Dark Energy Removal

  • Hi Captain,

    I have been having a rough past couple of years and believe that large amounts of large negative energy has been clouding my life. I have been staying positive throughout but I wonder what do you see in my aura? I would like for you to clean any negativity from my aura.

    Thank you!

  • RedBalloon1, I am sensing a great amount of anxiety in your aura, mostly over things that probably will never happen. I will remove all your old negativity, but you will have to find ways to relax and worry less from now on. Try living in the present moment when all is well, rather than dwelling on future events that may never take place or judging the future from past events. Meditation, being in nature, and exercise are good for relaxation and the release of tension. You also need to strengthen your trust in a Higher Power and let the Universe take care of you. Become more flexible in your attitude and beliefs. Let go.

    Healing done! Now stop stressing out over every little thing.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    I feel that I need your help with dark energy removal as I am trapped in negative thoughts about my ability to have a relationship. I want a new start but feel I have so much work to do as I have spent years harbouring the belief that I am not good enough for anyone. I am trying to reverse this but think I need a boost. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • SoulSister87, forget the past (but not its valuable lessons) - each day is a chance to start over. Every experience brings us closer to knowing what we really want.

    Dark energy removed! Now think more positively..."I CAN attract and maintain a loving committed partner and relationship"..."I CAN attract and maintain a loving committed partner and relationship"..."I CAN attract and maintain a loving committed partner and relationship".

  • Hi Captain. Please help me with some negative enrgy? I feel a cloud in my mind. Thanks, love, may all goodness you give come back to you ten-fold ❤

  • Leolight, I removed all your old accumulated negativity back in March. Anything new is self-created and up to you to remove by working through your issues and fears. You have to take responsibility for doing this yourself. No one can keep on doing it for you or you would never learn how to live a positive life or free yourself from bad energy. Try cleansing yourself with white light every day and facing your issues openly and honestly..

  • Ok! Thank you for your honesty 🙂

  • hi Captain, checking in with u..,. do you feel if there is any dark energy inside of me? if so, can u please remove it for me? thanks!

  • Aprilca, I do feel a heavy pall of dark energy over you, like you are wearing many thick blankets. I feel you need to cast off fear, which is weighing you down very much. Lighten up and enjoy life - don't feel you have to be doing anything or be 'anybody' for a while - just be in the moment, just be...

    I am removing all those heavy blankets on top of you. I hope you can breathe now! Be free.

  • Captain, you are 100% right. a lot of fear and worries these days. thanks for the help!

  • Would you please remove any bad energy from me?

  • Brightmoonshine, there is a thick cape of fear and worry wrapped tightly around you - I feel you worry that you won't get the things you want in life, at least without a lot of struggle. You have come to believe in lack and loss. But sometimes life can’t be controlled; you simply have to relax and trust that something good will come to you. You must learn to let go and go with the flow. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to stop trying so hard to solve or understand it and to simply trust.

    I am removing the negativity that is clinging to you from all the fearful and confused thoughts you have been having for a long time.


    Negativity only harms you so try to be more positive from now on and you will see a big difference in your life.

  • Thank you so much, Captain you are right about me , thank you again !

  • Captain,

    I feel a tremendous emotional weight at the moment...and I am having trouble discerning whether it is of my own making..I feel as if a boulder is about to descend upon my heart.. is it hormonal timing...or is there a real issue looming? I would appreciate any insight.

  • Thank you

  • Patchlove, I am feeling this is an anxiety about someone other than yourself. It may even be a subconscious fear that you are not aware of, the fear that a loved one is going 'off the tracks' somehow. Follow your instincts in this matter. .

  • Thank you Captain...

    A daughter in law wants to hold a meeting with my son and I and share what she is uncomfortable with ...she has since her arrival seemed to want to drive a wedge between us using manipulation. When I open my heart and thoughts to her she comes at this angle.I have apologized several times for things I have said or done and yet she always comes back to this.....she has always, from the beginning come to my home acting like it is the last place she wanted to be., closing her eyes and leaning on my son as if it was all too much to bear...being in our home. It was quite obvious to my husband..I am not alone in this perception.

    She prefers I not take pictures of my own grandchildren....which I think is incredibly insensitive and insecure, and a power ploy.

    The emotional back and forth is too much for me...to the point where I dont want to see her again.

    My son and I have always been close before and I feel it is her motive to destroy that closeness. Am I wrong? I am emotionally high strung right now, (hormonal possibly) and I don't think now is the time to have this discussion. Is this the fear? An unfounded one?

  • lol...maybe I should just pause...breathe in white light and golden energy...and try not to be on the defensive.....

    and just listen

    the energy level is such that I am walking on eggshells when ever I am near her

    I dont feel there is anything I can do to change it, because I have sincerely tried for the family's sake.

    Should I just listen to what she has to say and then keep my distance to keep the peace?

    I am emotionally upset just thinking about being near her....and it is fear. It is fear of being hurt.

  • Patchlove, you need to get your fear under control and face this woman with a positive attitude. Letting her get to you doesn't help move the situation forwards. You have to be the better person and not project any negativity at her. If you drive a wedge between you, there may be consequences for the grand children.

  • You are absolutely right. Thank you for your wisdom.

    I will find time to do the Ho opnonpono exercise today and calm my space.

    Thank you again.

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