Dark Energy Removal

  • LoveDetox, I have cleared away the dark energy around your head and knees and torso. But I will need your son's conscious permission to clear his negativity, plus the consent and knowledge of anyone else in your household.

  • LibraLuli, I can take away any old accumulation of negativity in you so that life will be clearer and more easily dealt with. But I cannot prevent the buildup of new dark energy that you generate. You must deal with any old issues that are still bothering you to make sure it doesn't return. Try looking at everything that has happened to you and find the positive result in every experience. You will find there is something good that came out of your pain. You learnt something and grew stronger and tougher. You became wiser. Every experience in life can be viewed in a negative or positive light. If you start thinking how fortunate you have been instead of how unlucky, then the dark energy will not build up again.

  • Captain,

    I would appreciate a removal. My name is Jennifer and 9/21/70 is birthday. Thank you sooo very much:)

  • Jennifer, before I performed the D E Removal, i sensed you were lacking in energy. You were spinning rapidly around and around in circles, exhausting yourself and getting nowhere. Try to relax more if you can. Hopefully you will feel better now that I have removed the negativity.

  • Hi Captain

    Can you do DE for me too, lately Im feeling like someone have put a curse on me ahaha, but i keep a positive thinking but i know im still holding back.

    I talk with a friend of mine about this and he has been thru so much and now like me is affraid of being fired and all this old fears are coming back again, and he cant sleep, think straight, so he asks for your help too, is name is George and he was born on 9/9/72.

    Thank you so much for this Captain its really a wonderful Xmas present, God bless you.

  • Captain, i have one more request regarding your energy cleansing offer. Could you do one for my sister? she gives her permission.

  • Mariapisces, your arms especially held a lot of dark energy - I have removed all of your negativity. It feels like a weight of responsibility. And it keeps trying to come back like you don't know who you are without it. Make sure you stay 'clean' and positive. 🙂

    And your friend George had a LOT of dark energy throughout his whole body - he is clear and clean now too.

  • Moonalisa, what is your sister's name?

  • her name's Barbra

  • Moonalisa, Barbra is carrying a huge weight of dark energy on her back. She is shouldering other people's burdens. I have removed it, but it is up to her to decide what is her own responsibility and what belongs to other people to bear. They have to learn to carry and deal with their own lives' problems and duties.

  • Many thanks Captain 🙂

  • Hello Captain,

    I thought I'd give this a try. Its been pretty tough lately as I've lost two jobs in the last few months and have come to believe I'm the reason for it. My uncle told me I probably have clinical depression regarding Mom (and probably a host of other things that have built up over the years) and suggested therapy for it before trying any more major moves. My worry is how I seem to always set myself back because I can't control my emotions. They literally paralyze me sometimes, one of the signs that my uncle pointed to. I don't wish to go through any formal therapy, but I do wish to try finally moving on and not be stagnant any longer. I'm tired of putting everything I really want on hold because of the sillyness I always seem to cause when I try to go after those things. Been going back and forth between crying whenever nobody is looking to aimlessly doing little tasks that don't really matter and rarely getting anything actually done while letting my mind wander to places that it shouldn't.



  • Hi The Captain,

    My daughter needs a DE removal, but the problem is that she has Down syndrome and though I can explain to her, I don't believe her consent is an informed one. Howcould this be done? I ask because this child seems to have a "dark cloud" over her. She seems to seek the negative attention from everyone and keeps in trouble at school with teachers and her classmates. Home is more of the same, constant negative attention seeking. she isn't a happy child anymore. Can you help her? I would really appreciate it. Her name is Lauren and she is Jan 5, 2001bday.

  • JoyLily, yours is one of the worst cases of dark eenrgy that I have seen. When I look at you psychically, you are lying on the ground covered almost completely in dark negativity. I can and will remove it all but you need to do your part by making sure it doesn't build up again. It may be difficult since I sense it has been with you for a long time and you may feel odd at first without it. But persevere becasue it has only been bringing you down.

    There, done! I hope it helps. I had to shovel it off but you are free of all the old negativity now.

  • Sunshine, can't you just ask your daughter if she wants a lady to make her feel better with some healing?

  • Hello again, Captain,

    You know the strange thing is I didn't feel much at first, but I did start adding to one of the stories I've been writing again. The scene involved a character going through a similar experience of basically 'shooting themselves in the foot' (I've been trying to write a story as a way of keeping myself sane the last couple of years, but this past year it has been very slow with months between each chapter or even between each scene). Then I came back here to read your response and suddenly got the urge to caress my face and scalp like I was getting rid of cobwebs or something. I'm still getting the urge every few minutes, even did my arms and legs at one point.

    I was also listening to the radio when I came across this song on a station I normally don't listen to. It was familiar, but I've never bothered to listen to the words before:

    In this farewell

    There's no blood

    There's no alibi

    'Cause I've drawn regret

    From the truth

    Of a thousand lies

    So let mercy come

    and wash away

    What I've done

    I'll face myself

    To cross out what I've become

    Erase myself

    And let go of what I've done

    Put to rest

    What you thought of me

    While I clean this slate

    With the hands

    Of uncertainty

    So let mercy come

    and wash away

    What I've done

    I'll face myself

    To cross out what I've become

    Erase myself

    And let go of what I've done

    For what I've done

    I start again

    And whatever pain may come

    Today this ends

    I'm forgiving what I've done

    I'll face myself

    To cross out what I've become

    Erase myself

    And let go of what I've done

    What I've done

    Forgiving what I've done

    What I've Done - Linkin Park

    It was almost like a prayer. I'm a fairly religious person, so singing prayers at church is a common thing for me (went back last Wednesday after a whole year of being gone, even joined the choir again). They're often about the trials people go through and asking for forgiveness from God, but often people forget they need to forgive themselves as well. I remember that was something that many of the people from the Bible often forget to do as well. They honestly felt they didn't deserve forgiveness. Judas is probably one of the best examples, he was able to go back to the temple priests and throw back the gold they gave him to betray his best friend (I don't remember if he actually returned the gold, but I do imagine him doing that), but he couldn't face Jesus' mother or his other friends, so he hung himself.

    Honestly, I think what I've been feeling could lead me somewhere very dark. I've wrestled with it for many years over various issues, but Mom's death basically took the cake and her death happened four and a half years ago. Its like everything's screaming for me to get up now. I don't know if I have the strength, but I'll try. Perhaps, I can start forgiving myself.

    Been feeling really weird while typing this. Wrists feel real loose, and keep wanting to do that cobweb thing and work my neck around like its not screwed on right, LOL. Guess I'm not used to it, like you said.

    Sorry for the long post, but I'm very talkative right now. A good sign I'm sure, and I wasn't so depressing for once.

    Thanks again,


  • JoyLily, self-forgiveness is vital to healing. And your mum is still around you - you just can't feel her for the depression you have been wrapped in. But the fog around you is clearing now and I do feel the inner strength that you have is coming out.

  • Thank you Captain:) I am exhausted. There has been so much going on in my life and trying to get back on track for awhile now. I want to relax sooo bad, just stressed about so many things. Financial, job, health and Mom's health. Thank you for your most generous help.

    Peace and love

  • Hi Captain, Been feeling down due to some circumstances. My bf that broke-up w/me (and then starting calling) wants to get back together. He's been acting better although I'm not on-board (involved) again (yet.) Perhaps it's the mere thought of getting involved that's bringing me down. Anyway, any assistance you can offer. Also, curious as to how a person can clear negative energy (dark.) Thanks.

  • Daliolite, it's just like rubbish removal. With the permission of the 'removee', I take away any negativity that has built up inside them and hand it over to the angels for disposal. It's something that is so simple and quick for me to do, yet it seems to have such positive results.

    OK on to you! Your feet were quite stuck in thick dark energy like mud, making it hard for you to move so I removed it. Plus, you were carrying quite a heavy load of it on your shoulders. Removed that too - I hope life seems a bit clearer and easier now.

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