Dark Energy Removal

  • Dear Captain,

    Would you be able to do a dark energy removal for my son Connor and my son Colin. They are 6 and a half and 5 respectively. I asked them if it was o.k. to have a friend say a prayer to help them feel better. I hope it was o.k. to explain it to them this way. 🙂 They both said o.k. 🙂

    Thank you so much,


  • Hobbles76, your sons have not generated a lot of negative energy themselves but they have absorbed a lot from the people around them, especially Colin who is very empathic and sensitive. I shall remove it all but they will need to be in a positive loving environment from now on in order to be safe from others' dark energy.


  • Dear Captain, Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I have always thought Colin has a special sensitivity too. I was worried about Connor saying he didn't like himself, which is the main reason I asked for the Dr removal. Thank you again!


  • Hobbles76, I feel that Connor was a strong resilient child who could bounce back from any problems once he feels safe and secure in his life.

  • Thank you so much dear Captain! 🙂 That makes me feel a lot better! 🙂


  • Hello dear TheCaptain! Do you still do removal? If yes may i ask please. Something is happening with my psyche or nerves ( have so many negative thoughts.

  • Marishkaa, that comes from years of negative thought accumulation. It is mainly around the lower half of your body and must be preventing you from moving forward. I will remove it but you have to work to be more positive in your thinking. Or else it will just build up again.


  • Thank you very much TheCaptain!

  • Hello, dear TheCaptain. Could you help me please.

    I have just received information that i don't know how to treat. A man told me that a spirit (enemy) is following me and gives me negative vibes. Can someone really be following me? this is so strange.

  • Did this man want something from you in return for removing this "negative spirit"? It sounds fishy to me.

  • No, he didn't want anything. He is a healer and i just ask if he sees something and he said about this spirit. But he said that if i think positively this spirit would give up. This is so strange

  • Well, like energy attracts like. If you are always fearful and anxious, you will attract entities with similar energy.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain. I try not to be so anxious.

  • Hi dear TheCaptain,

    I'd appreciate it very much if you could do a dark energy removal for me.

  • Done, Znl. You had a very heavy blanket of negativity. It seemed to be mostly fear. Make sure you work on being more positive.

  • Thanks Captain.

  • Hi Captain I would appreciate a dark energy removal, especially because it's attached to my left side, making me feel numb and with heart pain. Thank u

  • Mariapisces, your heart is leaking buckets of black negativity. Why do you feel so heart-broken?

    I have removed all the negativity that I can but you must do the repairs to your heart.

  • Hi Captain.

    May I please get a dark energy removal for me and my two children please. Lauren and Logan both have issues that makes me feel this may be beneficial for them both, and me. They have difficulty understanding the process, but they and I give permission for it to be done.

    Thanks so much!!!


  • Lauren and Logan are sensitive children who absorb other people's feelings and energy easily - they need to know how to psychically protect and shield themselves from other people's negativity every day. They can always ask their guardian angels for help too.

    I have removed all your present negative energy, Sunshine, and cleansed your children's auras. Sunshine, I felt a lot of loneliness and heart-aching in your negative vibes.

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