• So just to update you I went to court today again and to my guess he lied about how much he earn buy the judge didnt give in and rule in my side the bad thing for him is that he has to pay a little more than the first time I guess he thinks he made a mistake lol. Well he came up with he was going to file for custody so the payment can be reduce now am just going to wait in that if he does it or not

  • Thanks,

    you knew he was going to lie. The good thing it sort of back fired. Would you like a reading?

  • Yes please if you can!

  • Hi SaqittariusGurl,

    seems like money is just slipping through your hands

    you have hope...(that is a great feeling... keep holding on)

    seems like you lost a friend.. (I think it was from that betrayal)

    you had an empty victory...keep to your guns, don't start worrying (I know it's not fun but don't get down)

    seems like you met someone just recently..like a fun feeling

    Money is real tight ...be real frugal

    if you were going to start something new...I see a few snags...think and plan it out

    everything you are going thru don't lose it...emotionally it has to be tough...take a step back and breath...that is so important

    You have a good guy watching out...someone is trying to help

    your going to hit some snags...believe in yourself... set up for trouble so when it hits you are not unaware....

    what ever you going to plan to do...think it thru...if the plan is not yours and you are listening to someone...look at it from all angles...and what ever you do what you put in is what you get out...meaning you do it half heartily... you don't get much in return...

    That was not a fun reading... I feel you are hurting.... I get the feeling you feel backed into a corner and don't know how to get out. One step at a time...think it thru...plan it out and put your all into it, find a way to relive the stress in a good way...take one stone and remove it from the pile that feels on top of you and before you know it the load gets lighten...there is hope in you let it shine

    Hope that helps...next time I want happiness from you....

  • Thank you nick for the reading. This reading is kind of hard for me to understand. Losing a friend I really don't know what to say I don't have many friends since a rather just stick to myself. A guy watching out? I don't know either since I don't talk to guys.

  • It was a sad feeling like a loss....

    The guy watching out doesn't have to be someone you know... It's more like a feeling someone is going to do something for you or make sure it was done right... that hasn't come yet...

    Next time I better get some happy feelings from you...I was sad after the reading... So here is a just a friendly mental hug... don't make me pull out my bad jokes... I'll turn this car right around...hahhahah...see what you started....hahahahha

  • Oh ok I get it. I hope the next reading is a good one like you because all this emotional, plotting, betrayal is really not working lol. Am ready for the fun stuff I had a really rough 5 months. I sure don't want you to pull out the bad jokes hahahah

  • Nick how are you? Can we try and get a happy reading? Please make it as happy as you can I don't want you pulling out the bad jokes hahaha.

  • Hi sagittarius Gurl,

    Let's see what we got,

    Your having some family struggles,

    It is also affecting money, it is not helping mentally either

    looks like you are either getting a job or using a skill to gain money

    ok looks like new job, but not long term

    I think you are starting to turn the corner...things will start looking better

    It's ok to take a breath and just let things be...recuperate and recharge your batteries

    there is a young guy that pops up, he can have energy...but it fluctuates hot and cold

    you cant get down on yourself, I know you are worried but remember you are strong you will get thru this

    you have someone trying to give you good advise, but you are not listening...look at what you don’t want to hear

    realize what got to you where you are, it will feel like you cant get away from yourself or situation... think of where you are, how you got there, and how to break away...plan for the future

    and good news...you will get out of it...all the struggles you had you will rise above...plan for it and see it happen.

    So keep your chin up, give it some time, things work out..it may not feel like it...and don't go saying I'm blowing smoke...hahahaha one bad one for you to smile... it will get better, just set a good plan in motion and follow it thru.

    Hope that helps


  • You made me fell like a chimney hahaha lol jk. Well i got a fob but I will real uncomfortable there I don't think it will work out at all. Young guy hmm wonder who that is but i guess i will find out later on. Thank you

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