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  • I am so nervous I am in Grad School and I am taking a class in which the professor wants us to participate in the class discussions otherwise he said our grades will suffer. I also have to do two presentations/ discussions for class and a group presentation ( a debate). I am so nervous since I always been shy and never really participated in class discussions before. I really hate this class , but I can't drop it since the only professor that teaches it is him and I really want to be done with my core courses. What should I do? I really would like a reading to see how will I do?

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  • dfrance,

    Not a reading but sharing an experience, the best way to beat the is to face it, two be very prepared. I was like that, when I first started my one job I had to speak in front of the customers in meetings. One to many and we would have them asking questions and complaining and we would have to try and solve there problems. Now put a Tie and jacket on me and I sweat...add nerves and I pour...not a pretty site. The only way to do it is be prepared because once you know your stuff your brain kicks in and you stop worrying about the people and focus on the problem. Over write a you have to take information out. Read the paper out loud and time it...make sure it goes over because that means you have more material than you need and it will stick if they ask questions....then dial it back to the time you need. The time you prepare will take away the nerves... that and experience...the more you do it the better you will become, practice makes perfect... every year I now donate my time in a grade school class helping kids do speeches. My fear for the most part is still get nerves but that's a good thing you can use it to make you better.

    Group presentations are another story...I got them too...

  • LIfe presents us with lessons to grow and expand and realize you have to do this at some point in your life might as well do this now in the safety of school-- work world it is a lot worse -- you can do this

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