• Hi nick how are you? Today I remember what you said in the last reading you gave me you said "new job or some money...not last long though" well you were right I received money on the 28th of last month and like you said it didn't last long enough. I thought I would share with you.

    Can I get an update reading please.

    Thank you

  • Hi Sagittariusgurl,

    your looking for approval from friends (remember trust yourself and believe in yourself before you let others judge you)

    your worried about someone you care for

    you got stuff going on and feeling down...

    I feel the money pinch

    recently you took care of a family matter

    good, your going to have a little success which will help give you courage to keep on fighting (don't give up)

    If I remember correctly the guy I didn't like pops up, i think it's your ex... looking for an argument..

    you are feeling restless and doing a lot of worrying

    I see you finding happiness with someone...a good feeling made me smile

    also things are looking up

    but remember you are still surrounded by people or a guy that's distrustful and plotting something so keep your eyes open

    So chin up and stop worrying, remember your choices got you where you are; Plan and think your way thru and little by little you will make it happen

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick for the reading.

    I do feel down at time I have so much going on I get overwhelm. Money wise yes I helped my sister pay a few stuff that needed to be paid. Yes my ex ugh he always pops up. An argument we always argue about the stupidest thing another thing that gets me overwhelm. New person hmm I don't know if am ready for that but if am going to be happy my daughter also am up for it.

    A guy plotting something? Can that be my ex still?

    Thanks a lot

  • The plotting...I got a different feel than the ex.... I would say someone else, but also just a feeling, might include someone else. That's why I put people... that one will take a little to come; so just keep it in the back of your head, keep your eyes open so when it comes you will be warned and be prepared.

    Knowing that you get overwhelmed is a good thing... take a step back and look how you handle yourself in that situation... then play it thru your head and see if you reacted any different could you change any out come? they try an apply that thought process a few time see if you can change it up for the future... one task at a time...before you know it the piles dwindles...


  • You know now that you bring the plotting up on Monday I received a messaged from apperantly an ex friend of my ex wife well that's what she said she is using a fake profile on fb. Well his wife had send me some messages way back in April so this ex friend said it was the wife who had message me at first and started talking about some other stuff the wife did to her. Could it be them two plotting something? I think yes since the fake fb has pictures of a guy.

  • I won't know the particulars, you will know, but when the cards pop up like that, it is something to take note of... In the readings I'll pick up on the things that are on your mind... to help look at them from a different perspective...hopefully to help. then when I get the other warning ones...is to help not get tangled or something that might be important for you... i trust the feelings i get but I don't get the small details... that is for you to chose from and to understand. Pop back in a month..ping me I'll do another reading, by then you should know

  • Thank you Nick I'm going to keep my eyes open at all times to see if it happens and I'll update you.

  • Hi nick how are you? How were your holidays? Hope you enjoy them! Well I went back to the reading and well only the argument happened which happened everyday lol we haven't argue in like 2 weeks I believe. I kept my eyes open about the plotting u said but I couldn't quit figure that one out.

  • Hi Saqittariusgurl,

    I'm fine...a little cranky today... but i had friends tell me to snap out it...hahahah waaa waa waa...

    The plotting one was the last card, could be coming up, it was just to keep your eyes open, a warning so nothing sneaks up on you.

    I'll try to do a new reading soon... it's been about a month...


  • Hahaha i hate cranky days i take it out on anyone lol...

    Now that you say about the plotting and may come soon am going to court wit my ex next week maybe his wife is plotting something out maybe just a thought but i will keep my eyes open well more lol..

  • I hate those games, what happened to honesty?

    Say ...Man up...what are you teaching your kid...lie and you can get what you need?

    What life lesson is that?

    How about, Opps we got something wonderful out of a life lesson... and this is how you handle it... Just adding ferterlizer (lies and what comes out of a horse) won't make the rose grow unless you water and nurtureit with love and honesty....

    my excuss is it's late...because all I did after work is veg in front of the boob tube...and now i'm punchy...

    keep laughing

  • All those question my ex needs to make to his self. He's a lying sorry man lol.

  • up

  • Hi SagittariusGurl,

    This is what I picked up,

    your going thru some obstacles, someone is being a pill towards you

    The good this you know who you are... you can make good things happen and you know your a good person

    Don't worry about what happen in the past... move on and up

    you have a little luck around you

    I get the feeling you are starting to realize that yes you can make things you want happen... there is a spark

    Your going to run into a domineering woman... just be careful

    Still watch out for the hidden thing... backstabbing....it popped up again... someone is plotting

    You will have success, but it will be a battle...like any battle you will take some bruises...but it will be ok

    you have someone watching out for you...giving help or good advise

    The fight must be a tough one... you do make out... but you feel beat up

    watch your emotions...i see them swinging... that will lead to some quarreling... you know how you feel when your worked up....try and be calm

    It's important to know that you are a good person and feel that way. When you start battling it will help because you won't question yourself if your doing the right thing...you know you are... just prepare yourself for what’s coming, you will be fine in the end. Not 100% positive but my first instant is the woman who is domineering is going to be the plotting person....

    hope that helps,


  • When you bring up the woman the only person that comes to mind is the wife I know she hates. But then again I can be wrong. I don't know if you can tell me how this court thing will go? Am heading to court with my ex on Wednesday and am super nervous any insight on that?

    Thank you

  • ah grasshopper, look harrrrrddddeerrr (a little David Carradine and Rafiki) (as long as the voice don't talk back...I'm ok right...hahahahaha)

    Seriously, it's all there. Let me guess who the pill is

    being it is backed up in two reading someone is plotting something, it coming sooner then later, my guess is only a guess it will be during the court thing you have. So just try and have paperwork or documents to back up your statements if you can. You already told me he is a liar and if he is good he can make something false sound true. If you have something to back yourself up with it may help you be prepared.

    Read each line by itself and you should see what I think I see.

    Believe in yourself and you will be fine.


  • Yes am pretty sure this reading talks about court ugh this is going to drive me crazy. Since he is a really good liar and anybody that doesn't know him can believe everything he says. I just really hope it doesn't get ugly.

  • I was just thinking, in being prepared and trying to fight the lies. Did he ever text you certain information that he says one thing and lies about another? You need to fight the he said she said stuff and not get flustered when he blatantly lies. If you can show proof that he said it to you in a text... it will back fire on him. You can call your phone company ...most likely pay but have them print out some conversations that you think might help. This way when he lies you can go on this date you said blah, blah, blah,... do that a few times and he goes i never said that....it establishes proof that you are telling the truth and he is not....

  • Thank you i went to court and things didn't go as how i thought they would. Now i have to go back again next month but i am doing that i have snapshots o conversations with him.

  • that most likely will help with all this.

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