Dark Energy Removal

  • Poetic, you coulda knocked me over with a feather when I heard this! I never thought he/they could stoop so low, but some people are imbeciles. I need to brush off this stuff like dirt and move on. As I said to Captain though, I hope my daughter is not being pulled into any of this, and if she is, that she realises and gets away QUICK. He can be such a nasty critter, and this is also why I left him. I was his emotional glue. No more.

  • Thank you so much Captain 🙂 Yes, I do have a lot of allergies and asthma problems. It's strange, but I do feel like I can breathe a little better!

    I hope you have a happy holiday!! And thank you again for doing this


  • Hi Captain,

    Can you please clear some of the stock energy that my son Reginald might have.

    He already agreed to it. He says its fine to have it done on him.

    Many blessings and thank you so much

  • As long as we feel the need for protection, we will always feel vulnerable, able to be hurt, and weak. It is only when we feel strong and wise enough to weather whatever comes at us, that will we not need anyone else's protection. It will be inbuilt.

  • Magickal, your son had a lot of dark energy in what I think of as the financial area. Does he worry about money or not having enough to survive? I have removed it all. I hope it helps.

  • Moon, I had another look at your aura and your energy and I asked you if you were going to think posiitve and keep your aura clear from now on. You looked afraid and said "But I would feel naked if I stopped shielding myself altogether. It is how I have been for a very long time and I have forgotten how I felt before I became like this."

    Is it a wall you use to protect yourself or something to hide yourself behind?

  • Hi Captain,

    Yes he is worried about money. He is paying child & spouse support for sometime now. He is able to pay but money is so tight because of this situation. He cant really splurge sometime because of his money situation. I kind of feel sorry for him but thats the way life is when you get a divorce.

    I know someday money burden will lighten up on him but he has to go thru this hardship as of now.

    Thanks a lot for helping him.

    Many blessings to you & loved ones

  • thank you captain ...very much

  • Sunshine7959, the lightheadedness from the D E Removal would pass quickly. If you still feel dizzy today, it must be the concussion. I am getting a lot of unnerving vibrations coming from your head so I am steadying your aura until they go away.

  • Thanks for the offer. could you do one for me please?

  • Hi Captain,

    I really would appreciate your DE removal.....I have been working hard on changing my thoughts to positive and not worrying....trusting the universe, but feel I could use some extra help removing the residue of the last couple of years....it has been very challenging.

    Thank you so much....you do so much here and we all appreciate you very much:)


  • Pliotguy, oh boy there was a LOT of accumulated worry and stress in your aura. Good news is - it's gone now. So unless you want it to build up again, don't be such a worrywort. Deep breaths - and relax!

  • LibraLuli, there was a big mass of dark energy in your abdomen and what looked like psychic scarring. Have you had trouble in that area or gone through a time where you didn't eat much or well? Because it looks like you were malnourished at some point. Anyway, it's gone now. I hope this helps.

  • Hi, The Captain,

    Vibrations coming from my head you say? Do you have any insight as to what it's about? That unnerves me too. Admittedly I have had quite a few issues since August's accident. I have been stressed quite a bit, and feeling some resentment towards my employers for the callous way I have been treated since it appears I can't get back to work for some time. Still trying to do school and wondering what to do about current situation. Head is all over the place.

  • Thanks for your help, Captain. The negativity is definitely decreased and I feel lighter, though head is still not right, I appreciate you helping me. 🙂

  • Sunshine, it's like your head has turned into a bell that is constantly ringing and vibrating. Probably from the accident. I just grabbed it and held it still. Perhaps you can see yourself doing that, too.

  • Interesting you put it like that, because it does feel as if it is ringing and I'm dizzy a lot. I will try holding it as well and see if that stops it. Thank you very much. 🙂

  • Captain,

    Can you offer the same for my son? I do not know what information you need but I know he has some around him. I have cleaned him through catholic prayer and holy water before to protect him. However, I am not sure how to send the rest away. May I also ask the same for myself and those in my household?

  • Hi Captain,

    Yes, both cases....eating disorder in my younger years and also some surgeries.. My stress has always affected that area of my body also.

    Thank you very much...I promise to keep the negative energy away now!!

    Can I ask what psychic scarring is?

    Many blessings,


  • Hi again Captain,

    I looked up psychic scarring and understand now. I was astonished by what I read and yes, it is true....I had 4 years of traumatic abuse in my childhood that changed who I was and also a couple of years ago with the almost mortal betrayal of my best friend/boyfriend. My life and who I was completely change again at that point also. Does your DE clear all of that trauma away also, or do I need something else?

    Thank you again for your insight,


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