Dark Energy Removal

  • There is a type of personal negativity that is generated by our thoughts and feelings. Because it has come from us, we often don't notice that it 'sticks' to us, accumulates, and causes all sorts of problems like lack of clarity, solution, or direction in our lives. If you are feeling like you are stumbling around in the dark, this can be because the dark energy can effectively 'blind' you to your situation. I am offering dark energy removal if you want it. It will not resolve your issues, fears or problems but it will give you greater clarity and boost your solution-finding ability.

    There may be a bit of dizziness or lightheadedness after the healing so make sure you take it easy until you adjust to not having that negatiivity weighing you down anymore. It's incredible how we can be carrying this dark energy around, feeling bad and stagnant but not being aware of the source or cause. I can remove it for you, but you will have to ensure it doesn't return by being aware of when you are feeling or thinking in a negative way. Being positive and dealing with any ears or issues is the guarantee that dark energy won't build up again inside you.

  • That should be "fears or issues"...

  • 🙂

  • Well Captain Swatted, after the dark energy removal you did for me the other day, and the session of releasing I had with my learned friend here yesterday, I have felt lighter, although still crying! But the tears are a release. I let a lot of negativity go yesterday while I was scrubbing walls (my loungeroom looks SCHMICK haha). I have reached out to friends for help with a work issue I can't deal with solo, and it looks like I'll get somewhere there.

    Even though I've shed a lot of tears the last two days, that is proving to be positive, because deep down in my heart of hearts, I feel love and an inevitability of good things; like a stirring of new growth.

    Today i am grateful for the place I live in, for the peace of nature, for the packet of smokes that gets the old tickergoin in the morning (hahahaha), but also that feeling of BEING. I feel that it'll all be okay now ** takes another sip of coffee and contemplates another fag** 🙂

    So I thank you for your kindness and generosity of spirit.

    And I thank the universe for always sending the help I need when I actually ask for it.

    My arms and heart are open today. BRING IT ON!




  • Yes that reminds me Moon - I want to stress to everyone that you may still have some negativity attached to you after my dark energy removal, but it will be outside stuff that is put onto you by other people or experiences. I can only remove ths negative stuff you have generated yourself over the years. But you should feel better and clearer afterwards.

    I am glad you are doing better, Swatter!

  • Hi Captain,

    Can you do a dark energy removal for my husband Larry. He used to be so negative before but I have helped him a lot on this problem. He seems to listen to what I tell him about negativities but I still want you to clear up some dark energy that he might still have. I know he still does but not as bad as before. Can you please clear his negative energy that might still be stock.

    Thank you and many blessings

  • Hi Captain,

    I forgot to mention the reason I think why my husband is negative is because of his past experienced he had with his ex-wife a very long time ago. He is a good person but I know there some negative energys that I think is still stock in there. What do you think?

    Thank you and many blessings

  • Magickal, I can only remove his dark energy if he gives me his permission and is fully aware of what is going to happen. He needs to be prepared in case he experiences any physical or emotional symptoms after the healing.

  • Captain, I knew that there would be residual stuff, so that wasn't a problem for me. I've had similar sort of "treatment" years ago, including counselling, and I tell you, I would sit and cry for hours after a lot of them. But the feeling of lightness that left was worth the emotional residue, so this is nothing new to me.

    I think that what you're left with after any sort of emotional cleansing, is proof that something has been achieved and considered a positive. I mean, how many people win the lottery, only to find that once they've come down from the high, they feel like they did - or similar - before they won it? Nothing is a quick fix, and for myself, I've been walking this road since 2001, with some hindrances, delays, humps and sometimes gone right off the track! And I have wondered during these very testing times, if the whole thing's been a lie.

    Still, it gives depth to a life; depth and meaning. Without that, we have nothing but shallow people who constantly cry "me, me me". And aren't we all sick of that?

    Keep up the good work! And remember to say no when you can't. You're important here; very important.




  • Hi Captain,

    My husband Larry said its ok with him.

    Also,I meant to mention about the removal of the dark energy you did on my shoulder. At that time I felt a strain on that part. I felt a strain on my lower back neck that would be the one in line with my shoulder. If it helps my name is Rebecca.

    I still feel the strain so can you check on it again please. Honestly, I'm a positive person I pray & chant mantras daily and I believe in it and I know it helped me a lot before and even now. A few psychics have told me once before that I have to be careful about negative people cause I have a very sensitive energy so I try to stay away from those kind of people. Sometimes though negativity creeps on you for no reason at all plus you always encounter negative people.

    Thank you and many blessings

  • Thanks Swatter - keep on swattin' those pesky flies off of you. 🙂

  • Magickal, I am sure you are a positive person now and do your best to stay that way. The dark energy I remove is residual negativity from the past that most of us don't even know we created and accumulated during those times we all undergo when we feel or think very negatively. What many people don't realize is that dark energy 'sticks' and doesn't disappear when the bad mood disappears. So you can be a positive thinking person now, but still have that lingering D E inside that is clogging your system and impacting your life.

    OK, here's goes Larry's dark energy removal! I see a lot of D E in his feet which must make it hard for him to move forward.

    It's gone now. I hope he feels better.

    As to your shoulder and neck strain, it is not negativity but the tension and unease you carry there that is the problem. That area is not properly aligned with the rest of your body. You need to focus on this area in meditation and ask it why it is problematic. Massage the area to make it physically relax and sort out the old but lingering issue that is haunting you there. It is something to do with some responsibility for or duty to someone that you still feel you have to bear. I 'see' a set of jaws biting into your shoulder - like someone still has their 'teeth' into you and won't let go. You need to lay this burden to rest.

  • Hi Captain!! i would like dark energy removal as well! im janet tam feb 7 1990. i know i have some! thanks again captain! 🙂

  • Hello Janet, yes you do have some dark gunk around you, especially in your chest area and arms.

    Removing it now!

    Wow, you look amazing - all bright glittery and shining clean...make sure you stay positive now so that the dark energy doesn't build up again.

  • THANKS A LOT CAPTAIN & MANY BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i suddenly got light headed. it may be the heat but then i checked the forum i realized you already performed it! thanks captain! 🙂 take care!

    reading bright glittery shining clean just made me laugh!

  • Yes, a bit of dizziness and lightheadedness tends to follow the removal, but it's not very long-lasting. It actually proves the weight of your negativity has been lifted.

  • Dear sweet Captain,

    I would be very grateful if you could remove my "residue" for me please. 🙂 I will be starting my student teaching in January and would love to have a fresh start before then, so I will have a clear mind to deal with everything I will be working on and dealing with in the upcoming months! 🙂

    Thanks again for everything!

    Laci 🙂

  • Hi The Captain,

    I would be really grateful if you could do a DE removal on me. I know I have struggled to rid myself of it but haven't succeeded. I seem to have added more since I got in that infernal vehicle accident in August and got laid off from my job recently. I feel it is affecting my healing and other factors in my life. Thank you so very much. 🙂


  • Laci, there was quite a dark energy covering all over you but it is gone now. You look quite sparkly and happy now, all washed clean. Stay positive now so the D E doesn't build up again.

    I hope this healing makes you feel better and clearer!

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