Dark Energy Removal

  • PS Your negativity Sunshine was a very hard shell around you, suggesting you are cutting yourself off and closing yourself down from other people to avoid being hurt. But this is only isolating you..

  • Thank you, The Captain!! It's been really hard to talk to my children about shielding themselves. I have been trying to do it myself and asking the Angels for help. I am feeling that isolation. Part is loneliness for something or someone meaningful, part of it is protecting my children, mostly my son. Going out is very stressful for him. He's afraid of animals and that plus fear of escalators, strange houses and situations makes it hard to go out. We are becoming more isolated as a result. I haven't figured out how to help him. I feel much better and will try to the negativity as much as possible.

    Thank you again.

  • Thank you Captain, lately life decided to give me all the heart breaks at once, keep losing people that are to important to me, or they die or they leave to another country. Faced my own death too, still recovering. I try to put a smile, I try to feel genuinely happy but the pain consumes me, it's a soul pain. Thanks again

  • Mariapisces, do you think that you tend to become too dependent on other people? Your life lesson could be to teach you to be more emotionally/physically independent.

  • Only in love it's when I become a lil dependent. With me its all or nothing, I love genuinely and I'm a caregiver, but I don't expect anything in return. I've learned the hardest lesson:" if you truly love someone set him free". I'm very distant too, my family says I'm cold, but I'm not ,I deeply care but I've learned to detach. But still hurts, mainly I think I'm mad and hurt at the universe for letting me get I'll and for not being at 100% to help my family and friends.

  • You blame the Universe for your own illness, Mariapisces? Does that mean you have always respected your body by eating well, exercising, not putting into or doing anything at all harmful to it, and not being anxious, angry or depressed?

    And if you are dependent on anyone, you ARE expecting something in return, such as love, even if you don't realise it.

  • No Captain, sometimes I disrespected my body especially when my physical state was healed, I disrespected it by smoking and drinking more than i should. I know that the universe didn't wanted me to do such things on a daily basis but last year I needed that to feel numb. My almost death was a warning to stop, I was forced to. I'm medicated, so far according to the doc my body healed, like they never seen it before. I knew it wasn't my time to go. The prob. is I feel disappointed, coz after knowing my results, found out that my mom has cancer, started having panick attacks, my anxiety sometimes is overwhelming, my muscles are not healing as well my body nerves, my left side is constantly numb and in pain. I was in a hospital bed for 22 days, first week couldn't move, they drugged me and now I'm addicted to anxiolytic. My whole family was collapsing and everyone was turning to me and i needed time to heal, I never got that time. In truth I'm more disappointed than angry. And yes u r right, I know I'm loved but we are not together, I miss the hugs and the talks. Eventually one day I'll stop missing him and he will too, and we will move on with our lives. Like I said Captain I feel everything so deeply, tried not to, ignore everything, detach and all I got was a full pulmonary embolism and my heart chakra not aligned and "constantly in pain". I need to fall in love with something that gives meaning to my life (not man) I need to start exercising again but I'm still in pain, which doesn't help and I need my time alone to heal.

  • Mariapisces, you have to believe that you have the power to change your life to whatever you want it to be. You can make your sensitivity work for you, not against you.

  • Dear Captain, could I please request an energy "chec-up" please? I would love to feel a little lighter again! 🙂

    Thank you for your time either way! 🙂

  • @TheCaptain
    Would it be possible to do this please, when you have a chance?

  • @hobbles76, the lack of good energy you are feeling is caused by fear and worry. If you work on relaxing and letting go of these things - and trusting that you will always be looked after by the Universe - you will feel much lighter. The burden you carry is your own choice and creation.

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  • @thecaptain how can I start this process please?

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  • @hobbles76 Make a list of what you fear or are anxious about and decide which are the ones you can do something about (and do it) and which are irrational fears that could not likely happen) or may be linked to old past people or events) and, through prayer and/or by repeating daily affirmations that replace the fears, heal them.

  • @andidilly Your energy feels rather scattered, like you are having trouble dealing with reality and much prefer to dream of what might be rather than what really is. But this year you are going to have to honestly face up to what and who is not working in your life and leave it behind. You need to pull your energy together so you can better focus on priorities now.

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  • @andidilly This 'fantasy over reality' approach applies to all relationships in your life, but especially the romantic ones.

    And I just like helping people. We are all in this thing called life together and nobody gets through alone.

  • Hi Captain, If this offer is still available I'd love to try a cleansing. This could do a world of good for me right now!

  • UniquelyAquarius, there is a LOT of built-up energy in you - pain and suffering from the past not yet fully released. I am removing it but you need to work on healing the memories so it doesn't build up again. The 'solution' I used was to wash you off with cleansing water which represents new feelings and happy emotions. So you can work through this by replacing sad/bad feelings with good ones - through understanding how your past, though troubled, has made you the survivor you are today. I sense you are someone who tends to carry everyone's burdens and you have to stop doing that to allow them to become strong in their own right by shouldering their own responsibilities. You need to give yourself a break - you cannot take it all on.

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