Dark Energy Removal

  • Thanks.

  • Just wanted to pop in now that things are settling down to say thank you for all the good you do capt. You are truly a wonderfuly person thank you again for all you do

  • You're very welcome, Shadowmist! 🙂

  • I think the important point revealed by dark energy removal is how much we harm ourselves. The common focus seems to be on protecting ourselves from outer harm and shielding ourselves from other people's bad energy or vibes. Yet the damage we do to ourselves through accumulating and holding onto our own negative feelings and thoughts can be the worst and most effectively destructive of all types of attack.

  • Hi captain, I would love to have any dark energy removed from my body. Thank You

  • OK, WarmRomeo (interesting name!), here you go! I am looking at your aura and seeing a dark shadow hovering over your head, as if you are always fearing the worst. If you fear the worst, you tend to attract it. I am removing all your dark energy (to reveal a carefree sweet young child beneath many layers of dark protective but stifling clothing) but I cannot stop you from building it all up again. You have to start seeing the positive in your life from now on. There is always an 'up' side if you look for it.

  • Thank You Captain, I will take what you said and try to keep the negative energy from filling my aura. Many blessings to you.

  • Hello Captain-I would like you to remove dark energy from my presence.

    Thank you

  • Starflower4, your aura is very muddy but not dark so I will take away the muddiness. You must think a lot of positive thoughts because it was easy to clear your aura.

  • Thank you Captain for the DE removal, the night you did it I couldn’t sleep, had a lot of pains in my harms, next day I woke up and throw up, but my harms and hands were no longer numb. But Im afraid Captain, that this came back again, right now I cant do much my live is collapsing as I know it, I might loose my job in 2014, that’s the estimated time that they give us workers. So yes Im taking all the responsibilities again.

    Its hard not to do it, and you are so right am one of those persons that love to help others so I take it all on me.

    George is feeling better, he thanks you too.

    You are doing a wonderful job, so keep up the good work, God bless you.

  • Mariapisces, the time to worry about things is WHEN they happen, not before. Many things you fear may never eventuate at all so you stress yourself out for nothing.

  • Hi The Captain. I asked Lauren if she would let you help her feel better and more happy again. I showed her your avatar and she was okay. Thanks.

  • Hello, I think I need a DE removal. Badly.

    The past few years have been very trying for me and I think I have pinpointed the source. I have a mother who is may be psychic. Or at least she fancies herself so. I made the mistake of taking her into my confidence over a situation that I know for certain was fated. It was not what she had in mind for me so things started to fall apart almost immediately afterwards. It has taken me this long to finally realize that she did this. Subconciously, I must have known because I cut off communication with her a year ago.

    I'm not the only one who was hurt by her actions so now I need to know how I can undo the damage she has caused.

    Any help/advice that you can give would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Wow! I felt a huge release as soon as I hit "submit post." Must have done the right thing. 😄

  • Sunshine7959, I am removing Lauren's dark energy. She said it tickled.

    A lot of it was caused by her confusion and upset over other people's actions and behaviour. She doesn't understand why people can be so hateful.

  • Dvs1962, you protect yourself from other people's bad behaviour by not reacting to it or allowing it to affect you. If you don't get emotionally involved or sucked in by your mother's behaviour, if you can stand back and observe her actions from a detached but loving perspective, you will understand how what she does hurts her more than she ever hurts anyone else. Then her bad vibes will just bounce harmlessly off you. Don't take what she does to you personally. It's just her way of protecting herself.

    I am removing a huge chunk of resentment, anger, and hurt that you have allowed to accumulate in your aura. When you can find the positives in your situation, the negativity will not build up again.

  • Hi The Captain,

    Really?!? She said that?! Wow! She isn't very verbal except when she is being bossy and cheeky. She spends a lot of time in trouble at school and at home because she is noncompliant and harasses other kids at school and her brother at home, I believe she is an Indigo kid, which accounts for some of the willfullness at least to me. Have you any suggestions as to how I can help keep the negativity off and help convince her to do what she needs to function better in school and at home? Believe it or not, she tends to seek out negative attention instead of positive and I'd like to change that, particularly in interactions between us.

    Thank you, I appreciate you helping us both. We need it.

  • HI, I meant to ask is she referring to hatefulness at school or at home? She gets a lot of negative attention because of her behavior, so if it is at home, I'd like to try and change it.


  • Thank you Captain. She has done things like this for years. She thinks she's helping but if others suffer from it, it's not helping. I've been trying to let it go on my own but it wasn't working. Thanks for your help!

  • Sunshine, in her own way Lauren is trying to understand why other people behave so badly at times. Maybe if you talked with her about why people act the way they do and help her understand that not everyone is the same, and that they pick on others to make themselves feel better about themselves, then she would not need to hang around nasty people in order to learn about the world and how it works. Maybe get her some basic psychology books or something like that too...anything to help her understand human nature better.

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