Dark Energy Removal

  • Captain,

    If you are still doing this, I would love it. I've had a lot of dark energy around me that's been piling up because of job stuff, trying to make sense of ex-stuff, wondering when my writing career will take off and while I'm a generally positive person, things keep piling up with the smallest triggers and I feel like I'm thinking through a cloud...or with a bunch of gnats around my head.

    Thank you and blessings!

  • Bluelyric7, yes I feel your exhaustion, pain, and struggle. You feel very weighed down at the moment. Your spirit is careworn and battered. But you do worry too much, you know - you have to learn to relax and just trust that a Higher Force will take care of you and your situation. Don't fight being looked after - you do not have to do this all by yourself. Open yourself to some heavenly inspiration and support. Leave the past behind and stop dragging it around with you.

    I am removing the dark energy that is pushing you down. May you move forward with a lighter step!

  • I've been fighting negative feelings for several days. I've tried visualizing myself being cleansed with white light but cannot shake the negativity. I would truly appreciate any insight you might be able to provide. Blessings

  • Chironlady2, I am sensing a very black blanket of fear around your heart. It is so deep that it feels like terror. What is making you so afraid? You need to face this fear and release it or it will overwhelm your life. Is it the fear of a person? Your father or someone who is like him? There is also a lot of negativity in your hair (which holds old memories) so a haircut may help you move on from the past.

    I shall help you out by removing any old negativity that may be making it hard for you to see your way clearly.



  • PS I also felt a mass of shame in your aura. You need to forgive yourself as well as anyone who hurt you.

  • Thank you Captain. I am about to make major changes in my life at the age of 60 and I AM afraid, of failure, of success, and maybe even of happiness. I've stayed in an unhappy relationship much longer than I should have, held tight by my partner's weakness and neediness. To find my happiness could make him very unhappy. I guess I am ashamed of having "failed" in a third marriage. The need to go into a healing profession (hypnotherapy) is just too strong now to ignore. I also have a family member who is addicted to heroin, and it is hard to just let go so she can deal with her own karma. My father feared success and sabotaged himself whenever success was within reach.

  • You may have 'inherited' your father's fear of failure/fear of success. If so, it's important to identify if these feelings are actually yours or his. There may be no reason for you to have them. If a person is afraid of success, then something inside them makes them feel unworthy of good things. You may be self-sabotaging by making the wrong choices deliberately in relationships, homes, work etc.

    And you can never help an addict until they understand that they have a problem and need help. Most addicts fool themselves by saying they can stop at any time, like the drug is not controlling them.

  • Dear Captain,

    I missed you for a moment, just wanted to say hi !

    Love, B

  • Hi Breze1, how are you?

  • well Captain in a day like today I could say I am not doing well.

    I feel more and more withdrawn and lots of down times. I might call it depression. I feel guilty how the days are going by without doing something meaningful or toward the change I want in life. I have noticed I create patterns of behavior and they keep repeating in the specific time of the year each year in the same way. The only good thing different from other years, this year is that I am more aware of what is going on, and I am trying to embrace my self in a better way. I hate my victim mode and I am trying to fight it as I know it is created from me. I simply can't get up and make the things I want to see in life ... It feels like I know what I should do but 'not today.' The living situation is very isolating also.

    Any way I am thankful to whatever I have in my life and I know it will get better !

    Wishing you a Great Day !

  • Breze1, what do you think in yourself is stopping you from achieving what you want?

  • Hi Captain,

    It is some kind of fear I believe, and it paralyzes me. Fear of socializing, fear of change, fear of failure, and I don't like to face them and I go back in denial mod or I find reasons to explain the mod which is not satisfying underneath.. etc. Thanks for asking as it feels like a therapy to myself. 🙂

    have a great day !

  • Captain, are you still here? Can you please help me too, I'm desperate, things are awful and I've been told its all my fault, all my negativity and other faults of mine. My name is Patrica.

  • Captain, are you still here? Can you please help me too, I'm desperate, things are awful and I've been told its all my fault, all my negativity and other faults of mine. My name is Patrica.

  • Breze1, have you had a look at this thread -


  • Thank You Captain,

    I love this thread !! I will get back to reading cause I forgot them : 😃

  • yes this thread is just for me !!! Thank you again Captain 🙂

  • Monteine, you just have to calm down and start making well-considered decisions and choices. Anything emotional or impulsive will not work for you right now. You CAN find your way out of the darkness. Just believe in yourself and focus on your inner strength and wisdom. the guides and angels are surrounding you with love and support.

    I will try to shine a little light for you with an energy clearing. Hmm, I felt the negative presence of someone who passed has been haunting you and making you unhappy - but they are gone now. They didn't like the light.

    I hope all goes well for you. Remember - you are the creator of your own life.



  • I don't think I ever thanked you Capt. Thanks!

  • WTCF, you are very welcome!

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