for removing this D E from me.

  • I was just coming on here to ask something similar!

    Something is going on with me. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow because...my hair is falling out. Not so noticeable that you can see any kind of baldness (yet) but I notice it and sense that something is off. I do not have anything to overly stress out about in my life right now to cause something like this, I am thinking it is backlash for something I've recently put a lot of energy into and my body is struggling to keep up and this is a sign I need to do something, but am unsure of how to "replenish" my energies? If that makes sense.

    I am fairly certain it is not related to my physical health, but I am going to see the doctor just to be sure.

    Any light you can shed on the situation, Captain? Thanks in advance!

  • Soulconfusion, there is a huge mass of dark energy like a boulder on your back - it is so very heavy that it must have made you feel awful to carry it around. I have removed it now.

  • AriesMama, there is a band of dark energy wound very tightly around your heart - it looks like barbed wire. I am carefully cutting it off. It's gone!

  • Aries Mama,

    I am having the same problem as you. I am well fit, exercise, eat well, the doctors couldn't tell any reason from the tests. But I believe it can be from 2 things. Stress over something very important going into our life, or hair diet / coloring. I first thought of stress and sadness over something, but then could be the change of hair product I used lately. or both !

    Careful with hair products for sure !! and take care of yourself absolutely 🙂 ! !

  • The Captain,

    Thanks for the clearing yesterday. I have to admit I felt better today and didn't feel so weighed down, however I kept feeling lightheaded and woozy off and on today. Does that have anything to do with the clearing? I'm thinking if not it may still be aftereffects from the concussion I suffered when I rolled my truck. What do you think?

  • Captain, after your D E removal I was crying some that day. I read some others comment on it and it seems that there is a connection of the DE removal with it. You told me : "I had a look at you and your aura, you seemed to be wearing a sort of dark shroud of mourning that you were hugging tight around you. You looked so unhappy. Could you have unexpressed or unresolved grief inside you? Anyway, I am removing it and as it floats away, you lit up and throw your hands in the air. With a joyful shout, you start spinning around on your heels and dancing a jig. You look like a weight has been lifted from you."

    For how long this removal can work ? could this "dark shroud of mourning" be mine still even after your removal. So if you see at my aura back again could this "dark shroud of mourning" be there again ? is the removal permanently, or depends on me ? and how can i get read of it once and for ever ? 🙂 lots of questions I know

    Have a great day ! B

  • Captain, thank you very much for this continued removal. HOWEVER, I just found out this very night that part of that dark cloud might be my ex husband and his fiancee. They asked my ex mother in law (who I'll call my MOTHER because she's been more of one than my own mother has) to talk to me and ask me to get out of town. I had wondered if someone was trying to make my life hard, or cast a shroud over me, and thought it might've been my ex husband, but now I know it is him.

    What I do about this, I don't know. But at least I know where this sh*t is coming from. I am gobsmacked that he/she would do this, but there it is.

    As an aside, my mother told my ex husband that NO, she wasn't going to ask me to get out of town, but instead said, why on earth don't THEY do it. Thank God for her.

    It's through stuff like this, that you realise who your real friends are.

    Time will tell, and the karmic wheel will continue to turn. At least my suspicions have been validated. I thought I was going nuts for a bit there. But it appears, HE is the one who's nuts.

    Wish me luck ... as if I need to ask you that.

    God bless you 🙂


    Cut any energetic cords between you and them. Peace, Love and light.

    Ahoy Captain! Saw amazing things this weekend will post under the other thread.

  • OOPs.

  • Hi Captain,

    Would you mind doing an energy cleaning for me too? I've tried to be a positive thinking person, but I wasn't so much in my past and I hope that negativity isn't still hanging around me 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Captain, can i ask you to do the dark energy removal for my mum? i asked her and she has given her consent.

  • Thank you Captain ! Yes, I can definitely stop contributing to the negative cycle. Well, it wasn't exactly about praise, it was more about the fustration over the fact that our direction is blocking the creative ways of people (including myself), who are trying to save our working place from going bancrupt. Well, I guess we'll just have to let it be...

  • Breze1, I can only remove the dark energy from you - I cannot prevent it building up again if you won't let go of it. You have to ask yourself why you are holding onto your mourning - is it because you think you are forgetting who or what you lost if you let go of your pain? The best way to honour those who have passed is to live well and be happy because that is what they would want you to do. You can remember the past with joy for the good things it brought you instead of dwelling on the much shorter periods of sadness.

  • Moon, yes other people may be sending dark energy at you through their selfish nasty thoughts but you are choosing to let their 'barbs and arrows' get through to you. If you didn't on some level care what they thought about you or want their approval/love, nothing they did could hurt you. It would just bounce off you like rain on a duck's back. By acknowledging that you can choose whether or not to let people hurt you, you are acknowledging that you have the power to control your life, that other people are not controlling your reactions.

  • ScorpioF69, yes there is a whole lot of dark clinging energy in your aura - and for some reason up your nose and around your forehead. Do you have difficulty with your breath or sinuses at times? I am removing it all now. Monitor your thoughts and don't let the negativity build up again.

  • Moonalisa, your mum has a lot of sorrow and regret in her aura. I am removing this dark energy now. Wow, she shrank a lot after the removal so I am feeling that these emotions made up a large chunk of who she felt she was. She needs to work on releasing this sorrow and its cause or it will build up again. Sometimes negative emotions can be hard to let go of if we believe they are a part of us.

  • i really wanted her to have this dark energy removal. i will tell her that she is free from that 'weight'. Thank you Captain.:)

  • Captain, you are right of course. I have to have faith that my daughter is not being sucked in by my ex husband's antics, as this worries me also considering she lives with him and his fiancee.

    Magickal has been kind enough to offer a chant that will calm my poor, troubled mind, and this is pretty wonderful considering she offered this VERY SAME chant to me months ago, but did I do it properly? Nah, half-heartedly back then. anyway, tried it this morning and it felt amazing. So I'll keep that up in order to protect myself.

    They can go to h*ll if this is what they think is the way to behave. Karma has a funny way of meting out it's paybacks ...

    Thanks again!



    PS: I prayed for a soulmate to be sent to you, as I think you really need one.

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