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  • This dream came up on me quite unexpectedly. I wasn't the girl in the dream but was feeling all of her emotions (scared). I didn't know the man in the dream either but if I'm remembering right he was on the heavy side and not very attractive. He was holding this girl against her will as a hostage. She could not get away. They were both the same age--around 30.

    This actually happened with me about 20 yrs ago, although I knew the person. I have never dreamed about it that I can remember. Also, I was trying to figure out why am I dreaming about it now. The only thing I can come up with is that my subconscious remembers that it happened in the month of August. I guess our subconscious doesn't forget. But, why after such a long time..........

  • Dalia,

    There are a couple of elements to this, and although your description is light on details, I may be able to shed a little candlelight on it:

    There are two scenarios that come to mind, and in the first, I would wonder aloud if you have recently met or partnered with a new man. In other words, is there someone new in your life? If so, this dream suggests that your subconscious/psychic self relizes worrisome signs that this person is reminscient of an oppresive male from your past, and you will feel trapped (or already do?) if you stay with this person.

    The second scenario actually delves a little deeper, and without knowing your age or anything of your past, I'm going to have to be a bit nebulous about it - it seems to suggest that you've recently been triggered into remembering a time in your life where a strong male figure acted against you in some way - possibly violent (psychially, emotionally, or physically). Whatever recent situation did that, it's important to pay attention to it.

    In either case, I would take a strong look at what's going on in your life presently. I realize the post is about a month old, and I hope you can still gain some insight from this. I find it VERY helpful to keep a dream journal by my bed, and annotate it with as much detail as possible, then relate it to events that happened in the previous 24-48 hours, since the most stressful of these are likely to be addressed by your subconscious - especially items that you are not dealing with consciously (perhaps because you are not acutely aware of them).

    Ultimately, your dream angels appear to be sending you a clear message by repeating a dream from long ago. Clearly, they want you to pay attention to something.

    Have you had similar dreams, or other dreams in which you felt trapped, since this post?



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